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Latin America : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 170
World Banknotes World mostly circa mid 1900's to modern (290) all in various grades Fair to UNC, most in average VF and comprises issues from , , and Central & . Also includes a few World War 2 period Allied issues and ese Occupation notes. A vast amalgamation of various designs, denominations and issuers

Auction 169
World Banknotes circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-grade Fine, VF and EF examples. Comprising issues from (44) including the El Banco Espanola de la Isla de Cuba Pick 49d printed date 15th May 1896 series 661993 E red diagonal "PLATA" on back. Banco Nacional 1 Pesos Pick 102d dated 1988 (3) including a constively numbered pair, (3) Pick 103c 1987, Pick 103d 1988 and Pick 108 1991 along with a selection of Foreign Exchange Certificates 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 Pesos Series A, B and narrow D (34) a fair amount are ly numbered. Banco Central 1 Pesos Commemorative 150th Anniversary Birth of José Martí (1853-2003) Pick 125 dated 2003 (3) a consecutive trio. (7) including Republica Dos Estados Unidos 5 (3) consisting of Pick 157Ab ND 1956-58 2 "Valour Recebido", 'Amazonas' Pick 166b ND (1961-1962) Estampa 3 "Valor Recebido" and Pick 176d ND (1962-1964) Estampa 2 "Tesouro Nacional" above portrait and "Valor Legal" below. Along with Banco Central (4) consisting of 1 Cruzeiro Pick 191 ND1970-72 earlier series A00017 096505 and a consecutive trio of the Pick 193e ND (1970-1980) series B03043 (3). (6) consisting of 10 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 154 L. 13.07.1962 (2), 1000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 167 D. 25.06.1982 (2), 10.000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 169 D. 10.02.1984 and 50.000 Pesos Bolivianos Pick 170 D. 05.06.1984. Along with Banco Central issues (4) consisting of 1 Peso Argentino Pick 311 ND (1983-1984), 5 Pesos Argentinos Pick 312 ND (1983-1984) and a pair of 1 Australis Pick 323b ND (1985-1989) (2)
£120 London Coins : A169 : Lot 224 : Latin America circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-g... London Coins : A169 : Lot 224 : Latin America circa 1950's to modern (61) the majority in about UNC - UNC including a few mid-g...

Auction 168
World Banknotes World circa late 1800's early 1900's onwards (139) a vast amalgamation of various issuers and denominations and all in average good Fine - VF and above mostly an, , and US including modern star replacments, Africa, , Middle and including some World War I and II Occupation and examples, Armed Forces, Kingdom Assignats, British s and Postal orders and includes a Contemporary modern US states copy. Including some Exceptionally Rare and always collectible notes as the Strait Settlements very sought after issues with signature Rex Curall and dated 1st January 1935 (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 16b series J/91 68507 along with a very scarce Pick 17b series B/66 96209. Government George V portrait 1 Dollar Pick 311 ND 1935 serial number C049564, BWC printing and very sought after. Egypt Government Currency note 5 Pick 161 early dated 1st June 1918 series J/59, purple on green and orange underprint, reverse in green with ruins. Dominion of Canada 1 Dollar Pick 32a dated 17th March 1917 signature at right Boville, without printer's imprint and serial number 336978-C plate D manuscript countersigned at left, Princess Patricia Ramsey (Princess of ) on obverse. World War II German Occupation Pick 1a ND 1941 serial number 70259. 100 s Pick 10a dated 1st July 1969 series A/15 19598. Emergency World War I Interim-Banknote Pick 19 dated 1st February 1916 series N2 text "Gebucht von" at left. Thesuro Nacional (3) including 1 Pick 3b ND 1891 7A series 195A number 28152. 2 mil Reis Pick 12 Estampa 10 nuber 584249. And 5 Mil Reis Pick 18 ND 1890 Estampa 9A series 73A number 66757. Rupublic (2) including Caja de Conversión 5 Centavos Pick 209 L. 2707 of 1st August 1890 dated 1st November 1891 series B number 764949 signatures Areco & Marín. Together with Banco de Córdoba 2 s Pick S1122c dated 1st January 1888 with black Ley. 8 January 1894. 1 QE2 Annigoni's portrait Pick 29 L. 1967 (1968) the George Cross at center series A/15 048390. Government 1 Rupee red overprint "Military Administration of Burma" plate letter A Pick 25b. An interesting French provincial issued during attached to a manuscript letter of Y.M.C.A with the British Expeditionary Force On Active Service signed with initials C. H.H. dated january 1919. This lot certain to attract a significant ammount of attention from both collectors and dealers alike

Auction 168
World Banknotes World (lot) mixed grades from Fine to UNC and a vast amalagamtaion of countries, issuers and dates circa early-mid 1900's to modern. Mostly from including Britain, & the Chl islands, the Caribbean and , , including , the Middle and . Some desiarable notes include a few portrait issues as 10 Centes 1940, Canada 1 1937 signatures Gordon & Towers, and others including = 20 Belgas Pick 114 dated 4 November 1944, Ethipoia 1 n Dollar ND 1945 signature Bennett, 10 Livres 1986 with a BINARY serial number 90090, The limited 1 Ppind Pick 189c dated 4th April 1945 signatures Mitchell & Young and a 1968 QE2 Annigoni's portrait prefix A/1. The lot also comes with some US Contemporary copies of currency also known as 'Buble Gum' money and some GB Fule coupons

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