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Auction 181
English Banknotes s (83) includes 19th Century types (46) George Tubb & Henry Tubb, (1), Messrs. Tugwell, Brymer, Clutterbuck & Co. (1), Limited (3), Union Bank of (2), Union Bank of (4), The Union of London & Smith's Bank (5), The Union (4), United Counties Bank Limited (2), Messrs. Vere, Sapte, Banbury, Muspratt & Co. (1), The & Bansley Union Bank (1), Messrs. Wakefield Crewdson & Co. (2), Messrs. John & William Walters (1), Messrs. Wells, Hogge & Lindsell Bankers, Baldock (1), The West of & South District Bank (1), The Western Bank of Scotland (2), Bank Limited (6), Whitchurch & Ellesmere Banking Company (1), haven Joint Stock Banking Company (3), Trustee Savings Bank (1), Mr. Robert Bird Wilkins (1), messrs. Wilkins & Company (2), Williams, Deacon & Manchester & Salford Bank Limited and related (9), Williams & Glyns Bank Limited (2), Messrs. R. & R. Williams, Thornton, Sykes & Co. (2), The Wilts. & Banking Company Limited (3), Messrs. Woodhead & Co. (1), Messrs. Woodhouse, Smythies & Woodhouse (1), Messrs. Woods & Company (1), The City and County Banking Company Limited (1), Worcester Old Bank (1), Banking Company and related (3), The Union Banking Co. Ltd (1), York City and County Banking Company Limited (3), Yorkshire District Bank (1), The Yorkshire Penny Bank and related (3), The York Union Banking Company (4), Barclay and Company Limited (2), many different branches represented, all but one unwritten, in mixed high grades with s, along with associated banking ephemera (18) in mixed condition

Auction 138
Tokens (35) Bampton W5, W37, Bampton W48, Deddington D81, W87, W92, Henley-on-Thames W103, Henley W104, Hook Norton W105, Northleigh W110A, Oxford W111 (2), W114, W124, W125 (2), W131, W133, W141, W146, W158, W160, W163, W167, W171 (2), W179, W188, Witney W234, W236, W239, W240, W245, Woodstock W248, Wootton W253A in mixed grades VG-GF

Auction 134
Tokens s (34) Bampton 4, Bampton 5, Banbury 16, Banbury 26, 37, Bicester 43 (Heart Shape), Burford 47, Burford 48, 60, 66, 68, 70, 71, 72, Deddington 78, 81, Henly 92, 103, 104, Hook Norton 105, Northleigh 110a, Oxford 125, 131, 133, 179, 188, Thame 205, Wordington 209, Watlington 221, Whitney 225, 234, 239, 240, 245, Woodstock 248, Fair to Fine some with old attribution tickets

Auction 133
English Banknotes & Bank £5 dated 1920 No.12900 for Tubb & Co., (Outing 135 for type, the £5 not listed), ovpt. Cancelled & tape residue on face but the note is complete, scarce later date, gFine-VF
£220 London Coins : A133 : Lot 2390 : Bicester & Oxfordshire Bank £5 dated 1920 No.12900 for Tubb & Co., (Outing 135 for...

Auction 116
Tokens 1668 Dickinson 45 Heart Shaped Ex-Norweb 3597A Fine lists at £120 in Dickinson

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