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Auction 163
Medals Medals, Tokens and Weight a wide variety (160) includes Neville Accord 1938 set in a silver dish, of 1902 31mm diameter in silver, the Official issue EF, Coin Weight Unite VG, J.M. Balke Co. Token for 12 1/2 Cents , Fine, 18th Century Halfpenny Tokens (5), Co-Op Tokens and assorted paranumismatic items in mixed grades a few EF

Auction 154
World Banknotes Black Bull vignette, 5 swilt, of 4 banknotes with constive numbers, "Impress Stamping bd by the Lord " in green at edges, about UNC to UNC

Auction 146
Medals Joseph , Visit to 1903, by J.Fray, silver, 51mm., obv. Bust facing, rev. Peace standing with steam ship and sun in background (Eimer 1876). Lacquered otherwise GVF.

Auction 143
World Cased , The Official Coins of the d States of an 18-coin set in silver comprising s (8) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, Dollars 1886 (2), Dollars (4) 1971S Eisenhower, 1990 Eisenhower Centennial , 1994 Memorial Proof, 1995 Proof, s (4) 1946 Booker T., 1963, 1964, 1982D Washington A/UNC to FDC in a box with certificates

Auction 142
Tokens Unofficial s a varied group (17) (3) C.Hadduck 20, Saml King 37, T. 49, (1) 1839 Roake, Newbury 3, (2_ J.Huskins 12, J.Austin 47, 1844, J.Davidson 2, (2) 1839 T.Wilson and Son 18 var., H. Sons and Co. 7, (3) D.Barrett 1, Dunn and Co.7, Warrens Blacking Strand 14, (5) F.L.Hausburg 28 milled edge, Falkner Brothers 51, Falkner Brothers 52, Mitchell and Co. 66 with obverse legend, Scott and Co 72 VF to GEF all with attributions

Auction 134
Tokens Tokens (5) Samuel King 1838 Grocer and Tea Dealer Dale End GEF, 1847 H. and Sons and Co. GEF, W.Todd and Co. 1834 Drapers, Cork and Limerick Fine, Horse Artillery Token VF, 'Health Restored' Dr.Eady 38 Dean Street Soho Good Fine, Coin Weights (3) 1821 VF, Louis XIII Pistol undated Fine, Anne undated Near Fine

Auction 125
World Cased The 2004 Famous World Coin Collection a 4-coin set comprising One Dollar Eagle 2004, One Dollar Silver Kangaroo 2004, 10 Yuan 2004, 5 Dollars Maple Leaf 2004 UNC in a Westminster case with certificate, 'The Official Coins of the of ' a 13-coin set comprising Silver Eagles (6) 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1999, 2000 these UNC, USA Dollars (3) 1900 EF, 1923 A/UNC, 1971 GEF, One Dollar 1994 Museum Proof FDC, 1995 's quotation Proof FDC, 1998 Robert F.Kennedy UNC, Half Dollar 1946 Booker T. UNC housed in a Westminster case with certificates

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