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Marie Curie : World Cased and Proof Coins

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
World Cased GB and World Sets (1) and singles (13) comprising 1995 a 4-coin set comprising 2005 Grey Jay, 20005 White-tailed Ptarmigan, and Whooping Crane issues, nFDC to FDC in a box with certificate, GB 2003 Discovery , (4) 1984 50th of the of Silver, Lustrous UNC, in the box of issue with certificate, 100 Francs/15 Euros 1996 an Monuments - Magere Brug, Silver proof in a Westminster pouch with certificate, 10 Frances/ 1996 Treasures of the European Museums - Michaelo's David, Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1992 Silver Lustrous UNC boxed with certificate, Canada Two Dollars 1996 Bimetallic, Lustrous UNC boxed with certificate, (2) 2005 One .999 Silver Proof with coloured portrait of the Pope on the reverse (2) both in the Mint boxes of issue with certificate, 2000 Pesetas 1990 s 1992, Silver Proof FDC in the wooden box of issue, no certificate, Ten Dollars 1998 Appeal Fund Silver Proof with coloured rainbow on the reverse, nFDC toned, Ten 2004 KM#1545 UNC with coloured reverse, boxed, with no certificate, s (2) 2005 's Ashes Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, The of the Prince of to Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles 2005 Silver Proof nFDC with some toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 172
World Cased World cased items (9) $25 1978 25th of the of II Silver s (2) each 136 grammes of .925 silver nFDC to FDC lightly toning, in the boxes of issue. (3) (3) 1973 RCMP Specimen UNC , 1990 Kelsey Silver Proof, 1999 The Path of Life Silver Proof. One Dollar 1972 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Proof, nFDC toned, boxed. 1972 Silver Proof UNC toned, boxed, GB Silver (2) 2013 UNC, 2015 Queen Elizabeth II The UNC on the cards of issue, along with a further group, these in capsules and flips (29) comprising Canada One Dollar (3) 1973 RCMP Specimen 1975 , 1991 Frontenac, 2011 A Lifetime of Silver Proof FDC, 10 1996 The n Age Silver Proof nFDC, 1993 40th Anniversary of the Coronation Silver Proof FDC, (3) Two Pounds 1972 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Wedding Silver Proof UNC, Two Pounds 1972 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Wedding Silver Proof UNC, 1972 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Wedding Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1992 40th Anniversary of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II Silver Proof UNC, 5 Dollars 1992 Astrolabe Silver Proof nFDC, 5 Dollars 1969 NEF toned, 5 1960 100th Anniversary of Theodore Herzl Lustrous UNC, 25 s 1967 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa GEF toned, Ten Marks (4) 1972D KM#132 EF toned, 1987J 750th Anniversary of Silver Proof FDC, 1988D 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Schopenhauer A/UNC and lustrous, 1988F 100th Anniversary of the of Carl Zeiss A/UNC, 1984 Lustrous UNC with some spots, Jersey 2014 Lest We Forget, the Reverse with a coloured poppy UNC, Euro Coinage (10) 50 Euro 1998 Alphonso de - UNC, France / 1996 Vincent Van Gogh Silver UNC, 50 Euros 1998 Maarten Tromp Cupro-Nickel UNC, 2000 Forint UNC with some hairlines, 5 1987 KM#166 30th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome UNC, 10 Euro 1996 Olavinlinna X#5 Silver Lustrous UNC, Isle of Man 15 Euros 1996 First Performance of Puccini's La Boheme UNC, 1996 25th Anniversary of Msgr.Alanis, co-prince and Bishop of Andorra Proof UNC, 14 Ecus/ 1993 Silver Proof KM#627 UNC
£440 London Coins : A172 : Lot 506 : World cased items (9) Jamaica $25 1978 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Silv...

Auction 163
World Cased World s (4) 1971, 1974, 1974, 1983 nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, 1979 'Double Struck' Set FDC in the black wallet of issue, GB Five Pound Crown 2016 II 90th Birthday Proof nFDC in the box of issue with certificate, 10 Dalasis 1975 10th of Independence Silver Proof nFDC boxed, Medals (2) 1985 85th Birthday Silver Prooflike UNC, one boxed, both with certificates, 10 Lirot 1967 s (2) both UNC in the black folder, 100 Francs (18) 1983 Pantheon, 1984 (3), 1985 Emile Zola (5), 1986 (3), 1987 Lafayette, 1988 Fraternity, 1989 Human Rights, 1990 Charlemagne, 1991 Descartes, EF to UNC, Medal General Election 1974 45mm diameter in UNC in a slide case, Five Pounds 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Proof with colour photo of the Queen on the reverse, 5 Yuan 1993 issues KM#469 (3) Reverse: Two s Lustrous UNC

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