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Standard Reference Pick 154 : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 170
World Banknotes World (54) a mostly early 1900's mixed grade group most ranging in the average of Fine/VF to about UNC - UNC and consisting of various and exotic issues. Comprising examples from (22) from various periods and regions as the examples (6) including the Scarce 100 Rubley Catherine II Pick 5c dated 1898 (1898-1912) signatures Konshin & Ivanov. 1 Ruble Pick 1d 1898 (1912) signature Shipov second ier's signature unrecognizable by me. 3 Rubley Pick 9c 1905 (1912) signatures Shipov & Baryshev. 5 Rubley Pick 10b 1909 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Bubyakin. 10 Rubley Pick 11c 1909 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Bylinskiy. 25 Rubley Pick 12b 1909 (1912) signatures Shipov & Bubyakin. 100 Rubley Pick 13a 1910 (1909-12) signatures Konshin & Afanasev. And 500 Rubley Pick 14b 1912 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Metz. Provisional Government (3) 250 Rubley Pick 36 1917 signatures Shipove & Baryshev issued by the R.S.F.S.R. series ??-144.1000 Rubley Pick 37 1917 (1917-18) signatures Shipov & Sofronov series ?? 105222 issued by the R.S.F.S.R. And 1000 Rubley Pick 95 1918 signature Zhikharev series ??-045. South Russia State Bank (2) 1000 Rubley Pick S418c 1919 series ??-00093 and 5000 Rubley Pick S419d 1919 series ??-200, both with watermark mosaic. South Russia - High Command of the Armed Forces (4) 500 Rubley Pick S434 1920 series ??-011 along with 10000 Rubley Pick S425a 1919 printed on both sides variety (3) series ??-048, ??-086 and ??-020. Also 50 Kopek (2) Pick 31 ND 1915 and Pick S407 ND 1918. Lenin portrait 1937 examples (3) 1, 3 and 10 Chervontsev Pick 202, 203 and 205 respectively. Along with other countries examples as (2) a RARE pair 500 Lire Pick 71 (Gigante BI 32A - R3) Seal Type Italia/ Monogram B-I 23rd August 1943. And 1000 Lire Pick 81a Seal Type Med / Monogram B-I 14th April 1948 signatures Eianudi & Urbini. Pick 116a. 1943-44 (4) including the highest, for its series, denomination i Pick 135. Along with 50 Drachmai Pick 121. 25000000 Drachmai Pick 130b. And 100000 Drachmai Pick 125a. (5) consisting of Pick 154 1935. Along with various (3) including Pick 118q 1914 , Pick 155 1935. And Pick 159 without overprint of place of issue (issued in ese controlled area) 1941 variety with serials on obverse and reverse. Also, a Pick 120a 1st October 1914 place of issue - CHUNGKING. (5) an interesting selection of the 1917 I First World War Emergency issues (5) very well preserved including 10 Bani Pick 69 (3) and 50 Bani Pick 71 (2). Commemorative 300th Anniversary of Sveriges Riksbank (1668-1968) Pick 56. Kingdom Assignat 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass-42a). 1 Pick 16 manuscript signature and title Cuschieri ND 1943. 100 Bolivianos Pick 147 with conflict overprint. 1 George Vi portrait Pick 58e signatures Coyne & Towers. (7) including a denomination set of the 1944 Partisan issues (4) 1, 5, 10 and 20 a Pick 48b, 49b, 50a and 51c respectively. Along with 50, 100 and 500 Dinara from the following 1946 issues Pick 64b, 65b and 66b respectively. And finally 1960's issues (3) including 1, 5 and Pick 59j, 60h and 58j respectively.

Auction 169
World Banknotes circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-grade Fine, VF and EF examples. Comprising issues from (44) including the El Banco Espanola de la Isla de Cuba Pick 49d printed date 15th May 1896 series 661993 E red diagonal "PLATA" on back. Banco Nacional 1 Pesos Pick 102d dated 1988 (3) including a constively numbered pair, (3) Pick 103c 1987, Pick 103d 1988 and Pick 108 1991 along with a selection of Foreign Exchange Certificates 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 Pesos Series A, B and narrow D (34) a fair amount are ly numbered. Banco Central 1 Pesos Commemorative 150th Anniversary Birth of José Martí (1853-2003) Pick 125 dated 2003 (3) a consecutive trio. (7) including Republica Dos Estados Unidos 5 (3) consisting of Pick 157Ab ND 1956-58 2 "Valour Recebido", 'Amazonas' Pick 166b ND (1961-1962) Estampa 3 "Valor Recebido" and Pick 176d ND (1962-1964) Estampa 2 "Tesouro Nacional" above portrait and "Valor Legal" below. Along with Banco Central (4) consisting of 1 Cruzeiro Pick 191 ND1970-72 earlier series A00017 096505 and a consecutive trio of the Pick 193e ND (1970-1980) series B03043 (3). (6) consisting of 10 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 154 L. 13.07.1962 (2), 1000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 167 D. 25.06.1982 (2), 10.000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 169 D. 10.02.1984 and 50.000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 170 D. 05.06.1984. Along with Banco Central issues (4) consisting of 1 Peso Argentino Pick 311 ND (1983-1984), 5 Pesos Argentinos Pick 312 ND (1983-1984) and a pair of 1 Australis Pick 323b ND (1985-1989) (2)
£120 London Coins : A169 : Lot 224 : Latin America circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-g... London Coins : A169 : Lot 224 : Latin America circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-g...

Auction 167
World Banknotes World circa mid 1900's to modern (74) a nice in various grades VF to UNC with majority to the higher spectrum and from various countries of issue comprising , , , , , , , , and this including a modern produced by the son of the printer on original printing machine. Includes complete or near complete denomination sets of the same design issues from Afghanistan, Poland, Russia. And some scarcer issues consist of a 10 s Pick 7a (BY JE10) Padgham signature ND 1963 serial number B883937. Spain 1000 Pesetas Pick 154 dated 17th September 1971 serial number 1U3442041. National Commercial Limited 1 s Pick 265 dated 16th September 1959 serial number N546072 signature David Alexander. Bank of Scotland 1 Pound Pick 109a dated 17th July 1968 and a very FIRST prefix for this type serial number A/1 0821904. Also includes a few Commemorative issues. An interesting and attractive group

Auction 166
World Banknotes , , & and (102) in mixed grades good Fine-VF to about UNC - UNC comprising Croatia Regional (11) including 5000 s Pick R20. 50000 Dinars Pick R21. 100000 Dinars Pick R22. 500000 Dinars Pick R23. 5 Million Dinars Pick R24. 100 Million Dinars Pick R25. 500 Million Dinars Pick R16. 500 Million Dinars Pick R26. 5 Milliard Dinars Pick R27. 10 Milliard Dinars Pick R19. 10 Milliard Dinars Pick R28. Bosnia & Herzegovina (11) including 10 Dinars Pick 133">Pick 133. 10 Dinars Pick 10a. 50 Dinars Pick 134. 100 Dinars Pick 135. Pick 149. 50000 Dinars Pick 150">Pick 150. 100000 Dinars Pick 151. 1 Million Dinars Pick 152. 5 Million Dinars Pick 153. 100 Million Dinars Pick 154. 500 Million Dinars Pick 155. Yugoslavia (44) including 10 Dinars Pick 21a dated Belgrade, 1st November 1920 serial number AL349382, in blue on multicolour featuring 'Progress' - Man with rolling wheel with holding the Caduces staff and Allegorical figures on obverse and Rocky seashore Landscape view on reverse. 1919 Provisional issues (3) including 20 on Pick 16a series B.031 number 013340, in brown on light blue underprint featuring Miloš Obilić (n hero) at left on obverse and The Caduceus staff with wreath on reverse. Red overprint "Kruna 20 Krona / Kron" on Pick 12A">Pick 12A. 4 Kronen on 1 Dinar Pick 15 series 18H number 075512, in brown and orange-brown on light tan underprint featuring Miloš Obilić (Serbian hero) at left on obverse and guilloche panel at centre with value at left and right on reverse. Red Overprint with "Kurne 4 Krune / Krone" on Pick 12. 2 Kronen on 1/2 Dinar Pick 14a series 01924 number 029311, in brown and aqua on pink underprint featuring Coat of Arms at lower centre. Red Overprint "Krune 2 Krune / Kroni" on Pick 11. 1919 Dinar issue 2 = 1/4 Dinars Pick 13 dated 21st March 1921 blue on olive underprint featuring girl at left and right of Church on obverse and reverse in brown featuring Church at left and Equestrian statue of Ban Jelacic in Zagreb at right. Kingdom 100 Dinars Pick 27b">Pick 27b dated 1st December 1929 series P. 1416 938 number 35393938 watermark Alexander I, purple on yellow underprint featuring an allegorical figure of "Serbia" and view of the Danube and Belgrade on obverse and Sailing boats and man with Arms on reverse along with the Serbian 1st May 1941 Overprint Provisional Issues (2) 100 Dinars Pick 23 (2) series P.2835 801 number 70868801 and series Y.2544 437 number 635974378. Brown overprint "Srpska Narodna Banka" on Yugoslavia Pick 27, watermark Alexander I, purple on yellow underprint featuring an allegorical figure of "Serbia" and view of the Danube and Belgrade on obverse and Sailing boats and man with Arms on reverse. Government 1944 "Partisan" Issues (4) 1 Dinar Pick 1b. 5 Dinars Pick 5b Thin vertical srity thread. 10 Dinars Pick 50a paper with small fibres. 20 Dinars Pick 51c paper with small fibres serial number JJ 269248. All featuring Partisan Milivoje Rodić, later colonel of the Yugoslav army, with rifle at right on obverse and Coat of Arms at left on reverse. National Bank issues (3) including 50 Dinars Pick 64a dated 1st May 1946 8-digit serial number 32767973, brown on multicolour underprint featuring Miner at left on obverse and Wood cutter at centre and Coat of Arms at left on reverse. 100 Dinars Pick 69 dated 1st May 1955 serial number XF426345, red on multicolour featuring Girl in national costume at left and seashore scene of Dubrovnik/Rag. 1000 Dinars Pick 71b Scarcer Plate #2 variety at lower right dated 1st May 1955 serial number CM254427, dark brown on multicolour featuring Steel worker at left on obverse and Steel mill at centre on reverse. Socialist Federal Republic National Bank (24) including 5 Dinars Pick 81b dated 1st May 1968 serial number CL054679. 5 Dinars Pick 81b dated 1st May 1968 RADAR serial number CL054450. 20 Dinars Pick 85 dated 19th December 1974 serial number DF2639133. 20 Dinars Pick 88a dated 12th August 1978 serial number DU6543972. 50 Dinars Pick 83c with security thread and 7-digit serial number AA2093342. 50 Dinars Pick 89a dated 12th August 1978 serial number AD9843931. 50 Milliard Dinars Pick 136 dated 1993 serial number AA8074703. 100 Dinars Pick 90b dated 4th November 1981 serial number CF1535012. 100 Dinars Pick 139 dated 1994. 500 Dinars

Auction 155
World Banknotes 1000 Pesetas 1971 Pick 154 UNC along with Spain a mixed group to 1920s to 1950s issues (13) these in mixed grades
£75 London Coins : A155 : Lot 1997 : Spain 1000 Pesetas 1971 Pick 154 UNC along with Spain a mixed group 100 Pesetas to 1 Peseta 1920s to... London Coins : A155 : Lot 1997 : Spain 1000 Pesetas 1971 Pick 154 UNC along with Spain a mixed group 100 Pesetas to 1 Peseta 1920s to...

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