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5 Imadi Riyal

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots - Rasulid Imams of Yemen, Dirhems (7) Al Muzzafar Shams al din Yusuf I (1250-1295) (2) the first 1.47 grammes, Fine, with some weak areas, the second 1.87 grammes, Fine, Al Mu'ayyud Da'ud (1297-1321), 1.84 grammes, Fine, Al Mujahid Sayf al din Ali (1322-1363) 1.68 grammes, Fine, Al Afdal Dirhgam Aldin Al'Abbas (1363-1376) 1.54 grammes, VG with some staining, Al Ashraf Isma'il (1376-1400) 1.60 grammes, Fine, and one other worn in places, this possibly Da'ud (1296-1322) 1.87 grammes VG, Rassid Imams of Sa'da (5) 1/6 Dirhem (914-937) 0.48 grammes, Good Fine with two holes, Dirhem Sharif Ad din al Mutawakkil (912-965) 1.37 grammes, Fine, 1/6 Dirhem 0.27 grammes, pleasing Fine, 1/6 Dirhem Zaydi al-Nasir 913-934 Good Fine, and bronzes (2) style of Rassid Imams period, the first worn 1.01 grammes, the second a brockage on a thin flan of 0.57 grammes, Yemen Buqsha , 0.35 grammes, half of the design worn, the remainder around Fine. Fractional Dirhem (c.1550), 1.23 grammes, around Fine, struck off-centre, Yemen bronzes (3) these with vendor's attribution tickets, but types unclear, Fair to VG. Yemen - Seiyun & Tarim (4) 24 Khumsi AH1315H (1897) KM#217 NVF, 12 Khumsi (2) AH1315H KM#216 (2) Fine and VG, Three Khumsi AH1258 KM#206 thick planchet, Fair, East Aden Protectorate 5 Khumsi 1900 KM#48 VG, Western Aden - Sultanate of Lahej Half Baiza (1860 KM#1 Fine, Half Baisa AH1291 KM#2 NVF, Khums Kabir AH1116 (1704) Near Fine with some surface deposit, Quarter Imadi (2) AH1366 Y#10 Fine, AH(13)74 Y#14 Fine, 1/10 Imadi Riyal (4 Buqsha) AH1382 Y#24.1 VF, 1/20 Imadi Riyal AH1365 Y4.1 Near Fine, 1/40 Imadi Riyal (5) AH1349 Y#3.3 VF, AH1367 undated 1956 issue in Aluminium (struck privately in in 1955/6) Y#19 EF, AH1375 Aluminium Y#12a.2 Fine, AH1379 9 over 7 Y#12.2 Fine, AH1382 Y#22 VF, 1/80 Imadi Riyal (7) AH1322 Y#2.2, Fine, AH1349 Aluminium-Bronze Y#2.5 VG, AH1367 undated 1956 issue in aluminium (struck privately in Lebanon in 1955/6) Y#18 Fine, AH1380 80 over 79 Y#11.1 Good Fine, AH1382 Y#20 Fine, AH1382 Y#21.1 Good Fine, AH1376 Aluminium Y#11a Fine, and Hammered Bronzes (3) Imams of Sana'a (3) VG to Fine

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots Imadi AH1344 Y#7 Near VF attractively toned, Half Ahmadi Riyal AH1367 Y#16.1 EF, Yemen Arab Republic Riyal AH1382 (1963) Y#31 NEF, Two Buqsha 1963 Y#A27 Good Fine, Yemen Eastern Aden Protectorate 5 Khumsi AH1315 (1897) KM#45 Fine and bold, and Yemen Falus (3) Sultans of Poor to Fair

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