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5 Nuevos Soles

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Auction 170
World Banknotes - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC and different denominations and issuers. Comprising 5 Australes Pick 324 ND 1985-89. Pick 407c 1965. 20 Sucres Pock 121A 1988 without printers imprint & "Sociedad Annonima". (3) including de s = 1/2 Quetzals (2) Pick 58c 1983 and Pick 72a 1989. Also a 1 Quetzal Pick 73c 1992. Pick 22e ND 1966-92 signatures Mathews & Greenridge, TDLR print. 1 Lempira Pick 68c">Pick 68c 1989. (5) including 5 Dollars Pick 70d 1991. Pick 71d 1992. (2) Pick 73b 1993 and Pick 79c 2002. Pick 80b 2002. 1 Cordoba Pick 173 Series A 1990. (4) including 5 Soles de Oro Pick 83 1966. 50 Soles de Oro Pick 101c 1974. 50000 Intis Pick 142 1988 and 100000 Intis Pick 145 1989 this a Banco de print. e (5) including a 2 and 1/ Pick 119 1985. Pick 132b 1988. 10 Gulden Pick 137b 1996. 25 Gulden Pick 138c 1996. And a 100 Gulden Pick 139b 1998. 2000 Nuevos Pesos Pick 68 Series A 1989. Some of these notes with matching last numbers in the serials.
£34 London Coins : A170 : Lot 123 : America - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC an... London Coins : A170 : Lot 123 : America - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC an...

Auction 138
World Banknotes 50 nuevos soles dated 1991, red ovpt at centre series A0000000A, Pick154s, EF
£20 London Coins : A138 : Lot 508 : Peru 50 nuevos soles dated 1991, red SPECIMEN ovpt at centre series A0000000A, Pick154s,...

Auction 125
World Bulk Lots 1996 (49) 6 different designs in 6 different metals including , expect for one which has 5 different metals plus 7 with a different obverse in different metals including silver and tri-metallic FDC, only 100 of each minted

Auction 119
World Bulk Lots 1996 (5) depicting Games 1896 Athens (Robert Garrett) , 1908 London (Albert Oldham), 1932 Los es (Matti Jarvinen), 1936 (Torchbearer), 1968 (Tommie Smith) nFDC-FDC, One 2001 Y#731 (43) UN

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