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Standard Reference Pick 302b : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
World Banknotes World (34) (3) 1000 Afghanis SH1370 (1991) issue Pick 61c UNC, 100 Afghanis SH1369 (1990 issue) Pick 58b">Pick 58b both UNC, (2) undated 1976-78 issue Pick 302b UNC, 5 Australes undated 1985-1989 issue Pick 324a UNC, Five Ngultrum 1990 undated issue Pick 14b UNC, (3) 50 Cruizeros on 50 Cruzado Novos 1990 issue Pick 223 (2) both UNC, 500 Cruizeros on 500 Cruzados Novos Pick 226b UNC, (3) Five Kyats undated 1973 issue Pick 57 UNC, Ten Kyats undated 1973 issue Pick 58 UNC, 15 Kyats undated 1986 issue Pick 62 UNC, (2) 1990 issue Pick 29c UNC, 100 Francs 1993 issue Pick 29c UNC (2) Five Riels undated 1962-75 issue Pick 10c (1972) both UNC, (2) Teo Jiao 1980 issue Pick 882 UNC, Five Fen 1953 Pick 862b UNC, Five Pesos 1991 issue Pick 108 UNC, n Republic One Peso Oro 1988 issue Pick 126c UNC, 100 Pesos 1990 issue (2) Pick 11 both UNC, Ten s undated 1966-1992 issue Pick 23f UNC, (2) 100 Rupiyah 1984 issue, Pick 122b UNC, 500 Rupiah 1992/1998 issue Pick 128g UNC, 50 1978 issue Pick 46a UNC, (2) Ten Dollars 1992 issue Pick 72d UNC, Five Dollars 1991 issue Pick 70d UNC, (2) Ten Tyiyn undated 1993 issue Pick 2a UNC, One Tyiyn Pick 1a UNC, (3) 50 Shilingi 1994 issue Pick 30c UNC, Five Shilingi undated 1982 issue Pick 15 (2) both UNC, Pick 105a UNC
£26 London Coins : A174 : Lot 167 : World (34) Afghanistan (3) 1000 Afghanis SH1370 (1991) issue Pick 61c UNC, 100 Afghanis SH1369 (1990... London Coins : A174 : Lot 167 : World (34) Afghanistan (3) 1000 Afghanis SH1370 (1991) issue Pick 61c UNC, 100 Afghanis SH1369 (1990...

Auction 167
World Banknotes & Caribbean modern issues circa 1970's to 1990's (934) in large bundles in fully constive, near or consisting of several closely numbered consecutive sets. Includes 6 bundles consisting of Pick 302b ND 1976 - 1978 without Ley, watermark Argentina's Coat of Arms, series E and signatures A. J. Camps & A. C. Diz. 1000 Pesos Pick 304d ND 1976-1983 without Ley text on obverse, watermark sunbursts, back lithographed, signatures P.C. Lopez & J.G. del Solar and Series I. 1 Peso Argentinos Pick 311a ND 1983 - 1984 (2 bundles) including 2 varieties - series A signatures P.C. Lopez & J.G. del solar and series B signatures P.C. Lopez & E.G. Vazquez, both watermark sunbursts. 5 Australes Pick 324a ND 1985 - 1989 signatures H.A. Alonso titled Subgerente general with 'SUB' printed in the signature & J. J. A. Concepcion titled Presidente, watermark sunbursts, series A. A bundle of 2000 Nuevos Pesos 1989 Pick 68 Series A watermark J. G. Artigas. (3 bundles) including Brazil 5000 (2 bundles) consisting of Pick 232a ND 1990 - 1993 series A signatures Zelia Maria Cardoso de Mello & Ibrahim Eris and Pick 232c ND 1990 - 1993 series A signatures Paulo Roberto Haddad & Gustavo Jorge Laboissiere Loyola which include the VERY LAST RUNS for this type - series A6041. Along with a bundle of 50 Cruzados Pick 210a ND 1986 - 1988 Series A signatures Dilson Domingos Funaro & Fernao Carlos Botelho Bracher. n Republic bundle of 1 Peso Oros Pick 126c series of 1988, signatures Roberto Saladin & Roberto Martinez Villanueva, Thomas Printing. Almost if not all in fresh and crisp UNC as if they are just out of printing, with a SCWPM value of over $1300 and the potential of hiding a few collectable fancy numbers it makes this a very desirable group

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