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Antigua : World Cased and Proof Coins

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Auction 178
World Cased World Numismatic Covers - The - II and 1997 (22 covers) includes Five Pounds Gold 1997 UNC, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 1997 Proof, Five Pound Crown 1997 Silver Proof, along with Crown-sized issues from (4), (4), , , (3), , (3), Turks and Caicos Islands/ Grenadines, Turks and Caicos Islands/St. Vincent and the Grenadines the last two with 'gold' stamps, UNC with all stamps, on the envelopes of issue, in two albums, One Dollar 2012 a 4-coin set of the Sin of the RMS , in gold plated nFDC to FDC boxed with certificate, Medallic First Day Cover Buckingham Palace Medal undated (2014), One Ounce of Silver by Baird & Co. London, on the envelope of issue with commemorative stamps, in a Westminster wallet, Numismatic Cover Outbreak of , comprising Halfcrown 1917 Near Fine and set of 2014 commemorative stamps, with a wartime George V Penny Red stamp, on the envelope of issue, Coins of Great Britain Year Sets (2) 1964 (8 coins) Halfcrown to Halfpenny UNC and 1965 (9 coins) Crown to Halfpenny UNC in the black folders of issue, Coin and Banknote Set comprising Five Pounds Cleland polymer issue, Reverse: Sir UNC, Crown 1965 UNC, First Class stamp, and full text of Churchill's speech 13th May 1940, reproduced on this 24 carat gold sheet. UNC as issued, Reproduction reduced size White Five Pounds 1889 May, in silver (5 grammes) UNC on album page. Isle of Man Year Set 2017 (7 coins) Five Pounds to Five Pence UNC in the wallet of issue, Isle of Man (4) Five Pounds 2017 110 Years of the TT Races UNC on the card of issue, 2017 Dove, UNC, Fifty Pence 2017 150th of the First House of Keys Election GEF, Five Pence 2015 Tower of Refuge A/UNC, Gibraltar a part set Sir Winston Churchill (3 coins) comprising Crown 2015 'We Shall Never Surrender', and Two Pounds (2) 2015 'Let Us Go Forward Together' and 2015 'Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears' Prooflike UNC in the folder, The Emblem Series (19 coins) Decimal and Pre-Decimal coinage, with red, white and blue painted designs of Decimal Coinage (8) One Pound to Half New Penny, and Pre-Decimal Coinage Halfcrown, Florin, Shillings English and Scottish, Sixpence, Threepence, Pennies (2), Halfpennies (2), and Farthing, in the presentation box with certificates, Banknote One Million Marks 1923 Fine, Numismatic Cover with the coins removed (8) includes 180th Anniversary of the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue, with both original and modern versions of both stamps, others a variety of subjects 2015-2020 the stamps as issued, First Day Cover, Isle of Man The Royal s 1838-1953 (5 stamps) on the collector card of issue, along with Isle of Man stamps (2) 30p Snaefell and 41p Thomas The Tank Engine, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Golden Wedding Stamps on original sheets in 47 pages (many sheet with multiple stamps) from a variety of countries including, The (2), Nevis (2), (3), Barbuda, (5), Grenada Grenadines (2), (2), Great Britain (5), Cook Islands (2), Jersey (2), (2), (2), , (5), St. Vincent & the Grenadines (3), , Liberia (3), Islands (3), (2), St. (2), (4), Books (2) 100 Years of the by London Mint Office, D-Day - The Invasion in photographs edited by Tony Hall, Gibraltar One Pound 2018 Operation Chastise UNC with reproduced photographs, maps, and Operation record book for 617 Squadron, as issued

Auction 178
World Cased First Day Covers in two large albums, the first 'The Official of World Wildlife First Day Covers', 1976-1978 issues (108) includes issues from , Islands, , , South West Africa, , , St. Vincent, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , United Kingdom, , , , , Central Africa, , , St. Lucia, , Gambia, , , , all UNC as issued in the presentation album, the second 'The Collection of First Day Covers 1977 issues (52) includes issues from , Mauritius, Gilbert Islands, Western , , Botswana, , , Canada, , , , , St. Lucia, , , Guernsey, , Ascension, , , , , , St. , British Ant Territory, , , Gambia, , , , St. Vincent, , , South , , , , , St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, Grenada, , , , , , , , , Kenya, and United Kingdom, UNC as issued in the presentation album, along with First Day Cover 'Horse racing' 1979, and a set of New Zealand 8 Cent stamps 1977 (5) all with portraits of the Queen from different angles, on the sheet of issue

Auction 174
World Cased GB and World First Day Numismatic Covers (23), First Day Covers, Philatelic covers and stamp sets (116) in 5 albums - The - of II and , includes Gold 1997 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Golden Wedding UNC on the cover of issue with set of 6 stamps, the coins mostly -sized with 2 in , with some issues, A/UNC to FDC include a multitude of issues from different countries including , , , , , , , , the stamps and covers from a wide variety of countries include issues from Great Britain, Northern , , Isle of Man, , , , St. Vincent and Grenadines, , Liberia, , , , , , , Republique laise, Barbuda, , , Nevis, , Cook Islands, Jersey, , , Islands, , St. , all as issued

Auction 173
World Cased Cayman Islands 1987 (8 coins) Five Dollars to One Cent, The Five Dollars, Two Dollars, One Dollar and 50 Cent coins in .925 FDC in the case of issue with certificate, only 500 sets minted, Cayman Islands Mint set 1987 - Circulating coins, a 4-coin set comprising 25 Cents, 10 Cents 5 Cents and One Cent UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, / and Barbuda Numismatic Cover comprising Turks and Caicos Islands 5 Crown 1994 - Winners 1966 and Antigua and Barbuda $2 stamp Bobby Moore UNC on the envelope of issue, along with GB (30) comprising Silver Threepences (16) all but one are pre-1920 issues, VG to Fine, Pennies (4) and Halfpennies (10) to George V these in mixed lower grades

Auction 170
World Cased History of a of Numismatic First Day Covers (31) the coins base metal issues, Banknote First Day Cover (1), and Philatelic First Day Covers and single stamps (270), in 6 albums, the Stamp Covers a mix of singles and sets, from a multitude of different countries including , , & Barbuda, Bequia, , , , , , , Grenadines of St. Vincent, , , , , , , hall Islands, Nevis, , , , Republique laise, , St. Vincent, , , , d States, many of the philatelic(2 albums) are Islands issues, one issue to each page, UNC in the presentation albums of issue

Auction 166
World Cased The Caribbean Royal Visit 1985 a 9-coin set -sized and in silver comprising $25, $10, $25, St. Christopher & Nevis $10, & Barbuda $10, $10, St. Lucia $10, St. Vincent & The Grenadines $10 and $10 FDC in the case of issue with certificates, nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 155
World Cased FAO Four s issues (8) 1970, 1970, 1970, 1970, St. Vincent 1970, St. Lucia 1970, 1970, St. Kitts 1970 nFDC to FDC in the blue boxes of issue some of the cases a little dirty

Auction 151
World Cased FAO Caribbean Issues (83) 1970 (13), 4 Dollars 1970 (5), 4 Dollars 1970 (15), 4 Dollars 1970 (15), St. Lucia 4 Dollars 1970 (10), St. Vincent 4 Dollars 1970 (10), St. Christopher/Nevis/ 4 Dollars 1970 (15) all UNC all but one in the slide cases of issue, these with tape residue from long-term storage

Auction 145
World Cased The Caribbean Visit Silver 1985 a 9-coin set -sized and in silver comprising $25, $10, $25, St. Christopher & Nevis $10, & Barbuda $10, $10, St. Lucia $10, St. Vincent & The Grenadines $10 and $10 FDC in the case of issue with certificates : II 1977 an 8-coin set Crown-sized and in Silver with examples from GB, St. , , , , and plus Silver Jubilee Crown in plated Silver nFDC in the red case of issue with certificates : Five s 1976 Silver Proof nFDC boxed with certificate : 1977 Silver Proof nFDC, boxed with no certificate : Guernsey Crown 1978 Royal Visit Silver Proof FDC or near so boxed, no certificate

Auction 120
World Cased World Sets and Singles (10) an 11 coin set 1984 375th s one from each state, Visit s Silver Proofs (5) One example from and Barbuda, and the Grenadines, , , Ba

Auction 102
World Cased FAO Four s 1970 (7) , , , , , Saint Christopher & Nevis. Saint Lucia issues FDC or near so in the

Auction 101
World Cased Four s 1970 FDC in the 's presentation box

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