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Apollo : World Cased and Proof Coins

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 185
World Cased (3) 2019P 11 - 50th of the First domed , s 2019S Apollo 11 - 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing, domed - Proofs (2) FDC in the d States Mint boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 184
World Cased World (16) 2 1993 40th of the Coronation of II , Ten Dollars 1992 40th Anniversary of the Silver Proof, 20 s 1993 25th Anniversary of the 11 Mission 1969-1994 Silver Proof, Ten Dollars 1994 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Silver Proof KM#223, (3) 1989 1992 s - Silver Proof, Two Dollars 2020 Tree of Life, Silver One (2) both UNC, each with some light toning, 1993 Cutty Sark Silver Proof, hall Islands 50 Dollars 1995 Tornado Mk.3 One Ounce Silver Proof, Five Dollars 1991 - First Man on the Moon 1969 Silver Proof, Five Dollars 1994 - London Home, Clarence House Silver Proof, 1994 Queen Mother facing portrait Silver Proofs (2), 1995 Queen Mother 95th Birthday Silver Proof, (2) One Pound 1993 40th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Silver Proof, One Pound 1995 50th Anniversary of VE Day Silver Proof, the Proof issues nFDC to FDC in capsules, many in soft pouches, a couple with certificate

Auction 176
World Cased Five s 2019W 11 50th Gold the reverse convex and showing a representation of the photograph 'Buzz Aldrin on the Moon' FDC in the d States Mint box of issue with certificate
£310 London Coins : A176 : Lot 703 : USA Five Dollars Gold 2019W Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Gold Proof the reverse convex and showing a r...

Auction 173
World Cased 2019 50th of the 11 Space Flight, dished , the Obverse with the footprint of Buzz Aldrin, the Reverse with a depiction of the famous photograph taken of the reflection of Buzz Aldrin's helmet of the USA flag, lunar landing ct and Neil Armstrong, a most unusual piece FDC in the box of issue with certificate, USA Dollars a 2-coin set 'First and Last Dollars comprising Dollar 1878S NEF/GVF and 1921D VF, boxed with certificate, USA Dollar 1900 Good Fine/Fine, boxed with certificate

Auction 170
World Cased 2019W 11, 50th dished effect , 8.359 grammes of .900 Gold, FDC in the US Mint box of issue with certificate

Auction 169
World Cased GB and World a mixed group, includes FAO medals 1975 in silver (2) UNC, lic Covers (2) / -Soyuz Space Mission 1975 Silver Medal FDC and USA and Russian Stamps UNC on the card of issue, Medallic Cover 1975 500th of the Birth of Michelo -sized Silver Proof FDC on the envelope of issue with three stamps. USA Large Reproduction Cents (4) 1856, 1877, 1909S VDB, 1982 these 90mm diameter with 16oz. AVDP on the edge UNC in capsules. USA in - The Signing of the Declaration GB 1994 of the Bank of (3) UNC in the wallets of issue, s in unofficial set (3) 1937-1952 (15 coins) complete in mixed grades, 1953-1967 (15 coins) (2 sets), in mixed circulated grades, plus a further group of Medallic Covers USA and World Medals (14) in base metal many 1970s items related to the Independence celebrations, UNC in the wallets or boxes of issue, along with a small group of Coins And Tokens (12) GB s (6) 1948, 1949, 1955, 1957, 1963, 1965, FAO Token 1975 Olave -Powell GVF, Garden State Park 1942-1967 UNC, City Trasit Authority Tokens (3) Fine to Good Fine

Auction 165
World Cased GB and World Proof and Mint Sets and singles a varied group : World s (27) 1971 (2) 1972, 1972, India 1974 FAO (2), 1974 (2), 1974 (2), 1974 (2), 1974, 1977 Silver Set (8 coins), 1974 (2) , 1977 Silver Set, (2) 1974 (2), (3) 1973, 1974 (2), 1974 (2), a 2-coin set 1974 10 Ripees and 5 Rupees Conservation Series in silver, 25 Crowns 1977 and Cayman Islands 25 Dollars a 2-coin set in silver, a 4-coin set 1973 s 10 Dollars (2) and 5 Dollars (2), nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue some of the boxes with signs of damp as often, GB and World singles (42) Medals (2) 1969 Investiture of as Prince of 45mm diameter in silver About UNC and lustrous, in the box of issue, 11 1969 First Moon Landing 38mm diameter in silver Prooflike UNC with some toning, in the box of issue, $25 1974 100th of Cession to Silver Proofs (2), Ten Dollars (2) 1977 Ship Silver Proof, 1978 Observatory Silver Proof, St. 25 Pence 1973 of the ing of the Charter to the Silver Proof, Two Dollars 1973 20th Anniversary of the Silver Proofs (2), Crown 1972 Silver Proof, 1972 Silver Wedding Silver Proof, (2) 10 Lirot 1974 Hanukka Proof , 25 Lirot 1975 Pidyon Haben Proof nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Guernsey Ten Shillings 1966 UNC in a slide case, - 10 Marks (4) Olympics issues 1972D (2), 1972F, 1972J A/UNC to UNC, GB Crowns (12) 1972 Silver Wedding Silver Proofs (2) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue, 1972 Silver Wedding A/UNC to UNC (10), Fifty Pences 1973 EEC - Proofs (13) UNC to FDC in the red boxes of issue,

Auction 165
World Cased GB and World Proof and Mint sets (35) and singles (20) :- s (26) GB 1970 (6), 1971 (5), Cayman Islands 1973 (2), 1972, 1973 (3), 1971 (4), 1973 (2), 1972 4-coin Silver Sets (2), 1971, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue. Mint Sets GB First Decimal Coin sets 1968/71 (9) UNC in the blue wallets of issue. 20 Balboas 1974 Proof (2), Crowns 1971 Silver Proofs (3), Isle of Man Crowns 1970 Silver Proofs (2), Cayman Islands $25 1972 Silver Proof, Ten Dollars 1972 Tenth of Independence Silver Proof, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue. GB and World 1970s Crowns (8) GB 1972 Silver Wedding (2), Gibraltar 1971 (2), Isle of Man 1972 Silver Wedding (2), Guernsey 1972 Silver Wedding (2) UNC in slide cases, Medals (3) 1971 71 grammes of silver UNC toned, in the box of issue, 11 1969 First Moon Landing, Silver UNC boxed, Apollo 8 1968 Journey around the Moon, Silver UNC boxed

Auction 157
World Cased World includes 10mm 1970s Mini-coins (2) The Presidential Journey for Peace and 15 issues UNC in the red cases of issue, as part of a wide ranging group of medals, Numismatic, and Medallic First Day covers, and other mostly material, most if not all 1970s issues, UNC to nFDC in the boxes of issue (lot)

Auction 153
World Cased s (2) 1975 (7 coins) in , FDC in the case of issue with certificate, 1975 (9 coins) FDC in the black box of issue with certificate, Panama 20 Balboas 1974 Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue with certificate, Panama 10 Balboas 1978 Panama Canal Treaties Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, 1 Leone 1964 10th of the bank of Sierra Leone Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, St. Crown 1973 of the ing of the Royal Charter to the Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Cayman Islands $25 1972 of II and UNC on the card of issue, GB (4) Two Pounds 1995 Peace Dove Silver Proof, Fifty pences (2) 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof, 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof Piedfort, GB Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968-1971 (2) UNC in the blue wallets of issue, Fifty pence 2000 60th Anniversary Silver Proof (2) nFDC-FDC in Westminster boxes with certificates, 5 Crowns 2000 Proof FDC in a Westminster wallet, in capsule, no certificate, GB Numismatist First Day Covers Five Pound Crown 1999 with stamps (2) UNC as issued, Numismatic First Day Cover Two Dollars 2000 Cross UNC as issued with stamps, Medallic First Day Cover 1975 The Turner Silver medal and stamps, FDC in the brown wallet of issue, 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Michelangelo, Silver Medal FDC in the blue wallet of issue, Great Britons Medallic Covers (4) , Owen Glendower, Henry V and Edd the Silver medals nFDC on covers with stamps in the blue folder of issue, / Soyuz Space Mission 1975 Medallic Cover UNC in the blue folder of issue, George VI medal 1937 32mm in silver the official issue UNC in the red box, Crowns (5) 1960, 1965 (4) EF to UNC, Halfcrown 1940 Fine, these in Westminster sleeves

Auction 137
World Cased Mint Sets (5) 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, UNC in the envelopes of issue, Year Sets (2) 1964, 1967 UNC in plastic cases, 1972 UNC, 1977 , 1979 Silver Proof, 2 1977 Silver Proof, FDC in the cases of issue, Maria Theresa 1780 UNC in slide case, 13 rescue in silver cased UNC

Auction 134
World Cased s (6) 1991 The Percy , 1991 The Tickler, 1992 The Hebe, 1993 Century, 1993 Gemini, 1994 Resolute, Jersey One Pound 1981 of Jersey Silver Proof, 1978 Visit Silver Proof, One Pound 1979 Silver Proof, 10 Crown Silver Proof 1979, $10 1978 5th of Independence FDC cased as issued with certificates, Guernsey 1966 a 2-coin set UNC boxed, GB 1990 90th Birthday UNC on card, Britain's First Coins 1968/71 (2) UNC in the blue wallet, 20 and 1808 NVF cleaned in the wallet of issue, s in base metal (2) Prince nvestiture at Caernarvon Castle 1969, XI 1969 UNC in slide cases, a small quantity of £sd includes £1.55 face of pre 1947 silver in mixed grades

Auction 129
World Cased World Mint and Proof items (14) (2) 25 Dollars 1975 Proof, Two Dollars 1971 Silver Proof, Cayman Islands Five Dollars (2) 1975 Silver Proof, 1977 Silver Proof, 50 Crowns 1976 UNC in wallet, Five Dollars 1977 Silver Proof, 10 Kina 1977 Silver Proof, Bicentennial 1976 a 3-coin set in Silver comprising the Dollar 1976, Half Dollar 1976 and Quarter Dollar 1976, Medals (7) 1971 Peace medal in Silver UNC, USA The 15 Eyewitness medal in Silver UNC, USA The official 1973 n Bicentennial Medal in Silver UNC, USA Cable car centennial 1973 (3) UNC in Silver, Opera House Official Opening October 1973 in - UNC, most cased as issued many with certificates

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