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Standard Reference Pick 86b : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 168
World Banknotes Northern including early 1900's to modern issues (17) a delightful group of all different issues and designs from various periods in mixed grades ranging from Fine/VF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising some Scarcer early issues from (6) as the small sized 1 Francs (2) Pick 86b dated 16th October 1917 series N3 548366, in violet and Pick 92a dated 25th March 1920 series V01 281570, in blue. Pick 75a dated 1st July 1914 signatures Babau & de Lantsheere series 034.X.573, green and brown featuring various allegorical figures. Banque National - Bruxelles (Brussels) Pick 67a dated 24th July 1913 signatures Tschaggeny & de Lantsheere series 2217C 358, in red and green with lion & the Arms of 30 towns. (2) including the period large size issue 500 Francs = 100 Belgas Pick 109a dated 1st May 1943 signatures Sontag & Goffin series 1462.Q.404, with a design similar to notes and in blue and green, variety with signatures on both sides. Along with the modern Pick 135b dated 17th May 1971 signatures Jorden's & Vandeputte. (2) 10 Gulden Pick 91b dated 25th April 1968 series 5153296428 without '0' in bullseye on reverse and Pick 100 dated 5th April 1969 barcode serial number 2328399760. (2) 10 Pick 44ae 1971 block B7712D number 7089109 signatures Sunesen & Velour together with a 50 Kroner Pick 50j 1992 block C7922D number 6347858 signatures Thomasen & Herly. (4) including s (2) Pick 33n 1931 series R144198, Svea seated at right and Gustav Vasa with letter 'C' at lower left and right. Pick 51c 1972 EX series L 750764, King Gustav Vasa at right. Also s (2) including Pick 40f 1945 series 16121712, Gustav Vasa at left & Coat of Arms. Pick 52c 1971 A series F 284126, King Gustaf VI Adolf. And (3) consisting of ka Pick 98a dated 1963 series AI 8280972 signatures Karjalainen & Aranko. 5 Markka Pick 106Aa dated 1963 series F 5436918 Litt. B signatures Uusivirta & Nars. And 20 Markka Pick 123a 1993 series 2120450453 Litt. A. Pleasing and collectible group, certain to attract attention
£85 London Coins : A168 : Lot 243 : Northern Europe including Scandinavia early 1900's to modern issues  (17) a delightful group of... London Coins : A168 : Lot 243 : Northern Europe including Scandinavia early 1900's to modern issues  (17) a delightful group of...

Auction 168
World Banknotes (Kingdom & Banque de France) issues along with County of 5 Sterling coupons (17) various issues and denominations in mixed grades on average VF-GVF some with the usual pinholes and includes a few higher grade notes. Comprises Assignat issues (6) including 25 Sols Pick A55b (Ass 25a) dated 4th January 1792 series 1358. 10 Livres Pick A66b (Ass 36c) dated 24th October 1792 series 11314 and variety with Loraine cross at left and right at upper left and watermark "RP-FR". And 23rd May 1973 issues (4) consisting of 10 Sols Pick A68b (Ass 40b) series 68o. watermark "RF". Pick A69b (Ass 41b) series 1512 watermark "RF/15s". And 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass 42b) watermark "RF 50s" (2) series 2989 & 3101. Also Banque de France issues (5) including "Mineur" Pick 99f (Fayette F8.21) signatures Gargam & Roussou dated 7th April 1949 series B.192 02989. Along with (4) consisting of the "Merson" Pick 78c (Fayette F24.14) signatures Boyer & Strohl series E.47256 052 and hand stamped over watermark area. It's successor the "Merson modifié" Pick 86b (Fayette F25.46) signatures Roussau & Favre-y series O.66427 358. "Sully" Pick 94 (Fayette F26.29) signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly dated 16th May 1940 (2) a constively numbered pair series Q.10800 855 & Q.10800 856. And "Corneille" Pick 149c (Fayette F65.19) dated 7th December 1967 signatures Morant, Bouchet & Tondu series E.281 04024. In addition Corporation of the County of Perth Sterling Municipal Loan Fund interest coupons (5) all perforated PAID and the interest payable 30th June 1878 at the Bank of , London, and with the last 2 digits of the year hand written and bearing the signature of Robert Jones. All series 0009 and includes a few Debenture numbers 0132, 0133 and 0134 along with 0042 and 0126. A collectible group

Auction 167
World Banknotes World a in a deed box of mostly modern 1970's issues onwards (lot) in various grades Good to about UNC consisting of notes from various countries and the majority from , and . Includes a few earlier issue Reichsbank note from . A few scarcer earlier notes include an Currency note 10 Pick 167a Law 50 of 1940 the variety with a single letter prefix R at left of signature. Pick 49 from 1942. The Municipal Bank Pick S2276b from 1933 signatures Huang & Ch'en and a of China Pick 194a from 1924. 10 Cents Pick 315b from 1941. Societe Generale 1 Franc Pick 86b dated 25th May 1917. 1939 issues Pick 83a (Fayette F4) and Pick 100 (Fayette F7) and a very FIRST date for this issue 2nd February 1939 block 290 series R. 68527. Casa de Moeda Pick 97c dated 15th August 1917 (2) and Pick 100 dated 4th August 1922 along with a Banco De Portugal Pick 112b dated 5th July 1918. Biglietto Di Stato Pick 23f Royal Decree 07.10.1904 (1923) signatures Maltese & Rossolini block number 5302 and the 10 Lire Pick 20g Royal Decree 05.02.1888 signatures Giu. Dell'Ara & Porena block number 3318. Also includes a few and Belgium World War I Necessity money and local currencies along with United Kingdom 9 and 1/2 percent Loan and Treasury War bonds 1999/1973. An interesting group

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (28) & a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC comprising Iraq (17) 25 s Pick 74b (11), 2 Pick 73, 50 Dinars Pick 75, 100 Dinars Pick 84a (3), 250 Dinars Pick 85a. Iran (11) Pick 32Aa without stamp, 10 Rials Pick 33a with inked lettering, 10 Rials Pick 33Aa without stamp on reverse and with signs of tape removal, Pick 34A Arabic serial with stamp on reverse and inked lettering, 20 Rials Pick 100a, 50 Rials Pick 97 "2500th Anniversary of the n ", 100 Rials Pick 86b, 200 Rials Pick 81, 200 Rials Pick 92c, 5 Rials Pick 39 and 100 Rials Pick 50
£220 London Coins : A166 : Lot 485 : World (28) Iran & Iraq a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 485 : World (28) Iran & Iraq a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC ...

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