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Age Of Empire

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Auction 171
Medals Medals (15) Frencesco de Larderel 1858 Count of Montecerboli by G.Voigt, 51mm diameter in silver 74.4 grammes, EF. 1910 100th of the 1810 Agricultural Exposition - Buenos Aires, 50mm diameter, 56.75 grammes VF with some edge nicks. n Exposition 1892 58mm diameter in White metal Obverse: Discovery of October 1492 and Landing of the Pilgrims December 1620, Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 and World's Columbian Exposition 1892 . Edge: Boldenweck &Co. Pat'd Oct 7, 1890 in 2 lines EF. 1897 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland - To Exhibitors at Countess Cadogan's Irish Textile Exhibition, 1897 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son. Obverse as Eimer 1820 portrait facing left, crowned and veiled, by F. / Reverse: Crowned Crest with ribbon and legend in 7 lines below VF/EF the obverse with some scratches. 1935 The official issue 36mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029 VF. Bronze medal 1823 39mm diameter Obverse: 11 line legend, I. THOSE PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH AND MORALITYON WHICH POLITICAL LIBERTY AND SOCIAL ORDER DEPEND. II. A MILITIA OF ALL MEN CAPABLE OF ARMSBEARING. III. A WITTENAGEMOTEANNUALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR ENACTING LAWS. Reverse: 12 line legend IV.GRAND AND PETIT JURIESOF THE PEOPLE FAIRLY DRAWN FOR APPLYINGTHE LAWS. V.A MAGISTRACY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR DULY PERFORMING ALL EXECUTIVE DUTIES. ANTIENT POLITY MDCCCXXIII NVF. Exhibition 1924 Nobel Industries Ltd. 36mm diameter in bronze NEF. Queen 1901 medalet 13mm diameter NEF/GVF. 1901 The Weeping Angel of Amiens by Blasser 15mm diameter, with a loop mount attached NVF. 1902 19mm diameter Obverse: The busts of the King and Queen right, conjoined, with radiant crown above, Reverse: Arms with supporters ER above, Fine. Edward VII Coronation 1902 medalet by Lauer Obverse: The King and Queen, almost facing OUR GRACIOUS KING AND QUEEN with MADE IN GERMANY below, Reverse: Crowned at VF. Memorial medal rving In Memoriam - I GO TO MEET MY KING BECKET, , GVF. Medalet 28mm diameter Madame de Servigne 1626-1696 Reverse: Souvenir l'Expositionde Clermont Ferrard 1910 - Chocolate de Royat VF. Medalet - The Lord's Prayer, Obverse: George Vleft with FOREIGN below, Reverse: The Lords prayer in 14 Lines, Good Fine. Medalet - Death of undated, 14mm diameter in base metal NVF with loop mount. Tokens by Kirk (2) 1773 Lord Camden NVF/GF, 1773 D.Carrick Good Fine/Fine, - Penny Token undated Cannington - King Darius Chapter No.154 VF with some scratches. also Groat GB 1836 Enamelled in 5 colours, Fair workmanship Fine

Auction 171
World Bulk Lots World (16) 2 1/2 s 1969 KM#4 UNC with practically full lustre. - (3) One Mark 1915D EF, 1915D GVF/VF toned, 1916A UNC and beautifully toned, - 1/24th 1764 Fine, German States - 1722JJJ VG, German States - - (2) 2 Albus 1705 IAB VG, Kreuzer 1722 BIB VG, One Kreuzer (2) 1816 Fine, 1885 VF, (2) Double Tournois 1610-1643, Fair, Tournois 1583A VG/Fine, - Mainland Coinage 2 i 1725, Soldo Mainland coinage, legend and date worn. France 1887A Fair, a detector find, 1979 UNC, along with Hammered (3) s (2) and (1) these low grade and damaged

Auction 169
English Cased - Age of , Sovereigns an 11-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1880 George and the Dragon, WW complete on truncation, Horse with short tail S.3856F GVF, 1890 S.3866B, DISH L13 Fine/NVF, 1898 h 149 NVF/GVF, 1897M Marsh 157 NEF, 1910 Marsh 182 VF, 1913 Marsh 215 VF/GVF, 1925 Marsh 220 GEF, 1968 Marsh 306 UNC/AU the reverse with hairline scratches, 1982 Marsh 313 Lustrous UNC, 2002 Marsh 316 Lustrous UNC, 2006 S.SC4 Lustrous UNC, in the box of issue with folder of certificates
£3,100 London Coins : A169 : Lot 403 : Era of Gold - Age of Empire, Sovereigns an 11-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1880 George and the Dra... London Coins : A169 : Lot 403 : Era of Gold - Age of Empire, Sovereigns an 11-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1880 George and the Dra...

Auction 169
World Banknotes Reichsschulwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 50 Mark Pick 6 (Ros. 8) dated 10th January 1882 series F number 0225974, original VG and Exceptionally Rare and seldom offered highest denomination for the series note. Still retaining the strong dark brown colour and featuring a winged seated allegorical figure holding a sand hourglass in one hand and the Caduceus (Staff of ) - symbol of commerce and negotiation, in the other hand, farming tools and agricultural products along bottom and shield illustrating the Reichsadler ( Eagle) Coat of Arms. These issues now used amongst the various empire states and this the highest denomination for the series and a very high denomination for the time that could equal a regular worker's monthly wage. The small 5 Mark denominations of the same and the first series are also offered in this sale. The Population Report currently shows no recorded examples and our research could find only 1 offered in recent times in the VF grade that realised 9400 Euro, so this presents a unique opporty for any collector to acquire this very rare note with possibly very few survivors left
£3,000 London Coins : A169 : Lot 176 : Germany Empire Reichsschuldenverwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 50 Mark Pick 6 (Ros. 8) dated 10th Januar... London Coins : A169 : Lot 176 : Germany Empire Reichsschuldenverwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 50 Mark Pick 6 (Ros. 8) dated 10th Januar...

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots A good (101) of n /s along with other and Asia Minor material including Byzantium, Greek, Indo-Greek and . Indian States/Independent Kingdoms (23), India - (2), Byzantium (13), (10), Greek (13), Indo-Greek (2). Islamic (38) includes Indian States Maratha Peshwa Ankush Snake Rupee 1700AD Pune Mint, Fine. Rupee AH 122- (last digit off flan) C#28, Fine. Rupee Ram Singh Year 25 KM#119 Bold Fine, Rupee (1858-1920) 'Friendship with London' legend Y#11 Fine or better. Bombay Presidency date, Ahmadabad Mint, partially off the flan KM#259.1 EF with toning. Bombay Presidency Half Rupee Surat Mint undated (1800-1815) Good Fine with grey tone. Seljuk Dynasty - Sultanate of Rum joint rule of Sultan Kay Ka'us II, Sultan Qilich Arslan IV, & Sultan Kay Qubadh II NVF nicely toned, Sultanate of - coinage 4 Gani Mubarak 1316-1320, MWI#D275, 3.55 grammes, Good Fine, Indian Independent Kingdoms Gohadaji I AH978 (date frozen) KM#43 GVF, Sultanate of Delhi Tanka coinage 2 Gani Muhammad Ala Al-din II Khilji (1296-1316) MWI#2569, 3.40 grammes, Fine. Mauryan silver 'Sun and Wagon' punchmarked coinage (2) 321-297BC, 3.51 and 3.52 grammes, only some of the punchmark detail clear, both near Fine. Indo-Greek Western Satraps Rudrasena I Obverse Bust right with corrupted Greek legend in Indo-Greek style, Reverse: Three-arched hill with river, crescent and sun. Fine with some edge cracks. Indo-Greek Western Region Silver Nahapana (50-75AD) Obverse: Bust right, collar showing, wearing Satrapal cap, Reverse: Arrow pointing down and to the left, thunderbolt to the right, dot between them with inscriptions in Brahmi and Kharoshti, much of which is off-flan, Mitchener 1253 evenly struck NVF/GF and bold. Rajput Dynasty Chauhans of Delhi Drachm Someshvara (1169-1179) Good Fine. Kutch Kori Bhorajji (1632-1654AD) KM#12 Fine, Baroda Rupee Malhar Rao 1870-1875AD (date off flan) 11.70 grammes, About VF and bold. Rupee AH1204 in the name of Shah Alam II, Yasvanth Rao Malharnagar Mint, KM#76, 11.2 grammes, VF and bold. Ancient India - Gadhalya Portrait type Drachm c.950-1200 AD dump coinage Fine. Indo- Gadhlaya Paisa Drachm 800-950AD 3.8 grammes Fine. Indian States - Lunavada Paisa Wakhat Singhji , exact issue unclear, 6.31 grammes Near Fine. India - Panchala Kingdom Half Karshapana Indamitra? exact issue unclear About VG. Ancient India Kushan Copper c.Mid 3rd Century CE, NVG with some green surface residue. Islamic e square Silver Dirham 12- (1150-1238AD) struck in Al-Andalus 1.52 grammes Fine and bold. Islamic Seljuks of Rum Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV and Kay Qubadh Silver Dirham AH647-655 (1249-1257AD) 2.48 grammes, Good Fine. Kabul Shahi Dynasties Jital Vakka Deva Lion/Elephant c.900-1000AD, 2.75 grammes, Near Fine. Bahri dynasty - Mamluk Sultanate Fals AH780-781 (1380-1381AD), al-Sultan al-k,al-Mansur 2.23 grammes, VG on an irregularly shaped flan, India Independent Kingdomes - Kutch Kori Pagmalji I (1698-1715AD) AH978 date frozen KM#43, 3.82 grammes Fine. India - Bahamids, Sultans of Deccan Copper Ala al-Din Ahmad 1435-1457AD Gani 16.27 grammes Fine. - Mamluk Al-Ashraf Sha-ban II Copper Fal (1363-1377AD), 2.94 grammes, VG. Egypt - Mamluk Al-Nasir Muhammad Third Reign (1310-1341AD) Copper Fal VG. Habbarids Silver Damma c.9th-10th Century 0.64 grammes, Fine, off-centre with some flan cracks. Parthia - Silver Drachm Phraates IV (38-2BC) Obverse: Diademed bust left, eagle with wreath in beak in right field, Reverse: Archer with bow seated Good Fine and bold with good metal. Mongol of - Ilkans Silver Dirham AH716-736, 2.81 grammes Fine, Abbasaid Caliphate Silver Dirham AH185 First Period al-Rashid, Harun, Madinat al Salam Mint Pleasing Fine. AH1115 Ahmed III Para KM#139.1 Fine with a flan crack. Silver Akce (4) Mehmed II the Conqueror AH848-850 (1444AD) some surface pitting, Good Fine and bold, Bayezid II AH886 Fine, off-centre, Suleiman the Magnificent AH926 Fine, Off-centre, the date full showing, scarce thus, the fourth worn and not attributable. Para Mfa III AH1171 (1757-1774) regnal year not visible VG, Para Abdul Hamid I AH1187/6 (1774-1789) KM#371 VG. Copper Akce Bayezid II 1481-1512, 2.97 grammes, Near Fine off-centre. Byzantium B

Auction 169
World Banknotes Reichsschulwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 5 Mark Pick 1 (Ros. 1) dated 11th July 1874 Series IX. Lit. J Fol. 161 number 0801784, Fair to Good with a 4mm oblong centre hole and numerous other small holes in the main body of the note and an Exceptionally Rare early first series of the notes. Dark blue and grey-blue featuring small cherubs and the Reich Sadler (Imperial Eagle) Coat of Arms this series was issued just 3 years after the unification of various German states into the German Empire. Currency in the already economically powerful regions were dominated by state issued coins and notes mainly of (North German Confederation) and . Even after unification, there was no large demand to unify the currency under a single issuer, as there was a set exchange rate between the coins of each currency. Each state also continued to issue their own currency, thus both supply and demand for this early series was small. It was not until a few series later, after the majority of these notes were already redeemed, when a unified currency became the most popular type in Germany. These issues red in circulation until 30th June 1885. The Population currently holds only 6 examples of this scarce small denomination note although it would be roughly a worker's daily wage as at time it would average between 1.50 and 6 marks.
£650 London Coins : A169 : Lot 174 : Germany Empire Reichsschuldenverwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 5 Mark Pick 1 (Ros. 1) dated 11th July 18... London Coins : A169 : Lot 174 : Germany Empire Reichsschuldenverwaltung REICHSKASSENSCHEIN 5 Mark Pick 1 (Ros. 1) dated 11th July 18...

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (320) includes 1875J Fine, Germany - and to 1930s and 1940s issues (119) with a few items , India (70) s (3) 1919 Bombay, 1925 , 1943 Bombay, s (7) 1894 Calcutta, 1917 Calcutta, 1918 Calcutta, 1942 Calcutta, 1945 Bombay, 1946 Bombay (2), 1886, also includes , Dump Coinage, and Half Rupee to 1/12th Anna issues in mixed grades, some of the 1/12th Anna issues in lustrous grades, (122) 100 to 5 mostly 20th Century base metal issues, a few earlier, includes (4) in mixed grades with later coins lustrous, along with World (8) (4) and base metal types, these in mixed circulated grades

Auction 167
Medals Order of the Dogwood - Province of , aded to The Rt.Hon. Sir Robert Bellinger, Lord Mayor of London 1966. 55mm diameter, 101.37 grammes of 10 carat gold, along with 18mm 10 Carat gold miniature. Obverse: The image of the Dogwood flower, Reverse: Provincial Coat of Arms. UNC, inscribed to the recipient in a presentation box, and accompanied by a 10 carat gold miniature similar in design. The predecessor to the Order of the Dogwood, called the Dogwood was created by the provincial government in 1958 to mark the Centennial of the establishment of the Colony of British Columbia. In turn, the Order of the Dogwood was created by Order in Council during a provincial cabinet meeting held at Fort Langley on November 19th 1966 to mark the centennial of the union of the Colony of British Columbia with the Colony of Island. At the conclusion of the meeting Lieutenant Governor George Pearkes (who was a future recipient of the honour) gave consent to the creation of the honour, then presented at the Douglas Day dinner that followed. The honour was then presented to the first 5 recipients:- The , Viscount Amory (Governor of the Hudson Bay Company), Sir Robert Bellinger, Clarence Wallace, and Frank Mackenzie Ross. Mackenzie and Ross were present for the ceremony. The Order of the Dogwood was the highest provincial honour until 1989, when it was replaced by the Order of British Columbia. Other recipients of the award include Queen , , The Princess (Princess ), and Princess Alexandra. The last recipient was Terry Fox (Canadian Athlete, humanitarian and cancer research activist) in 1980. Only 13 people have been awarded the Order of the Dogwood, and as the award was replaced in 1989 by the Order of British Columbia, there will be no future recipients. Sir Robert was a controversial London Mayor in 1966-1967 and was a stalwart of the Nation Savings movement. His time as Mayor from 1966-1967 coincided with the Wilson Government which was eager to blame the City for the nation's economic woes. Rather than confine himself to ceremonial duties, Bellinger responded firmly on the City's behalf emphasising it's contributions through invisible earnings. He protested again when the Labour Government in October 1974 decided to abolish the 10 Pence savings stamp. Although the stamps paid no interest and was costly to administer it attracted £120 million a year from schoolchildren, housewives and factory workers. Bellinger hailed it as 'the grass roots of savings activity in this country'. He was appointed one of Her Majesty's lieutenants for the City in 1976, was also a trustee for St. Paul's cathedral and Chairman of the 's Freemans school. Bellinger had previously been knighted in 1964 and appointed GBE in 1967 He was Gentleman Usher of the Purple Rod (a role akin to treasurer) of the Order of the , and also held decorations from , , and . In his later years, Sir Robert became a director of Arsenal Football Club and was elected life president of the club in 1997. He died in July 2002. A rare opportunity to purchase an award only offered to 13 individuals including many Royal recipients. See also the impressive group of medals also awarded to Sir Robert Bellinger
£2,800 London Coins : A167 : Lot 1770 : Order of the Dogwood - Province of British Columbia, Canada awarded to The Rt.Hon. Sir Robert Bellin... London Coins : A167 : Lot 1770 : Order of the Dogwood - Province of British Columbia, Canada awarded to The Rt.Hon. Sir Robert Bellin...

Auction 166
English Cased - Age of , s a 15-coin set 1871S Shield Reverse Good Fine, 1871 Shield Reverse Die Number 97 GF/NVF, 1872 George and the Dragon GF/VF, 1883M George and the Dragon GVF, 1889 VF/NEF, 1889M GF/VF, 1899M Fine/Good Fine, 1907 GVF, 1912 EF, 1931SA EF, 1965 A/UNC, 1981 Lustrous UNC, 2002 Shield Lustrous UNC, 2005 Lustrous UNC, 2006 Lustrous UNC, in a presentation box
£4,100 London Coins : A166 : Lot 543 : Era of Gold - Age of Empire, Sovereigns a 15-coin set 1871S Shield Reverse Good Fine, 1871 Shield Re... London Coins : A166 : Lot 543 : Era of Gold - Age of Empire, Sovereigns a 15-coin set 1871S Shield Reverse Good Fine, 1871 Shield Re...

Auction 166
World Banknotes () Bank 50 1899 (1899-1917) issues (2) including a note Pick 8s no serial numbers, signatures or signature titles can be observed on this note, "SPECIMEN" in red at upper centre right and "ОБРАЗЕЦЬ" (Specimen) perforated at lower centre, About UNC Foreign Substance and an Exceptionally Scarce note. Accompanied by the regular issue Pick 8d serial number AP 269457 bearing signatures Shipov titled Управляющий (Manager) and Bogatyryov titled Кассиръ (ier), About UNC - UNC. The notes in black featuring a Portrait of Emperor , also the King of and Grand Duke of .
£1,400 London Coins : A166 : Lot 393 : Russia (Empire) Gosudarstveniy Bank 50 Rubley State Credit 1899 (1899-1917) issues (2) including a S... London Coins : A166 : Lot 393 : Russia (Empire) Gosudarstveniy Bank 50 Rubley State Credit 1899 (1899-1917) issues (2) including a S...

Auction 165
Misc Items s (10) The Coinage of the Late Roman by Hugh Goodacre, Spink 1922. The Milled Coinage of Great Britain, Spink 1925. The Coin Collector's Manual Volumes I and II by H.Noel Humphreys 1853. Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in the County of Hertfordshire by George C.Williamson. Glendining & Co. Auction Catalogue 4th November 1958 Part VII of the Richard Cyril Lockett Collection (English part III). English Coins by George C. Brooke, 1932. Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Museum 1899. Catalogue of the Coins and s of the Tudors and Stuarts for sale by B.A.Seaby Ltd. Roman Silver Coins Volume I The Republic to Augustus, by H.A.Seaby 1967 in mixed condition

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots Henry V, Rosette on right of breast Fine with edge chip at the top (Ex-Mount?), 1711 Fourth Bust VG, Provincial 10 (5), Province, Province, Province, Province and Province, all 1903-1906 issues Fine to Good Fine, (7) 1900H VG, 1900H unbarred H in HONG, VG/Fine, (5) 1866 Fine, 1901 VG, 1901H VG/NF, 1902 VG, 1923 Fine, China Cash Coinage 17th to (22) in cast or , includes issues from Boo-Ji, Boo-Cuwan, Boo-Yon, Kuang, Ning, Ho, Boo-Fu, in mixed grades, China Northern Qi Dynasty 5 Shu c.550AD Fine, and a Token of unknown origin with a fork-shaped extension from both top and bottom

Auction 164
World Coins - Selim III Milled Coinage Yuzluk AH1203/10 (1799) NVF with some weakness of strike around the rims
£25 London Coins : A164 : Lot 526 : Turkey - Ottoman Empire Selim III Milled Coinage Yuzluk AH1203/10 (1799) NVF with some weakness of s... London Coins : A164 : Lot 526 : Turkey - Ottoman Empire Selim III Milled Coinage Yuzluk AH1203/10 (1799) NVF with some weakness of s...

Auction 163
Medals Medals (3) of King 1911 36mm diameter in silver by F. Eimer 1921c Obverse: Conjoined, crowned and draped busts left, GEORGE.V MARY, Reverse: The King and Queen enthroned, facing, acclaimed by Britannia, as Empire, standing left with a wreath, in foreground, a inscribed HOMAGE OF THE 1911 festooned by two cherubs, GOD SAVE THE KING UNC: Coronation of Edward VII 1902 32mm diameter in silver, Obverse: Conjoined busts right draped, KING EDWARD VII QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION JUNE 1902 GOD SAVE THE KING Arms and supporters above, National Floral emblems below, UNC with an edge bruise: Coronation of 1937 44mm diameter in bronze Obverse bust right, crowned and draped, HIS.MAJESTY.KING.EDWARD.VIII Reverse: Britannia standing in an arch, facing, holding crown aloft and with Union flag CROWNED A.D.1937 legend with BRITISH below UNC toned, in the red box of issue

Auction 162
English Cased - Age of , Sovereigns (8) 1879S Shield NVF/VF, 1890M h 134 GF, 1892 Marsh 128 VF, 1905 Marsh 177 VF, 1906 Marsh 178 GVF, 1912 Marsh 215 VF, 1914 Marsh 217 GVF, 1929SA Marsh 293 GVF with some edge nicks, Half Sovereigns (5) 1892 No JEB Marsh 481A Fine, 1897 Marsh 492 Good Fine/Fine, 1907 Marsh 510 NVF, 1908 Marsh 511 NVF, 1910 Marsh 513 NVF, these in two ' trays' accompanied by some certificates, these largely unrelated to the coins

Auction 162
English Cased - Age of , s a 7-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1876 George and the Dragon h 88 VF, 1900 Marsh 151 GF/NVF, 1909 Marsh 181 NEF, 1911 Marsh 213 GEF, 1931SA Marsh 295 EF, 1968 Marsh 306 Lustrous UNC, 2006 UNC and fully lustrous in the box of issue

Auction 162
English Cased - Age of , s a 7-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1918I (2) h 228 Lustrous A/UNC and Lustrous GEF, 1918S Marsh 278 Lustrous GEF, 1925 Marsh 220 (2) GEF and A/UNC, 1925M Marsh 243 GEF and lustrous, 1930SA Marsh 294 UNC or near so and lustrous, in the box of issue

Auction 162
Medals Order of The , M.B.E. 1st type breast , silver, in damaged civil division case. With a miniature. GVF. (2).
£120 London Coins : A162 : Lot 992 : Order of The British Empire, M.B.E. 1st type breast badge, silver, in damaged civil division case. W... London Coins : A162 : Lot 992 : Order of The British Empire, M.B.E. 1st type breast badge, silver, in damaged civil division case. W...

Auction 161
Misc Items International Society of Postmaster Official Silver s of The Greatest of the containing 50 silver stamp s with display album and certificates, along with The Heart of Heritage of 25 s includes a large medal which weighs nearly 300 grams 1975 issue in a presentation box

Auction 155
English Cased s 'Age of ' a 14-coin set comprising Sovereigns (14) 1857 with hanging tail from the top left of the 7 Fine, 1876S George and the Dragon Good Fine, 1879M WW buried in truncation Horse with medium tail VF, 1879S Shield Reverse GVF, 1884M Shield Reverse VF, 1889 D:G: closer to VF, 1889S D:G: closer to crown EF, 1892M NEF/EF, 1895M VF, 1899 NEF, 1900S NEF, 1901P GVF/NEF, 1902P About EF, 1903 NEF, in a wooden display box

Auction 155
English Cased s 'Age of ' a 14-coin set comprising Sovereigns (14) 1904 GVF, 1910S NEF, 1912 EF, 1914M NEF, 1915S NEF, 1917C NEF, 1918P NEF, 1926SA NEF, 1958 GEF, 1980 A/UNC, 2002 Lustrous UNC, 2005 Lustrous UNC, 2006 Lustrous UNC, 2009 Lustrous UNC, in the wooden display case of issue

Auction 153
World Cased sets (6) 1992 a 4-coin set Discovery of s, 1996 a 2-coin set Francis Drake and Magellan Silver Proofs (no certificate), 1997 a 4-coin set History of the Cat Silver Proofs (with original receipt), 1997 a 4-coin set 90th of the TT Races Silver Proofs, 2000 a 5-coin set Summer s Silver Proofs, 2000 nnium a 4-coin set Birth of Christ/Fall of the Roman /Flight of Mohammed/Norman Conquest Silver Proofs, in the boxes of issue with certificates unless stated

Auction 136
English Cased Sovereigns (7) 1872 George and Dragon, 1896, 1896M, 1910, 1911, 1958, 2000 mixed grades in the " Age of " cased collection with book THE SOVEREIGN AND ITS GOLDEN ANTECEDENTS, and certificates

Auction 136
English Cased Five Pound Crown 2009 2012 When Men and Mountains Meet Proof, Two Pounds Britannia 2004 Proof, 2003 UNC, 2002 Proof, Gibraltar Five Pounds 2008 The Age of all UNC-FDC in soft pouches, Britannia One Pound Silver Proof Collection 2007 a 6-coin set each with a different reverse design FDC in the case of issue with certificate

Auction 133
Misc Items s (18) an interesting selection comprising Roman Coins by Seaby (3 volumes), Roman Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear (2 Volumes, 2000 and 2002), Roman Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear 1974 Edition, English Hammered Coinage Volumes 1 and 2 by J.J.North, The Cistophori of Augustus by C.H.V.Sutherland, 1970 edition, Coins of the Roman in the British Museum Augustus to Vitellius by Harold Mattingly, Late Roman Coinage by Carson, Hill and Kent 1978 Edition, Corpvs Nvmmorvm Romanorvm XVII by A.Banti and L.Simonetti 1978 Edition, Greek Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear, The Banknote Yearbook by Token Publishing 3rd Edition 2003, Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins 2008 and 2009 editions, Coin Yearbook 2009 by Token Publishing, English Silver Coinage since 1649 by P.Alan Rayner 1992 edition all in very good condition, also a Lindner Stamp album with five packets of additional pages

Auction 127
World Bulk Lots n States 2nd and 3rd Century BC (11) includes a group of 7 coins from the Mauyan average Fine, some attributed

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots (62) Province (2) 100 C#24-7 1851-61, C#24-5 undated 1851-61, China Hsieng-Feng general cast coinage (43) 10 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-6.1 (3), 50 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-7 (4), 50 Cash undated C#1-7.1 (6), 50 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-7.2 with dot and crescent, issued by Ch'ing-hui (2), 100 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-8 (2), 10 Cash (9) Kuang-hsu undated 1875-1908 a mixture of sizes, 10 Cash T'ung-chih undated 1862-74 C#1-15 (17), plus 15 unattributed pieces possibly token issues largely 30mm or smaller, of which some uniface with some appearing to be struck in

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