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London Coins Auction 176
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 178
3rd - 4th September 2022

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Auction 174
World Coins Tokens, (2) , and , , Flavelle Bros. & Co, Obverse Legend and Denomination, Reverse: Kangaroo and Emu, Thick foliage behind Kangaroo's tail; KM#Tn69.1 Good Fine with some surface deposit, London, - Professor Holloway 1858 8 over 7 KM#Tn278.1 Good Fine, - London, England Professor Holloway 1858 KM#277.1 Fine
£55 London Coins : A174 : Lot 1188 : Australia Tokens, Pennies (2) Sydney, New South Wales and Brisbane, Queensland undated, Flavelle Bro...

Auction 169
World Cased GB and World sets (8) Government Coins and Medals Corporation set , an 18-coin set comprising 500 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) KM#16, 250 Pruta 1949H (JE5709) KM#15a Heaton Mint, 250 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) with pearl KM#15, 100 Pruta 1954 (JE5714) KM#18, 100 Pruta 1955 (JE5715) KM#14, 50 Pruta 1954 (JE5714) KM#13.2a , 25 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) with pearl KM#13.1, 10 Pruta Aluminium 1952 (JE 5712) KM#17, 10 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) with pearl KM#11, 10 Pruta 1957 (JE5717) -plated Aluminium KM#20a, 5 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) without pearl KM#10, 1 Pruta 1949 (JE5709) KM#9, Lira 1979 (JE5739), Half Lira 1979 (JE5739), 25 Aragot 1972 (JE5732) KM#27, 10 Agarot 1979 (JE5739) Aluminium KM#26b, 5 Agarot 1979 (JE5739) Aluminium KM#25b, Agora 1979 (JE5739) KM#24.2 in mixed grades VF to UNC, in the black Israel Government wallet of issue, GB s 1970 (3) nFDC to FDC with light toning, in the cases and envelopes of issue, GB Year Set 2005 UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 (5 coins) Ten Pence to Half New Penny UNC in the blue wallet of issue. Mint Set 1966 (7 coins) KM#MS2 One Dollar to One Cent UNC in the envelope of issue with original receipt. Prooflike Mint Set 1994 (6 coins) One Dollar to One Cent KM#PL48 Lustrous UNC in the 'Oh Canada' wallet of issue, along with GB and World singles (18) One Dollar 1984 Kangaroos KM#77 (2) Lustrous UNC in the folders of issue, Dollar 1899 O VG, GB Crowns 1977 (4) UNC, Australia 50 Cents 1982 Games (6) UNC, Crowns 1974 Commonwealth Games, Christchurch (5) UNC in the slide cases of issue. City of London Medal 1989 800th of the Mayoralty 1189-1989 UNC on the white card of issue, also Pre-Decimal issues in base metal Halfcrowns to Halfpennies (89) comprising Halfcrowns (5), Florins (1), Threepence (1), Pennies (45), Halfpennies (37) in mixed grades, Decimal Two Pounds 1986 Commonwealth Games UNC, Decimal issues Two Pences (2), One Penny (22), Half New Penny (1) in mixed grades to UNC. USA Banknotes Two Dollars 1976 issues (2) Fine to VF

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots tokens (5) 1855 Hanks and Lloyd Railway Opening KM#Tn84, Fine, 1857 , Hide and De Carle, KM#Tn104 Fine with some edge knocks, Hugh Peck - Melbourne, KM#Tn190 Good Fine, scarce, 1862 Murray and Christie, KM#Tn180 Fine with some verdigris, 1864, J.Sawyer, , KM#Tn208 Fine, holed

Auction 162
World Banknotes , Australian Joint Stock Bank, printer's proof by Perkins Bacon & Co., black and uniface, branch 18xx, pencil notation "31st January 1857" in lower margin, corners removed, SPECIMEN stamped in black at signatures, tiny edge nick, large stain top and bottom otherwise extremely fine and very rare.
£500 London Coins : A162 : Lot 194 : Australia, Australian Joint Stock Bank, Fifty Pounds SPECIMEN printer's proof by Perkins Bacon ...

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Tokens (3) Iredale and Co. , Ironmongers, , KM#Tn135 Fine with some scratches, R.Parker, Geelong, undated KM#Tn188 Good Fine the reverse with signs of die rust, Stewart and Hammany Drapers and Rockhampton, undated KM#Tn215 Fine with some surface marks

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots Tokens (4) 1856 Smith, Peate and Co. , Grocers, Tea Dealers and wine Merchants, Fine, 1862 A.Davidson Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Good Fine, Smithfield Co. , Melbourne , Fine, Brookes Ironmongers, , undated, About Fine

Auction 142
World Cased Australia Twenty Dollars 2001 Bimetallic Proof Ten Dollars (20) 1982 games Silver Proof, 1985 Silver Proof, 1986 Silver Proof, 1987 Silver Proof, 1988 Governor Philip at Port Jackson Silver Proof, 1989 Silver Proof, 1989 Birds of Australia Kookaburra Silver Proof, 1990 Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1991 Black-necked Stork Silver Proof, 1990 Silver Proof, 1991 Silver Proof, 1991 Emperor Penguin Silver Proof, 1992 Silver Proof, 1997 Endangered Species Black Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1998 Endangered Species Hairy nosed Wombat Silver Proof, 1999 The Past Silver Proof, 2000 The Present Silver Proof, 2001 The Future Silver Proof, 2005 of the PGA Silver Proof, Five Dollars Silver Proofs (9) 1996 Sir Donald Bradman, 1998 Flying Doctors, 2002 , 2005 Gallipoli, 2006 City of Sport, 2007 Year of the Lifesaver, 2007 The Ashes, 2008 Northern Territory, 2008 Centenary of Rugby League, One Dollar Silver Proofs (12) 1995 Waltzing Matilda, 1999 Last Anzacs, 1999 Majestic Images, 2000 Proclamation Cartwheel Penny, 2000 HMAS II, 2001 Centenary of the , 2003 Golden Pipeline, 2003 n , 2004 Eureka Stockade, 2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2008 Coat of Arms, 2009 60 Years of Australian Citizenship, 50 Cents Silver Proofs (3) 2000 Visit, 2002 50th of the , 2003 50th Anniversary of the , Holey Dollar and Dump 2003 Silver Proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

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