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Standard Reference Pick 67c : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Banknotes (54) in mostly high grades comprising issues from (15) including 5 s Pick 54a ND (1959), 1/2 Dinar Pick 52a">Pick 52a ND (1959), 2 Pick 73a">Pick 73a, 10 Dinars Pick 65">Pick 65, 1/2 Dinar Pick 62, 1/2 Dinar Pick 57, 1 Dinar Pick 69a, 1 Dinar Pick 79, 5 Dinars Pick 64, 25 Dinars Pick 72 (2), 10 Dinras Pick 71, 5 Dinars Pick 70, 1/2 Dinar Pick 78, 1/4 Dinar Pick 67. (19) comprising 5 Dinars (2) including Pick 62c date 1978 & Pick 62d dated 1986. 25 Livres Pick 64c dated 1983. 10 Livres Pick 63 dated 1978. 100 Livres Pick 66c dated 1983. 250 Livres Pick 67c dated 1985. 1000 Livres Pick 69a dated 1988. 50 Livres Pick 65b dated 1978. 1 Livres (2) including Pick 61b dated 1974 and Pick 61c dated 1980. 500 Livres Pick 68 dated 1988. 10 Pick 41 dated 1948 serial number F.995186. 1 Livre Pick 26a">Pick 26a dated 1st September 1939 blue diagonal bottom left to top right. Pick 40 dated 1948 serial number J054379. 10 Livres Pick 57a dated 1961 serial number A18 22088 25 Piastres Pick 36 dated 1st August 1942 serial number A/3 916327. 5 Piastres No. 707 similar to Pick 34 dated 1942 red overprint ANNULE diagonally on obverse. Pick 43 dated 1948. 1 Livre Pick 55b dated 1961 series J20 76846 number 068076846. (14) comprising 50 s Pick 103b dated 1978 AH1398. 1 Pound Pick 93c dated 1973 / AH1393. 1 Livre Pick 73 ND Institut d'Emission de Syrie 1950's First issue serial number A/5 335936. 25 Livres Pick 76 ND Institut d'Emission de Syrie 1950's First issue serial number D/1 429911. 50 Piastres Pick 52 dated 1st August 1942 serial number D/1 830250 5 Pounds Pick 100c dated 1982 / AH1402. Pick 98d dated 1974. Pick 101c dated 1982 / AH1402. 5 Piastres Pick 49 dated 15th July 1942. Pick 6 dated 1st January 1920 serial number Z/B 960471. Pick 102c dated 1982 / AH1402. 1 Livres Banque de Syrie et du Liban dated 1st September 1939 (2) including Pick 40c serial number L/DH 046011 with 2 lilac overprints diagonally from left to right (Type C) and Pick 40e serial number L/EX 014403 with 2 red overprints pointing downwards (Type D). 25 Piastres Pick 2 dated 1st August 1919 serial number B/C 021745. Kingdom of Jordan (6) including 20 Dinars Pick 22c dated1 1985 (1992). 1 Dinars (2) including Pick 18c and Pick 18d. 20 Dinars Pick 21c dated 1988. 1/ Pick 17d (2).

Auction 165
World Banknotes Republic Denomination Set 10 s to 100 s (7) in mixed grades includes GEF - about UNC comprises Pick 63a dated 6.6.1968, Pick 64c with srity thread and dated 21.4.1975, Pick 65a dated 12.8.1968 inked numerals to centre right, Pick 66c dated 24.5.1973, Pick 67c dated 24.3.1976, 68c dated 4.4.1977 and Pick 69c dated 4.4.1977

Auction 165
World Banknotes Republic The of Ireland issues (2) including 10 s 66c (Blake-Callaway LTN62a) dated 26th September 1974 serial number 18D872136 signatures T.K. Whitaker and C.H. Murray, formerly 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated but removed from holder and comes with the label, blue on multicolour underprint. Along with Pick 67c (Blake-Callway LTN65) dated 24th March 1976 serial number 93X037852 signatures C.H. Murray and M.N. O'Murchu, red on gold and multicolour underprint. Both Large notes featuring Lady Hazel Lavery in an Irish national costume with chin resting on her hand leaning on an Irish harp on obverse and a representation of the River Bann water spirit at centre on reverse. EF - about UNC / UNC
£240 London Coins : A165 : Lot 638 : Ireland Republic The Central Bank of Ireland Lady Lavery issues (2) including 10 Pounds 66c (Blake-C... London Coins : A165 : Lot 638 : Ireland Republic The Central Bank of Ireland Lady Lavery issues (2) including 10 Pounds 66c (Blake-C...

Auction 165
World Banknotes (10) a of Ireland group in mixed circulated grades VG to VF comprising £5 Catherine McAuley dated 14.09.1998 signed O'Connaill & Mullarkey Pick 75b series SNM 352672. £10 James Joyce dated 04.12.1997 signed O'Connaill & Mullarkey Pick 76b series UMN 342480. £5 John Scotus Eriugena dated 12.08.1988 signed Doyle & Cromien Pick 71e series DAF 258931. £1 Queen Maeve (Medb) dated 30.06.1982 signed O'Cofaigh & Doyle Pick 70c series HAE 395915. £1 Queen Maeve (Medb) dated 23.03.1988 signed Doyle & Cromien Pick 70d series GGJ 060443. 10 s Lady Hazel Lavery dated 07.10.1965 signed Muimhneachain & Whitaker Pick 63a series 54P 342304. £1 Lady Hazel Lavery dated 21.4.1975 signed Whitaker & Murray Pick 64c with srity thread series 03L 150555. £5 Lady Hazel Lavery dated 24.10.1950 signed Brennan & McElligott Pick 58b1 series 42W 096227. £10 Lady Hazel Lavery dated 26.09.1974 signed Whitaker & Murray Pick 66c with security thread series 19D 582110, small tear on portrait. £20 Lady Hazel Lavery dated 24.03.1976 signed Murray & O'Murchu Pick 67c series 75X 092050.

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