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10 Centesimos : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 175
World Banknotes (54) on undated 1960-1961 issue, Pick 127 (15) A/UNC to UNC includes some constives, Chile undated 1962-1975 issue, Pick 134a (7) A/UNC to UNC, Chile One Escudo (32) undated issue Pick 135Aa (27), Pick 135Ab (5) A/UNC to UNC, 5 Soles de Oro 1966 issue 18.11.66, Pick 83a (2) A/UNC to UNC, along with World (57) includes issues from , , , , , , , Chile and more, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 165
World Banknotes (24) generally VG to Fine and few better notes including early issues comprising El Banco de la Provincia De Buenos Ayres (4) 1 Peso Pick S573a dated 7th August 1891. 1 Peso Pick S535a 8th November 1881 LOW number 000003. 1 Peso looks like Pick S524 dated 1st January 1871 LOW number 00001 . 1 Peso Pick S1101b overprint "Ley 08 Enero 1894" serie 002 No. H246535Э. El Banco Provincia de Cordoba 2 Pesos Pick S1122c overprint "Ley 08 Enero 1894" Serie 004 No. D000174X. El Banco de Entre-Rios 1 Peso Pick S767 dated 1st May 1885. Banco Parana Pick S1814 1st April 1868 No. 024957. Banco Argentino Cordoba Pick S1472 unissued date 187x. El Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba 2 Pesos Pick S1122c overprint "Ley 08 Enero 1894" Serie 004 No. D000174X. Banco Argentino Santa Fe 1/2 Real S1536 date 187x. El Banco Provincial de Santa Fe 1 Real Pick S820 dated 1st November 1874 No. 057010. Banco De Londres Y Rio de la Plata (2) 1 Real Pick S1722 Cordoba dated 15th November 1869 No. 071808. 1 1/2 Reals Pick S1732 Rosario dated 15th September 1866. 8 Centesimos Fuertes Pick S512b "Ley de 25 Setbre 1876" in circular stamp on front series G No. 077995. Fuertes Pick S501 dated 1st January 1869 series E No. 005203. 16 Centesimos Fuertes Pick S514a Overprint "Ley de 25 Setbre 1876" in circular stamp on front. 1 pesos (3) including Pick S481b printed signatures (2) & Pick S481a handwritten signature. (2) Pick S483b series F No. 744808 Fine & Pick S482 series D No. 23468. (2) Pick S431 & Pick S484a series H No. 184918. 1 Peso Pick S441b dated 1st January 1864. 1 Peso Pick S471 dated 1st April 1867 No. 2456251. Exceptionally scarce group and seldom offered

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