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Auction 183
Medals Horticultural Ad Medals (10) National Chrysanthemum Society silver (4) three are 46mm diameter, the other 33mm, one of the 46mm medals awarded to H.J. Caton Chelms November Show 1962 EF, Gardens Society 38mm diameter in silver, awarded to Miss E.H.Redway 1961 NEF, Seed Growers and Florists 39mm in , along with four bronze issues these NVF to EF

Auction 179
Tokens (8) (3) 1794 Obverse: A building SHIRE HALL, Reverse: A crown and KING AND CONSTITUTION, Edge: PAYABLE AT CLACHAR & Co CHELMSFORD ESSEX, DH5, 1794 DH10 Obverse: A view of Colchester castle, castle extends to the edge, Reverse: A loom SUCESS TO THE BAY TRADE, Edge: PAYABLE AT CHARLES HEATHS BAY MAKER COLCHESTER, DH10, EF, DH33, Horn , Obverse bust of Edward IV right, crowned, holding sceptre, EDWARD IV. GRANTED THE CHARTER A.D.1465. Reverse: a castle within a shield, DH33, NEF, - Cambridge 1795 Obverse: A beehive and bees, INDUSTRY HAS ITS SURE REWARD, Reverse: A druid's head 1795 below, Edge: CAMBRIDGE BEDFORD AND HUNTINGDON DH12 Near EF, (3) Appledore 1794 Obverse: Man carrying sack to windmill THE UNION OF APPLEDORE KENT /Reverse: Lion and lamb lying together in standing corn, PEACE INNOCENCE AND PLENTY, Edge: PAYABLE AT W.PECKHAM'S APPLEDORE, DH3, GVF, Benenden 1794 Obverse: A wheatsheaf PEACE AND PLENTY, Reverse: Shield of Arms BENENDEN HALFPENNY, Edge: PAYABLE BY THOMAS REEVES BENENDEN, DH4, GVF, 1794 Obverse: Bust of William Pitt, right, THE.R.HON. W.PITT. LORD WARDEN CINQUE PORTS, Reverse: The Arms of Dover, CINQUE PORTS TOKEN PAYABLE AT DOVER Edge: AT HORN'S LIBRARY, DH16, NEF, - 1794 Obverse: A figure of Britannia with a small lion below, SUCCESS TO THE COMMERCE OF BRITAIN, Reverse; A cypher T I in a shield, between sprigs of flowers, crest a demi-lion, Edge: PAYABLE AT T. IENNINGSS SPALDING & HOLBEACH, DH5, GVF

Auction 166
Hammered Coins - King of , (796-821) Tribach type, S.914 moneyer Withard, 1.26 grammes, Near VF struck on a slightly wavy flan, with a small edge flaw by the N of COENWULF, (found near in 1991)
£900 London Coins : A166 : Lot 1491 : Penny Coenwulf - King of Mercia, (796-821) Tribach type, S.914 moneyer Withard, 1.26 grammes, Near V... London Coins : A166 : Lot 1491 : Penny Coenwulf - King of Mercia, (796-821) Tribach type, S.914 moneyer Withard, 1.26 grammes, Near V...

Auction 162
Tokens (3) 1794 Shackleton's DH 475 Obv: Royal Arms/Rev: Candle Mould Edge: Payable in Street, Hay A/UNC and attractively toned, 1794 - DH6 EF with prooflike fields, Middlesex 1795 National Series - Duke of DH989 VF

Auction 156
Tokens (9) 1794 DH9 VF, Colchester 1794 DH9 Fine, Colchester 1794 DH10 VF, 1794 King and Constitution DH5 VF, Horn, King Edward IV DH33 GVF, Warley 1794 DH36 NEF, Warley 1794 DH36a NVF, Warley 1794 DH38 NVF, Warley 1794 DH38a Fine

Auction 154
Tokens Tokens a high grade group (5) 1812 Union Company UNC and attractively toned with traces of lustre, (7) Skidmore's es and Gates, 1797 St.Margarets, Lothbury DH 605 UNC and prooflike with some original colour, Warwickshire 1792 Birmingham Hickmans DH144 Two buttonholes UNC with traces of lustre and a small edge flaw, 1794 Richard Bacon edge DH13 UNC and lustrous with prooflike fields, Petersfield 1793 DH47, Holland and Andrews edge GEF with traces of lustre, Hampshire Emsworth 1795 DH30 Smaller ship, , or edge UNC toned with traces of lustre, Blything 1794 DH 19 Sword points to L UNC and superbly toned, 1794 DH6 UNC and nicely toned with traces of lustre, a very pleasing group

Auction 148
English Bulk Lots a presentation 1963 comprising s (4), s (4), s (3), (3) (37 Pence in total) UNC and lustrous some with toning on the rims, along with a Maundy box dated 1963 a white Maundy purse and 9 different entrance tickets for the Maundy ceremony at Chelmsford Cathedral

Auction 147
Medals Crompton & Co. Ltd ARC Works, Chelms 1895, bronze, together with recent medals (5) and other medals. GVF.

Auction 135
English Banknotes Bank £10 dated 1824 No.7140 for Crickitt & Compy (Outing 482d), vignette design on reverse with Bank of Crickitt, Ruffell & Co. Chelmsford in centre, scarcer high value Fine+
£650 London Coins : A135 : Lot 456 : Chelmsford Bank £10 dated 1824 No.7140 for Crickitt & Compy (Outing 482d), vignette de... London Coins : A135 : Lot 456 : Chelmsford Bank £10 dated 1824 No.7140 for Crickitt & Compy (Outing 482d), vignette de...

Auction 132
Tokens a (28) Billericay W17, Brentwood W48, W58,W72, Chipping Ongar W73, Coggeshall W80, W87, W93, W101, W110, W114, W116, W143, W153, Great Chesterford W184, Harwich W201, Hatfield Broad Oak W202, Hedingham Castle W205, Leigh W223, Maldon W231, Manningtree W235, Much Clafton W242, W243, Pentlow W248, Pleshey W253, Thaxted W314, Waltham W335, Fair to VF some with old attribution tickets

Auction 106
English Bulk Lots in unofficial cases Sovereign 1892 in 's case, and 1906 in Webber of Chelmsford box F-VF

Auction 102
Tokens John Wright No. 72 Fair and rare

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