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British Protectorate

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots World (22) (4) 1945 EF lightly toned, (3) 1912 GEF with some hairlines, 1936 UNC toned, slightly uneven toning on the obverse, 1943 NEF, (6) 1913 NVF/VF, (5) 1928 (4) A/UNC to UNC, 1950 UNC, & Protectorate 1906 GVF/NEF toned, GB 1893 UNC or near so and lustrous, (2) 1890 CΠБ VF, 1923 Y#82 EF, 50 1916S UNC or near so with minor cabinet friction, 1943D KM#38 Lustrous AU/UNC with some golden toning, AH1293/17 KM#735 EF, Ten 1959 A/UNC and with attractive golden tone, 1910 UNC with practically full lustre, Five Mils 1939 GEF with a small flan flaw, Two 1917 EF, Krona 1947TS Lustrous EF

Auction 175
World Coins 100 1916 KM#324 VF/GVF, a scarce one-year type, the only Protectorate gold issue
£420 London Coins : A175 : Lot 991 : Egypt 100 Piastres 1916 KM#324 VF/GVF, a scarce one-year type, the only British Protectorate gold is... London Coins : A175 : Lot 991 : Egypt 100 Piastres 1916 KM#324 VF/GVF, a scarce one-year type, the only British Protectorate gold is...

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots East Africa and Protectorate (7) 1912H, 1914H, 1 Vent 1914H (3), 1909 (2) A/UNC to UNC many lustrous, East Africa 1950 Bright EF, Two Shillings 1932 NEF, as part of a group of Africa (30) also includes issues from , and

Auction 159
Medals Queen Victoria 1897 Eimer 1817 56mm diameter in bronze the Official issue GEF with a few small spots, 1897 Eimer 1819 46mm diameter in bronze by G.G. Obverse conjoined young and old heads of the Queen, left, VICTORIA REG:IMP: 1837 1897, Reverse: Royal Arms UNITED IN LOYALTY, IN PROSPERITY, IN ENTERPRISE within a central frame, Around, various flora separating fifteen compartments, each inscribed with a Colony or Protectorate UNC, Queen Alexandra Dock Opened 1907 52mm diameter in bronze by Spiridion & Son, Eimer 1900, Obverse Busts right, conjoined, KING EDWARD VII . QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE VISIT TO THE CITY OF CARDIFF OF THE KING & QUEEN & H.R.H PRINCESS VICTORIA ON THE OCCASION OF THE OPENING OF THE QUEEN ALEXANDRA DOCK 13TH JULY 1907. Below: Sir W.S.Crossman Kt. Lord Mayor of Wheatly Town Clerk UNC and nicely toned

Auction 138
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (49) 5 Centimo 1870 NEF, esimo 1861M GVF, (4) 12 1721 About Fine, 8 Skilling 1712 Fine (date weak), 2 Skilling 1783 VG, 1751 VG, Netherlands (2) 2 1/ 1906 EF, 1886 VF scarce, 1806 NF, German States (5) 4 Pfennig 1867C EF, 3 Pfennig 1868C EF, 2 Pfennig 1868C EF, 1853A GF, 1861A NVF, 1869C NEF holed, German States Half Groschen 1869B EF, 20 Pfennig 1875D Fine, (6) 1832 NF, 1837 Good Fine, (4) 1833 VF, 1835 NF/F, 1856 About Fine, 1876 About Fine, Russia 1803EM Fine, 2 Kopecks 1914 EF, St. 1821 GF, , Sultana Island 1804 (2) Fine and VG holed, (10) 1961 UNC, 1961 UNC, 1961 UNC, 5 Cents 1961 UNC, (6) 1894 VF, 1938 EF, 1941 (2) both Fine, 1942 GF, 1958 NVF, (5) 50 Mils 1940 GF, 5 Mils 1935 EF, 1927 (2) GEF and GVF, 1 Mil 1943 EF, (5) Pennies 1957KN all with weak K of KN UNC-BU, 1862 EF, and Protectorates 1914 VF

Auction 137
World Bulk Lots World (33) (19), (6), (5), (1), East Africa Protectorate (1), (1) includes some minors in mixed circulated grades, some later dates lustrous

Auction 135
Medals 1897 Eimer 1816 Obverse Bust left crowned, laureate, draped and veiled, IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field. VICTORIA. DEI GRA: BRITT: REGINA. FID: DEF: IND: IMP MDCCCXCVII Reverse Arms in the centre; below, THE A.D. 1897and a vignette containing 4 clasped hands, inscribed PEACE LOVE AND UNION. Aborder of 50 shields of British Colonies and Protectorates, each identified 76mm diameter in bronze by F. GEF

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