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160 Reis

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Auction 183
World Bulk Lots from an old (31) includes many in , (16) includes One Peseta 1869 VG, and (9) includes (1777) I and II, KM#265 Fine, a scarce one-year type, also Bread Token 1941, (1) Ten Centimos 1881 VG, / overprinted stamp issues (2) for 40 and 50 cent. and Revenue stamps 1946 overprint on 1934 issue, - 20 Pfennig 1852 Fine, and States - Nevers and Rethel Two Liard 1609 KM#12.1 Fine

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots World 17th to in a small and interesting group (10) - - - 12 Marien 1677 KM#136 Good Fine with a small dig on the reverse, - Overijssel-Deveter (30 Stuivers) 1686 KM#83 Fine, Netherlands - Friesland Six Stuivers 1623 KM#30 VG with a flan crack, Three Kreuzer 1641 KM#852 Fine, Austria Half 1714 KM#1546 Near Fine, Rare, 1768 KM191.1 Near Fine with all major details clear, (2) 1716A KM#420.1 Good Fine, 1740BB 4 over 3 Mint KM#484.4 VG, Four Soles (2) 1830 PTS JL KM#96a.1 VG/Fine, 1858 PTS FJ KM#123.2 Good Fine/Fine
£200 London Coins : A176 : Lot 2525 : World 17th to 19th Century in silver a small and interesting group (10) German States - Brunswick- L... London Coins : A176 : Lot 2525 : World 17th to 19th Century in silver a small and interesting group (10) German States - Brunswick- L...

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots World (14) Dutch Negapatam Early type, 17th to , 9mm diameter, 0.38 grammes Good Fine, Indian - Velli Fanam (1864) KM#24.1 Fine, VG with a large edge chip, GB Hammered Penny, worn, 1624 NVF, 1662 30mm diameter in Philip IIII Good Fine, Jeton 1666 and Maria 25mm diameter in copper VG, France - Feudal Arches-Charleville Liard 1609 VG/Fine, 5 Reis 1787 Fine, Netherlands - Overijssel 1765 Eagle Near Fine, Polushka 1735 KM#187 VG, -Zutphen 6 Stuivers 1691 KM#26.1 NVG, a in low grade, and a 10mm diameter piece unattributed in silver? Obverse with facing head, reverse with winged caduceus , no legends, possibly a spielgeld piece? GVF looks to have been attached to a mount at some time

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots World s items (7) host date 1796 countermark Fine or better, host coin VG, 8 Maravedis (2) 1606 Fine, the second on an oval flan and large illegible, 1839 host coin with Lattice countermark, Near Fine, GB Halfpenny George IV countermarks FUERTE and Bull left, countermark VG host coin worn almost smooth, a weight countermarks with 16 on e side and R C T C C on the other Fine, fantasy (?) sized piece, possibly in aluminium with Galke countermark VG

Auction 163
Medals Counters, or Gambling Counters in silver 1630-1635 (17) each depicting a full length portrait of the monarch or ruler on the obverse, and a coat of arms on the reverse with obverse legends giving details of the reign, subjects depicted, some stating the dates of their s, are:- (1066), Edd the Confessor (1066), (1100), (1154), (1189), Richard I (1199), Edward I (1307), (1327), (1412), (1483), (1485), (2) (1601), Frederick (1628), a issue, a piece (1630) and a later issue or reissue of similar style of , the reverse stating 'Buried at ', in mixed grades average VF

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots World a small group (8) (2) Quarter 1605 L Bayonne Near Fine, 1832A NVF/VF, 1786 Good Fine, 1884 Fine, scarce, (4) (3) 1835 VF with some spots, 1836 A/UNC with traces of lustre, 1835 reported as 'Tin/', the milling certainly of a different style, Fine with some stains, 1835 reported as Tin/Bronze, Fine

Auction 157
World Coins 1699 issues 640, 320 and generally VF or near so
£110 London Coins : A157 : Lot 1340 : Brazil 1699 issues 640, 320 and 160 Reis generally VF or near so London Coins : A157 : Lot 1340 : Brazil 1699 issues 640, 320 and 160 Reis generally VF or near so

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