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London Coins Auction 175
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 176
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 177
4th - 5th June 2022

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Auction 174
Tokens (26) North 1793 Edge: PAYABLE AT LONDON OR ANGLESEY DH6a, Good Fine/Near Fine, scarce, 1788 25 Acorns Good Fine, (4) 1793 Godiva/ DH244 Fine, Coventry Godiva/Ancient Cross date worn. otherwise Fine, Wilkinson 1793 DH397 Edge: PAYABLE BY THOMAS BALL SLEAFORD Fine, 1791 Wilkinson Near Fine, the reverse worn in places, so exact attribution not possible, - (5) 1789 Obverse: Beehive and cypher DH10 Fine, 1789 Obverse : Beehive and cypher DH12 Good Fine, 1790 DH22 Fine/Good Fine, 1791 DH30 Fine, 1791 DH41 About Fine, (5) 1792 DH21 Near Fine, 1794 DH41 Fine, DH144 Fine, (2) 1791 DH66, Good Fine, some corrosion, 1791 DH71 Near Fine, REMEMBER THE DEBTORS IN ILCHESTER GOAL (GOAL a mis-spelling of GAOL) DH35 Good Fine, (2) George Prince of Wales, Edge: BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV DH952 Good Fine, Lackington's 1795 Edge: PAYABLE AT THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSES DH357 NVF, (2) Gosport 1794 DH41 VG, Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe/Britannia DH13 Fine, John Howard 1794 Fair, Lothian 1790 DH24 Fine with poor surfaces, Ireland - Wicklow Cronebane Fair, Pennies (3) and Neath - Co. 1811 Fine, Canada Lower Canada Penny 1837 Fine, the third very worn, 1812 British Naval Halfpenny Nelson/Ship, Fine, 18th Century North Wales 1793 DH18 Fine, Unofficial Isaac Earlysman - J.Sparrow, Ironmongers , undated issue (1825) About Fine, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon Death 1715 28mm diameter in copper EF, Spain 8 Maravedis 1848 Fine, and Byzantine 29mm diameter with worn design, Fair, all housed in a Lindner Tray

Auction 173
Misc Items s an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, Bexhill, Brighton, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Eastbourne, Hastings, Hurstmonceux, Hove, Lewes, Pevensey, Rye, Worthing and more, Kent (452) includes Canterbury, Cliftonville, Dover, Folkestone, Margate, Maidstone, Rochester, Ramsgate, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and more, Surrey (226) includes Guildford, Dorking, Albury, Farnham, Croydon and more, and a mixed group (349) includes a group of Scottish types (32) with Tartan designs, many with ecclesiastical themes, many are early 20th Century with some sepia toned and some colour tinted types, many of the cards are unwritten, an interesting group and would appeal to the South-Eastern collector with over 1800 cards alone from Kent and Sussex with some smaller towns and villages noted, the vast majority in very good to excellent condition, also includes a number of empty vinyl storage sleeves
£240 London Coins : A173 : Lot 1142 : Postcards an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, B... London Coins : A173 : Lot 1142 : Postcards an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, B...

Auction 170
English Bulk Lots and to (40) Pennies 1940 Single Exergue line (4) along with Pennies minor varieties 1916-1967 (16), minor varieties (3) and s (2), along with ed (3) VOTES FOR WOMEN on a 1906 , TILLEY'S COALS Brighton on a France 1855BB, PEARS SOAP on a France 10 Centimes 1876, VG to Fine. includes a further group of mis-strikes (11) including Penny 1948 struck off-centre with a 1.5mm raised lip from 7 to 12 o'clock on the obverse VF, thin flans, weak strikes and also an engraved Victorian Bun Penny with JD on a scroll within an ornate floral engraving

Auction 167
Medals Medals (2) The Flight Into by Giotto (medal number 60) from the '100 Greatest Masterpieces' set by Pinches 51mm diameter on the card of issue weighs around 65 grammes. The 99 other pieces from the set were featured in our last auction A166 as lot 1387. Lustrous UNC on the card of issue, the card with some folds. Chain Pier, constructed 1883 38mm diameter in silver Prooflike UNC with some toning

Auction 166
English Bulk Lots 1797 VF and Penny 1797 GVF/VF as part of a group includes Pennies to to (70, three holed) in mixed grades VG to VF along with Ireland (2) 1781 VG, 1805 VF, Tokens (2) Warwickshire Birmingham Workhouse 1813 VG with scratches, Halfpenny 1794 George Prince of Wales Brighton Camp edge , Fine, bent, and 1887 Jubilee Model, Head with date below head VF

Auction 165
Tokens (3) - 1791 Obverse: King on horseback/Reverse: Shield of City Arms, within an oak wreath, DH21 King on horseback, with the baton more eted, the 1 in the date points to the centre of the H, UNC or near so with traces of lustre. - Warley 1794 Obverse: Portrait of the Prince of , right, /Reverse: Prince of Wales feathers, Edge WARLEY CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV DH38a UNC or near so with traces of lustre. National Series 1794 Obverse: Three-quarter facing portrait of the Prince of Wales/Reverse: Arms and supporters LONDON AND MIDDLESEX HALFPENNY DH952 Edge: BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV EF

Auction 156
Tokens (10) (2) 1794 Prince of /Feathers DH3a, 1796 Honour The King DH10, (3) 1794 DH15, 1794 as DH15 but edge plain other than DALLYS in one section, unlisted as such, 1794 DH19, 1796 Fishers Library DH21, East Grinstead 1795 DH22 Arms/Scales and Cypher, Northiam (2) 1794 Arms/Cypher and Wheatsheaf DH34, 1794 Arms/Squirrel DH35, Winchelsea Beehive/Arms DH41, the DH10 Fine, others NVF to NEF

Auction 156
Tokens - Officer standing/View of Bastille DH6 GEF with dark chocolate tone
£110 London Coins : A156 : Lot 888 : Halfpenny 18th Century Sussex - Brighton undated Officer standing/View of Bastille DH6 GEF with dark... London Coins : A156 : Lot 888 : Halfpenny 18th Century Sussex - Brighton undated Officer standing/View of Bastille DH6 GEF with dark...

Auction 156
Tokens (6) Honour The King DH11 , (3) 1794 DH16, 1795 DH17b, 1794 John Howard/Castle DH120, Hastings 1794 DH26, Winchelsea 1794 DH40, first About Fine, others Fine to VF

Auction 155
English Banknotes A mostly GB including , two s 1947 and 1950 these in high grades others ranging from Pounds to Twenties and with an O'Brien Pound serial H63L 000026 along with some World issues these include Falkland Islands 1974 in high grade and two s June 1940 Barclays Bank North Street

Auction 147
English Bulk Lots (5) 1827, 1834, 1837, 1838, 1841 VF to EF, plus Token Sussex, Brighton 1794 George Prince of Wales VF

Auction 146
Medals Medals and tokens (17) a mixed group with many in silver includes Christ's Hospital UNC boxed, Brokers Pass James Hutchinson (c.1801) GVF, Horticultural Society Chelsea 1955 55mm diameter in silver GVF, 1966 900th of the of Hastings (2) 56mm diameter and 38mm diameter both EF, the remainder of interest mostly base metal in brass or white metal includes token issues in mixed grades

Auction 135
Bonds and Shares , Gas Light and Coke Co., certificate No.502 for one share, 1823, ornate design, black on thick paper, very grubby appearance, folds, otherwise AVF. (1).

Auction 134
Bonds and Shares (6) certificates Turkish Co. Ltd. 1869, Brills Brighton Baths Co. Ltd. 1866, Olympia Ltd. 1910, South Down Metal, Chemical and Brick Co. Ltd. 1888 (2), Huntingdon & God Gas & Coke Co. 1856, this damaged at seal, others mostly VF. (6).

Auction 128
Medals U.C.T.A. / A.S.T.M.S. s Of Office (3), Chairman's neck badge in silver and enamel, Chairman's neck badge & Past Chairman's badge in and enamel. Chrome car badge. EF.

Auction 127
Tokens Penny House, GVF with some scuffs and marks, Liverpool House, Sunderland NVF with some surface pitting, Halfpenny Working Mens Club and Institute VF

Auction 126
Bonds and Shares , 36 dividend s, dated 1857-1906, 11 different railways, no duplication of dates, titles include, North Eastern, and South Coast, North , London and South Western, Great Eastern, , Midland, Metropolitan, mostly VF. (36).

Auction 125
Medals Eden Theatre Grand Comic Pantomime 1902 medal 41mm Obverse EDEN THEATRE BRIGHTON GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME within Manager Charles Hod 'The Fair One With The Golden Locks' and 'St.George and the Dragon' written and produced by William Walton 1902-3, Reverse George and the Dragon 1902 in exergue NEF with lustre
£48 London Coins : A125 : Lot 580 : Eden Theatre Brighton Grand Comic Pantomime 1902 medal 41mm Obverse EDEN THEATRE BRIGHTON GRAND COMI... London Coins : A125 : Lot 580 : Eden Theatre Brighton Grand Comic Pantomime 1902 medal 41mm Obverse EDEN THEATRE BRIGHTON GRAND COMI...

Auction 124
Bonds and Shares , & Co., certificate No.20001 for one share, 1837, ornate heading, black, embossed seal, stamped , scarce, pinholes at top left, paper slightly aged, otherwise AVF.

Auction 122
English Cased s (2) 1996 the silver 7 coin set nFDC-FDC with light toning, 1996 Red Leather FDC, Two Pounds s (2) 1995 Peace Dove, 1998, Two Pounds Silver Proofs (2) 1995 Peace Dove, 1998, One Pound a four-coin set 1994-1997 Silver Proof Piedforts, One Pound 2000 Silver Proof Piedfort in the four coin box, One Pound 2003 Silver Proof Piedfort, One Pound (2) 1994 Silver Proof, 1998 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence 1997 Silver Proof, plus Tower Mint Medal in Silver 'The Pavilion at Brighton' Obverse 1830, FDC cased as issued with certificates

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 10 pieces of railway including share certificates, West Co., dividend warrant, 1895, and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Co., unissued warrant, 1873, Cheltenham, and Junction Railway, unissued receipt for payment on sh, 184-, Mid Railway Co., share certificate, 1863, repaired, Railway Co. Ltd., share certificate, 1948, repaired, & North Western Railway Co., stock certificate, 1869, , & Railway Co. Ltd., transfer certificate, London 1863, Fishguard and Rosslare Railways and Harbours Co., stock certificate, 1911, Tamar, Kit Hill and Callington Railway Co. Ltd., transfer certificate, 1864, repaired, and Indenture dated 1835 which includes reference to the North Union Railway, on vellum, very large format, mostly F-VF. (10).

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