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Auction 164
Medals Clichés (8) , includes monument, bust on monument, uniface, by F., in mixed grades to EF

Auction 163
Medals 's Medals, by - Two custom fitted trays in a 27cm x 35cm wooden box in a bookform case. The first tray contains 8 medals, lead-filled cliches, - ' of the Bastille' 14 July 1789 (85mm), Arrival of the King at 6 October 1789 (85mm), Passage of the Great St. ard Floreal, Year VIII, (1800), of Maringo (1800), Napoleon as Emperor and Napoleon as King (3), the second two large medals 141mm diameter these Napoleon I and of the Emperor Napoleon to Marie Louise in Paris, all uniface, GEF to UNC, the case in poor condition and missing the lid/front book cover

Auction 159
Medals Medal Cliches (2) Arrival of the King of France in 1789, 'Le 6 Octobre 1789' 79mm in bronze, NEF and of the Bastille in lead filled bronze 1789 PRISE PAR LES CITOYENS DE LA VILLE DE PARIS Le 14 Juet. 1789 EF both by F.

Auction 158
Medals FRANCE (2), Première . Caroline Bonaparte, Queen Consort of and , 1808-1815. Bronze Medal 23mm diameter by Brenet (after a nomos of Neapolis). Struck late 19th century. Obverse: BAΣIΛIΣΣA KAPOΛINH, diademed head right, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace, Reverse: Man-headed bull standing right, head facing; above, crowning Nike flying right; NEΩΠOΛITΩN in exergue. Plain edge, GEF, FRANCE, Premier Empire. Pauline Bonaparte. Duchess of Guastalla, 1806. 23mm diameter in bronze, by (after The by Rubens). Struck 1808. Obverse Bust left, Greek text ΠAYΛINA ΣEBAΣTOY AΔEΛΦH, head left / Reverse Three graces HMΩN KAΛH BAΣIΛEYE, Plain edge GEF the Obverse rim with signs of filing at 4 and 10 o'clock this apparently at the time of the striking
£120 London Coins : A158 : Lot 934 : FRANCE (2), Première Empire. Caroline Bonaparte, Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily, 180... London Coins : A158 : Lot 934 : FRANCE (2), Première Empire. Caroline Bonaparte, Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily, 180...

Auction 158
Medals I, Peace of Tilsit 1807 by and Droz; 40mm diameter in bronze, Obverse: Heads of Napoleon I, and Friedrich Wilhelm III conjoined, Reverse: the God of the river Niemen resting on urn holding a model home, NEF, Napoleon/Annibal 41mm diameter in bronze by D.Denon and F. EF and prooflike, with some light contact marks

Auction 155
Medals Medals a mixed group :- Prize medal Chronology of the Reigns of Britain to in white metal UNC boxed, of and 1937. The Confectioners, Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition in bronze oval, UNC boxed. Photographic Society 1913 Prize medal 80mm diameter in brass reverse inscribed Class A Wilfred Harrison, A/UNC boxed. Eton College Regular attendance medal 46mm in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of City of in white metal UNC boxed. Queen Victoria 1897 39mm diameter in white metal, by Restall, Birmingham, UNC and lustrous. Sir Isaac Pitman - Pitman's Metropolitan Schools Verbatim Reporting Competition Prize medal 41mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902 31mm in brass pierced for suspension. uniface Pewter 1789 Beginning of (No.2) 77mm diameter by F. EF

Auction 154
Medals , 1804 , by , 40mm., official later strike by Paris Mint. EF.
£55 London Coins : A154 : Lot 670 : France, Napoleon Coronation 1804 Paris, by Andrieu, 40mm., official later strike by Paris Mint. EF. London Coins : A154 : Lot 670 : France, Napoleon Coronation 1804 Paris, by Andrieu, 40mm., official later strike by Paris Mint. EF.

Auction 153
Medals ic and related in bronze (10) comprising Napoleons first 1796 40mm diameter, by Gayard, 1798 Conquest of 41mm diameter by Brenet, Peace of 1801 40mm diameter by Bucher, 1804 in 40mm by Andreu/Jeuffroy, captured 1805 42mm diameter by L.Manfredini, Supremacy as Emperor 1806 40mm by , of Salamanca by Brenet for Mudie, Louis XIV Entry into Paris 1814 40mm diameter by Andrieu/Brenet, Napoleon Return from Elba 1815 40mm diameter by Brenet, Napoleon 1821 40mm diameter by Brenet, GVF to GEF an interesting group, with the attribution tickets and purchase prices

Auction 153
Medals - Re-establishment of Culture 1802 50mm in bronze by , Obverse bare head of Napoleon, right, Reverse Religion reclines, aided by Prudence, About UNC and nicely toned

Auction 149
Medals , , Confederation of the Rhine 1806 by 40mm. Portrait medal by Andrieu, bronze, 40mm., pierced. Republic 1848 medal by Montagny, 40mm. Wine Exposition, Bordeaux 1882 , by Massonnet, silvered bronze, 67mm., aded to Wilkinson, Coolalta. Generally GVF. (4).

Auction 149
Medals , medal by for the capture of Raab 1809, bronze, EF. France, Society of Pharmacists of the Seine medal 1853 by Chabaud, silver & octagonal. GVF. (2).

Auction 148
Medals , ic uniface cliché medals by (10), bronze, medals set into two trays contained in book style box. EF.

Auction 148
Medals , ic Medals by (12), bronze, Official Mint restrikes in display case (this slightly ped). EF. (12).

Auction 145
Medals , Emperor of by 1814, bronze, 40mm, France, Medal by O.Roty, silver 38mm. GVF.

Auction 139
Medals (4), Bonaparte uniface by , 140mm dia, metal. Bonaparte Premier Consul, gilt medal by Andrieu, rev standing female, I & Marie Antionette medal by Du , 72mm., Bronze gilt uniface plaque of Raymond Poincare by J.C. Chaplain in case. Most EF. (4).

Auction 138
Medals , Bonaparte medal by , bronzed & uniface, 65mm dia. Light contact marks, VF.

Auction 131
Medals ic, uniface, 1811 Baptism of Napoleon's son as King of Rome 69mm diameter in base metal by Pentel NEF

Auction 131
Medals ic, uniface Napoleon First Consul, of Maringo 68mm in bronze by NEF

Auction 122
Medals Medals in silver (6), Chamber of ry Octagonal Medal by E.Rogat 1810; Orleans Horticultural Society Octagonal Medal by ; bank of Bayonne Octagonal Medal 1834; Versailles Arts & Agricultural Society Octagonal Medal; Academic Medal by ; Society of Education Medal by . Generally good very fine to extremely fine (6)

Auction 117
World Coins s (2) Visit to Medal Mint by Queen Hortense 1808 Bramsen 769 Obverse OPETHEIA BAEIAIEEA 22 mm diameter in Copper by Andrieu

Auction 117
Medals The Louvre Museum 1804 Bramsen 373 34 mm diameter in copper by GEF

Auction 104
Medals (4) SIEGE DE LA BASTILLE, by F. uniface 82mm impressive scene PRISE PAR LES CITOYENS DE LA VILLE DE PARIS LE 14 JUIT

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