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Stamp Ingot : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 175
World Cased // - The World's Smallest coins a 21-coin set Liberia (17) Gold $25 (11) these 0.73 grammes of 0.999 gold, Gold $10 (6) these 0.5 grammes of 0.585 gold, Andorra (3) these 0.73 grammes of 0.999 Gold and Somalia 20 Shilling (1) in gold 0.48 grammes, gold content unknown, all coins dated 2000-2007 FDC in the box of issue, 18 with certificates, GB Five Pound Crowns 1990 90th Birthday (20) UNC on the cards of issue, as part of a group of GB and World promoters material, One Dollar a 12-coin set 2005 British History all Crown-sized in .500 silver, each reverse depicting Historical Figures and Events Proofs FDC boxed with certificates, Predecimalization Coins a 21-coin set each 50mm in - with a gold plated pre-decimal coin set into the reverse, UNC boxed with certificates, Changing UK Coin Designs an 11-coin set of medallic issue, in silver plated cupro-nickel with motion image showing both sides of the coin, UNC boxed with certificates, //Cook Islands Fifty Pence 2012 a 14-coin set 2011-2012 all Crown-sized with photographic images on the reverses UNC boxed, 13 with certificates, The of II a set of GB Coinage (9 coins) Halfcrown to Farthing with silver and gold-plating in mixed grades in the box of issue with certificate, of Britain (2) of (13) and The Life of Queen Elizabeth II (7) a mixed medallic 22-piece set UNC boxed with certificates, British Banknotes a 5-piece medallic set 50mm diameter each reverse with a coloured image of a different British Banknote UNC boxed with certificates, The Edd VII and George V Silver Collection an incomplete 5-piece set (normally 6 pieces) comprising One Pound Edward VII, Ten Shillings George V, One Penny Edward VII, One Penny George V and One Penny George V Exhibition 1924 UNC in the wallets of issue in the fitted slip case, Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday Stamp issue 2006 Silver Stamp Showcase (8 silver stamps), each silver stamp 0.925 silver and weighing 2.7 grammes, along with set of commemorative stamps of similar designs UNC in the Royal Mail box of issue, Numismatic Covers (2) Queen Mother 80th Birthday 1980 (2) both comprising Crown UNC and commemorative 12p stamp UNC on the envelope of issue, both in folders, Spoons 2012 Queen Elizabeth II a 4-piece set UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Champions Stopwatch 2008 with Two Pounds 2008 Handover set into the back UNC in a Westminster box with certificate, along with three empty Westminster boxes

Auction 174
World Cased The n Era Collection a 3-piece set hallmarked in 9 carat Gold consisting of ingots depicting the Penny Black (1840), One Shilling Green (1847) and Four Pence Red (1855) total weight 27.5 grammes, Prooflike UNC in a Westminster box with certificate
£350 London Coins : A174 : Lot 671 : The Victorian Era Gold Stamp Ingot Collection a 3-piece set hallmarked in 9 carat Gold consisting of... London Coins : A174 : Lot 671 : The Victorian Era Gold Stamp Ingot Collection a 3-piece set hallmarked in 9 carat Gold consisting of...

Auction 171
World Cased Ten Dollars 1978 a 2-coin set 5th of Independence comprising 1978 and Sir Milo P.Butler issues Proofs nFDC in the box of issue, Proof set 1966 the 4-coin set Ten Shillings, Threepence, Eight Doubles and Four Doubles, FDC in the green box of issue, Crown-medals a 4-coin set 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Spencer a 4-piece set in gold plated silver Proof nFDC to FDC in the red Mint box of issue with certificate. Pobjoy Mint on Silver Sucrier Sweetmeat dish with Christmas Reindeer Cameo, weight 57 grammes, UNC in a presentation box with certificate, issue limited to 250 pieces. Pobjoy Mint Ingot set 1979 of Sir Rowland Hill a set of 5 s in gold plated silver, the ingots depicting four n Stamp issues One Penny, Two Pence , Four Pence and One Shilling and a Rowland Hill Fantasy Prooflike UNC in the box of issue with certificate, only 100 sets issued. Mint set 1978 (6 coins) Fifty Pence to Half New Penny UNC in a slide case. Guernsey Mint set 1987 (7 coins) One Pound to One Penny UNC in the wallet of issue, Mint Set 2000 (12 coins) 400th Anniversary of the of Giordano Bruno 1000 Lire to 1 Lire includes the 1000 Lire and 500 Lire in silver, UNC in the wallet of issue. Isle of Man Crown 1972 Proof UNC, GB (2) Crown 1965 A/UNC boxed, Fifty Pence 1973 Prooflike UNC boxed, Medal - General Election 1974 45mm diameter Eimer 2131 in UNC. Co-op Society Medal 1913 50th Anniversary 1863-1913 in brass John Shillito Obverse UNC with suspension loop and ribbon, boxed. Coin holders - Magic Pocket Money Savings Bank (3) that hold Sixpences, Threepences and Silver Threepences respectively in excellent condition, along with a mix of empty cases, capsules and certificates.
£150 London Coins : A171 : Lot 449 : Bahamas Ten Dollars 1978 a 2-coin set 5th Anniversary of Independence comprising 1978 Prince Charles...

Auction 166
World Cased The Arms of the Prince and Princess of a 12-ingot set in plated silver, Prooflike UNC in the Danbury Mint box with certificate, Medallic First Day Covers (2) series 1973 Number 2 Stop Drug Abuse and Number 4 Proofs nFDC to FDC retaining full mint lustre, on the envelopes of issue with UN stamps, GB and World (7) GB Two Pounds 1994 Silver Proof nFDC uncased, Two Pounds 1992 Silver Proof nFDC uncased, Crown 1979 Silver Proof nFDC uncased, Isle of Man Fifty Pence 1979 Day of the Tynwald Silver Proof, uncased, One Pound 2000 Silver Proof UNC, uncased, Dollar 1921S GVF, Thaler 1780 VF, Maria Theresa Medals (4) Harold Wilson - First Referendum of the People 1975 in Silver UNC, 1991 The British - 100 Years of the n Numismatic Association Silver Proof FDC, Louis Armstrong undated, Silver Crown-sized UNC toned, Isle of Man Post Office Authority - Postal Independence 1973 in silver UNC, Settebello Portafortuna miniature gold (7) includes issues from , , , Austria, , and sealed in a display card in mixed grades VF to NEF boxed

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