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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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100 Rufiyaa

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint items and single items a large and varied group:- GB Five Pound Crown 2000 100th Birthday , Five Pound Crown 2002 Queen Silver Proof, 2004 100th Anniversary of the Entente Cordiale - Proof, Two Pounds (3) 1994 Ter of the Bank of England Silver Proof, 1997 Silver Proof, 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Piedfort with hologram reverse, One Pound 1999 Silver Proof Piedfort, Crown 1977 Silver Proof, Medal 2006 II 80th Birthday Lenticular Medal 45mm diameter, 51.8 grammes of .925 silver, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, all but one with certificates, Five Pound Crowns (14) 1990 Queen Mother 90th Birthday, 1999 Memorial, 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday, 2001 100th Anniversary of the End of the n Era, 2002 Queen Mother Memorial, 2003 Golden Jubilee, 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday, 2007 Queen Elizabeth II and Diamond Wedding, 2008 450th Anniversary of the of Queen Elizabeth I, 2011 Prince Philip 90th Birthday, 2011 of and Miss (4). Five Pound Crowns a 2-coin set 2005 and 200th Anniversary. Five Pound Crowns 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday a 3-coin pack, UNC in the wallets of issue some still sealed. Two Pounds (6) 1995 Peace Dove, 2003 50th Anniversary of the DNA Double Helix Discovery, 2004 's Locomotive, 2005 400th Anniversary of the , 2007 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union, 2007 200th Anniversary of the , Two Pounds 2006 a 2-coin set - The Man and Brunel - His Achievements, Two Pounds 2002 a 4-coin set each coin with a different flag in the reverse design, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, some still sealed, One Pound (4) 2004 Forth Rail Bridge, 2005 Menai Straits Bridge, 2006 Egyptian Arch Bridge, 2007 Gateshead Bridge, Fifty Pence 2003 WSPU 100th Anniversary, 2004 50th Anniversary of the first 4-minute mile, 2007 100 Years of Scouting, Fifty Pences 2006 a 2-coin set 150th Anniversary The Award and the Heroic Acts, Britain's New Coins 2005 a 3-coin set comprising Two Pounds 2005 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, One Pound 2005 Menai Straits Bridge and Fifty Pence 2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary UNC in the packs of issue, Plastic Set 1953 (9 coins) Halfcrown to Farthing UNC, Five Pound Crowns (6) 1996 Queen Elizabeth II 70th Birthday (2), 1998 50th Birthday, 1999 Millennium (2), 2008 Queen Elizabeth I 450th Anniversary of the Accession, Two Pounds (32) 1994 Tercentenary of the Bank of England (5), 1986 Games (2), 1989 Bill of Rights, 1995 Peace Dove (2), 1995 UN 50th Anniversary (4), 1996 Euro 96 Football (4), 1999 Rugby World Cup, 2001 Marconi (2), 2003 DNA Double Helix (2), 2004 Trevithick's Locomotive (2), 2005 Gunpowder Plot, 2005 60th Anniversary of the End of , 2006 Brunel - The Man (2), 2007 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery, 2008 100th Anniversary of the 1908 London s, 2008 Olympic Handover to London. Fifty Pences (9) 1998 (2), 1998 25th Anniversary of the EU, 2000 150 Years of Public Libraries (6), 2004 50th Anniversary of the first 4-minute mile. Crowns (5) 1951, 1953, 1965, 1977 Silver Jubilee, 1981 Royal Wedding of and Lady Diana Spencer, Halfcrown 1932 VG, Twopence 1797 Fine, Pennies 1797 (2) Poor and VG, Canada Five Dollars Maple Leaf 1994 Lustrous UNC. Maldives 100 Rufiyaa 1993 Cutty Sark Silver Proof nFDC. Alderney Five Pound Crowns (2) 2003 Prince William 21st Birthday, 2005 Prince Harry 21st Birthday both UNC on the cards of issue, Guernsey (2) Five Pounds 1999 Millennium, Two Pounds 1999 D-Day 50th Anniversary UNC in capsules. Isle of Man (3) Fifty Pences 1977 TT Races (2) EF, Crown 1990 Pearl Black finish 150th Anniversary of the Penny Black UNC in the wallet of issue. Tristan da Cunha Crown 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday UNC on the card of issue. Austria Korona 1893 VG. Trinidad and Tobago a mixed date set (5 coins) 50 Cents to One Cent 1979-1995 UNC. China 5 Yuan Panda UNC. United Kingdom Ecu 1992 UNC, Europe One Ecu 1995 The mayflower UNC. Numismatic Covers (3) Alderney Two Pounds 1993 40th Anniversary of the Coronation with 11p and 13p stamps UNC on the envelope of issue. History of World

Auction 166
World Banknotes , Netherland Indies & , and (112) in mixed grades comprising Philippines Bank of the Philippine Islands (2) including Pick 23 series 1933 serial number E64672E. Pick 22 series of 1933 serial number E290486E. Philippines 5 Pesos Pick 83a series of 1936 serial number D2132309D. Philippine 5 Pesos Pick 46b">Pick 46b signatures Mercado & Concepcion serial number A1500569A. World War II Emergency & Guerrilla Currency Apayao Legal Tender 2 Pesos Pick S113 number 4971 ND (1942) "Arms" Issue. Philippines Certificate 10 Pesos Pick 84a serial number D33440D. Philippine National Bank Emergency Cebu Guerrilla 5 Pesos Pick S219 serial number 188452. Philippine National Bank Emergency Iloilo City 2 Pesos Pick S306 serial number 677028N, the "Iloilo Currency Committee" was created by president Quezon in a telegram dated 29.12.1941 and C. S. Cervantes, manager of the PNB-Iloilo Branch, became chairman. Board of Mountain Province Emergency note 2 Pesos Pick S596a serial number 3159. of The Philippines (11) including Pick 132 serial number BJ306696. 1 Pesos ND (2) Pick 133g serial number SZ498342 & Pick 133h serial number XM648258. 2 Pesos ND (2) Pick 134b serial number AG152731 and Pick 134d serial number DP 660149. 5 Pesos Pick 135f serial number EY999194. 10 Pesos Pick 136e serial number EC924458. 20 Pesos Pick 137d serial number DJ777984. 50 Pesos Pick 138d serial number L581195. Pick 139 serial number A070144. 200 Pesos Pick 140 serial number A009642. Netherland Indies (4) including 10 Gulden Pick 79b serial AI 01539 dated 16th September 1938. 10 Gulden Pick 79a serial CX 08151 dated 16th January 1934. Pick 80a serial EC 07754 dated 17th January 1935. 5 Gulden / Rupiah Pick 88 dated 1946 series DBD 043454. Indonesia (64) some of which include 400 Rupiah Possible facsimile. Dutch Civil Administration 1st December 1947 set (2) including Pick 31 and 2 Pick 32. Republik Indonesia (2) including 01.01.1947 "ORI II" Issue 5 Rupiah Pick 21 variety 1 with 2 block letters serial number Hr 637933 and 26.07.1947 "ORI III" Issue 100 Rupiah like Pick 29 possible Facsimile. Republic Indonesia Serikat (d Republic of Indonesia) 10 Rupiah Pick 37 dated 1st January 1950 serial number E/8 027216. Republic Indonesia 1951 & 1953 "Small Change" Issues (2) including h Pick 38 serial number C/D 199589 and 2 1/2 Rupiah Pick 39 dated 1953 serial number C/G 666088. Republic Indonesia 1 Rupiahs (2) Pick 72 and Pick 74. Bank Indonesia 1952 issues (4) comprising 10 Rupiah Pick 43b, 50 Rupiah Pick 45, 100 Rupiah Pick 46 and 1000 Rupiah Pick 48. Maldives (5) including 2 s Pick 3b dated 1960. 5 Rufiyaa Pick 10a. 10 Rufiyaa Pick 11a. 20 Rufiyaa Pick 12a and Pick 14a. Malaysia Pick 31.

Auction 165
World Cased International Year of the Disabled 1981 an 18-coin set 1981-1984 -sized and in comprising the following:- 1981, 200 Ngultrums 1981, 1981, Five Pula 1981, 1983, 3000 Lira 1981, 1981, Five 1981, 2 1981, 200 s 1981, Yemen Two Dinars 1981, 50 Cedis 1981, 150 Shillings 1983, 1983, 2 1983, 2 1982, 25 1983, 1984 all UNC in the official blue box of issue, 17 with certificates, along with details of the programme and introduction card from Secretary-General of the d Nations Kurt Waldheim.

Auction 163
World Cased World in (9) $50 1995 - Lady of the Century - of Elizabeth and Philip 1947 Gold Proof FDC in capsule with MDM certificate, 100 Vatu 1997 the Queen Mother - Lady of the Century - Birth of Great Grandson William Gold Proof nFDC in capsule with MDM certificate, - The Royal Heritage - Henry VIII 1997 Gold Proof FDC in capsule with MDM certificate, £25 1995 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 95th Birthday Gold Proof, FDC in capsule with certificate, 5 Diners 1995 Eagle Gold Proof FDC in capsule with MDM certificate, 20 Dollars 1992 Ayrton Senna Gold Proof FDC in capsule with MDM certificate, 50 Rufiyaa 1995 Skylab Gold Proof FDC in capsule, with MDM certificate, Liberia 20 Dollars 1993 John F.Kennedy Gold Proof FDC in capsule with MDM certificate, 5 Yuan 1995 Gold BU with MDM certificate

Auction 152
World Banknotes 10 Rufiyaa 1983 issue, Pick 11a (100) UNC constively numbered

Auction 141
World Bulk Lots World International Games 1984 (18) Guinea (2) 500 Syli, 200 Syli, 250 s (2)X#2 - , X#1.1 Proof, (2) 500 Ouguia X#1.1 Athletes, full ine and X#2 Fencing Cupro-Nickel Proofs, 10 (2) Field Hockey and Hurdling Cupro-Nickel Proofs, 25 Rufiyaa (2) Football and Swimming Cupro-Nickel Proofs, 25 Ngultrums (2) Shot Put and Boxing, s (2) Archery and Equestrian Cupro-Nickel Proofs, Handball Cupro-Nickel Proof, St. Thomas and Prince Island Gymnastics 20 Dobros Cupro-Nickel Proof, (2) Weightlifting and Basketball Cupro-Nickel Proofs, UNC to FDC

Auction 124
World Bulk Lots 250 Rufiyaa 1996 (12) 6 coloured, including tri-metallic plus two duplicates, and three not coloured and two duplicates FDC, now listed in Krause 'Unusual World Coins' which states a mintage of just 100 coins of each type

Auction 123
World Bulk Lots 250 Rufiyaa 1996 (12) 6 coloured, including tri-metallic and 6 not coloured these including FDC, now listed in Krause 'Unusual World Coins' which states a mintage of just 100 coins of each type

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots 250 Rufiyaa 1996 featuring Maldivian schooner with fish swimming under (13) with colour 6 metals including & tri-metallic . Without colour 7 metals including tri-metallic. size unlisted in KM but like KM81 inscribed beautiful Maldives FDC. only 100 of each minted

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