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First World War : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 171
Medals Medals (9) (7) Customs Border Protection 1936-1945, missing the suspension ring, Fine. 1914-1918 Honour Cross (2) NVF and VF, War Merit Medal 1939 VF. Mothers Cross imitation. , Iron Cross , along with from German Occupation 1945 GVF, St. of Medal silvered?

Auction 170
Medals Medals a wide ranging group as follows:- World War I Medal 1914-1918 in bronze awarded to 6024 Pte. A. Liau S.A.N.L.G About EF and scarce. Africa Medal awarded to 116779 P.J.Van Der Merwe EF. World War II General Service Medal with 1945-48 bar, awarded to AS.24027Cpl. J.Ramalaica A.P.C. EF. King's Medal with 2 bars South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 Fine/Good Fine. World War I British War Medals 1914-1918 (2) in silver, the first awarded to M2-076301 Pte. R.C.W Day A.S.C. VF, the second awarded to Cpl. D.A.O.Devine 1st S.A.I VF. Medals (2) the first awarded to M2-076301 Pte. R.C.W Day A.S.C. NEF, the second awarded to 709 Pte. T McKriel 1-Cape C.L.R. VF. World War I 1914-15 Star awarded to Pte. A.A.Willmott 10th Infantry VF. World War II Star awarded to 544221 L.I. Van Hall VF. World War II 1939-45 Star and Africa Star both awarded to 94848 G.W.Williams GVF and NEF. World War II War medals 1939-1945 (2) the first awarded to 5506 E.E.Wasmuth, EF the second awarded to 251021 D.I.E Anderson, EF. World War II group of four, comprising 1939-1945 War Medal, Africa Service Medal, 1939-1945 Star and Italy Star awarded to N80414 S.Machidi GVF to NEF, World War I group of three awarded to Pte J.Oddie B-7852 Scottish Rifles comprising World War I War Medal 1914-18, World War I Victory Medal and 1914-1915 Star, the 1914-1915 Star named to L.Cpl J.Oddie VF to EF. World War II Medal EF, (total 22 medals in lot)

Auction 170
Medals Medals a wide variety includes General s Medal with S.E. bar 1945-6, Africa Service Medal, Queen's Medal with two bars, South Africa 1902 and Cape Colony, a group of 3 to 1447 Spr. H.Corke R.E Medal, Medal and 1914-15 Star, First World War pair to 208301 Spr. A.J. Barker R.E. War Medal and Victory Medal, British War Medal to PO.20435 Pte. J.G.Davies R.M.L.I, Medal 1939-1945 , Second World War, War Medals (2), Efficient Service Medal awarded to 83602 S.SJT. J.W.R.Griffiths R.E.M.F, in mixed grades to EF, along with a group of World medals (12) includes a Replica , along with decorative badges (3), s (2) and an Anchor pin badge, along with a gents base metal ring, along with a further group of cap badges (78) a wide variety, in mixed condition

Auction 168
Medals Medals (9) of 1902 39mm diameter by Spink & Son, Locality Fine, holed at the top. Peace 1919 64mm diameter in bronze by Spink & Son. Obverse: Bust of the King left crowned and draped UNC with matt finish. King 1935 Eimer 2030 51mm diameter in silver by Turner and Simpson UNC and boxed, Coronation of King George VI and 1937 Obverse: Busts left conjoined Reverse: Coat of Arms NVF, Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1937 44mm diameter in bronze, Obverse: Busts left, conjoined, Reverse: Britannia standing facing EF. Investiture of as the 1969 31mm diameter EF boxed, Coronation of 1953 38mm diameter in White metal GEF boxed , of Jutland 1916 Eimer 1951, 22mm diameter by Spink, Good Fine with suspension loop Ex-Jewellery. Replica Medal uniface DIVA. IVLIA. AVSALIA 61mm diameter in bronze, with suspension loop at the top, Fine, we note the original medal was from c.1480-1490 with s made c.1880

Auction 166
Medals (2) Medal - For Bravery in the Field, to 302597 Cpl. James 1/5th Battalion () London (London Rifle Brigade) EF and Medal to 4367 Cpl J.Houston EF, comes with internet research, showing 'Missing in action 28th March 1918'. The research shows the citation for James who was awarded the Military Medal on 16/8/1917 for Polygon Wood, after he took charge of his platoon after the platoon commander was killed. On 28th March the enemy attacked 'C' Company with an intense bombardment and the Battalion strength was reduced from 23 officers and 564 o/ranks, to 8 officers and 60 o/ranks. He is listed at the War Grave at Arras Memorial, . Also War Medal and medal pair EF in a box with label Capt. W.E.P Tuddenham, and an assortment of cap s, badges, a small hinged box containing two Edwardian stamps, a compass a sextant, a Military button and a worn n Halfpenny. Also First Day Covers (19) and a quantity of mainly used GB and World stamps Decimal and denominations

Auction 166
Medals group of Four awarded to Pte. CH16430 Frederick Edwards R.M.L.I comprising R.M. Brigade, Medal 1914-1920 R.M.L.I, Medal R.M.L.I, and Royal and Good Conduct Medal Type (2nd Type Obverse) MNE. R.F.R. GVF-NEF. Pte.Edwards joined in in 1909 and was sent to Deal Depot. He joined the 9th () Battalion RMLI , and, as part of the Brigade, served at the of Antwerp in 1914, and was part of the ary Force in Dardanelles and Gallipoli (Feb 1915-March 1916). Comes with copies of Pte. Edwards service record

Auction 166
Medals Medals and Tokens a mixed group (24) 18th Century Halfpenny Tokens (12) Fine to NVF, all different, 19th Century (4) and Halfpenny 19th Century (1) Fine, Penny Token Lipman Levy, Importer and manufacturer of Boots and Shoes Fine, Replica Roman bronzes (2) and Michael Angelo medal uniface 58mm diameter in bronze , the blank side with engraved inscription, also a pair, and 1914-1918 Medal to W.S.P. Pugh EF and a City Football token 1972 EF

Auction 166
Medals Group of Four awarded to J.28724 James Hyland A.B.R.N 1914-15 Star, Medal 1914-1920, Medal and Long and Good Conduct Medal (2nd Type Obverse) A.B. H.M.S.Furious, VF mounted as worn, with copy of service record

Auction 166
Medals Group of Four awarded to K.10437 Goddard L.Sto R.N. 1914-15 Star (Act.L.Sto.R.N.), Medal 1914-1920 (L.Sto. R.N.), Medal (L.Sto.R.N), and Long and Good Conduct Medal 2nd Type Obverse) S.P.O. H.M.S. Furious, GVF mounted as worn, with copy of service record

Auction 163
Medals World War I group of four to Norman Vivian Saville, 16th Divisional Signals Company R.E.1914-1915 Star, Medal, War Medal and Medal, also Medal, and Medal, and silver rosettes, EF to UNC. Also comes with a host of documents and Letter from King . Norman Saville was involved with the same unit throughout the moving all over the Somme and Ypres area and he would have been involved in s of Guillemont, Ginchy, Messines, Plickem, Langemarck, St. Quentin, Rosiers and the Pursuit to Mons. During these actions he was awarded the Military Medal which was mentioned in the Gazette on 9/12/1916, he received a bar to that medal 29/8/1918. In World War II he joined the 66th battalion of the West Riding Home Guard In the London Gazette of 15/12/1944 he was awarded the British Empire Medal (Military Division) in recognition of meritorous to the Home Guard

Auction 163
Medals , , & , or earlier medals and crosses with some 19th Century types (17), all with ribbons, generally GVF one with reverse centre missing

Auction 163
Medals German groups (3), Friedrich Medals (2) bronze & silver, 1914 , mounted as worn, 1870-1871 Medal with bars , Beaumont, Sedan & Gravelottes-St. Private, bronze and Wilhelm Medal 1797-1897, mounted as worn, Group of three, Iron Cross 1914, Medal & Cross of Honour 1914-18 mounted as worn and with ribbon bar and tunic in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 163
Medals , or earlier medals and crosses (13), (10) two of the earlier pieces in silver, VF to EF

Auction 163
Medals Captain Oliver Gordon MVO RN trio (as Lieutenant, Star to Sub-Lieutenant) and Member of the Order, (4) War Medal, Star, Star and 1939-45 star, in box of issue with original ribbons, also epaulettes, Captain Oliver Gordon was Captain of HMS , a heavy cruiser, during World War II during which she was sunk in the of the Sea March 1 1942. The lot includes the Book `Fight It Out` written by Captain Gordon in 1957 describing the epic encounter against overwhelming odds during the battle in 1942. He was taken along with the survivors by the ese after the ship was sunk in the battle. The lot also includes many Christmas Greetings received by Captain Gordon during his time as a POW. Between the two World Wars he served on the Yacht Victoria and Albert and the lot includes photographs of Captain Gordon, some with King George V and Queen Alexandra, also letters from Buckingham Palace one signed by King , a restricted letter from of , a letter from the War Museum, photographs of crew and ships, along with a copy of a newspaper cutting reporting Captain Gordon`s . Also included is the paperwork details and letters relating to the Companion of the Order of the , though this has been retained by Captain Gordon`s family

Auction 162
Medals , , (7), (6), , 1870 - World War 2 and (19), , Turkish War to World War 2 (5), , World War 1 & 2 (6), , & World War 2 (3), War Cross and UN Korea. All identified. Generally GVF to EF. In white folder. (47).

Auction 162
Medals Medals (10), 1914-15 Star (S-4388 Pte. W. McLuskie A. & S. Highrs), medal (172105 Gnr. J.O.Thomas R.A.), Mercantile Marine War Medals (2). (Homer Renshaw & Leslie ... (naming partly illegible), Medals (2), (S-34652 Pte. R. Grey Rif. Brig. & R.30294 Pte. J Wilkins K.R.Rif.C., 1616 Sepoy Nanku2-67 Pjbis). Special Constabulary Medal with The 1914-18 bar (Douglas Dowding), Society Medal, bronze, Memorial (Henry Grundy). Generally VF or better. (10).

Auction 162
Medals , assorted campaign medals from , , Czechoslavakia, , , Rumania and , most , a few earlier, together with some . All identified. Generally VF. (30).

Auction 162
Medals pair to W.O.CL.2. J.Lowbridge South with s and associated paperwork on achieving the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2,

Auction 160
Medals 1914, 40mm diameter in .900 silver, Obverse Soldier advancing right, carrying gun and flag, Reverse: crowned eagle stands right, with sword on a globe, with marching behind, WIR DEUTCHE FURCHTEN GOTT, SONST NICHTS AUF DER WELT A/UNC and nicely toned, comes with red box

Auction 158
Medals Pair to Pte. C.G.Holt 38719 Queen's , along with 1914-1915 star to Pte.J.Handslip 3853 The Queen's Regiment, Medal to Pte.R.Towell 27544 The Queen's Regiment, and Medal 1939-1945 with additional ribbon, in mixed grades

Auction 157
Medals Twopence 1797 Fine holed and engraved 'Sacred to the Memory of James Cooper Died 24th 1831 Aged 28 Years', as part of a group of Medals (22) includes , , , Sports, and Education Attendance,

Auction 156
Medals Medals a Pair to D.Stickland V.A.D EF toned

Auction 152
Medals Medal Group to Sjt. G.H.Benning R.F.A., Military Medal (L-10595 35/D.A.C. R.F.A.) & Medals (L-10595 Sjt. R. A.). Croix de Guerre, 1914-1918 reverse. EF (4).

Auction 152
Medals Cap s and titles, ribbons, buttons etc. (110) and the vast majority with catches and lugs, in mixed condition

Auction 152
Medals 1914 Group to Pte.. R.P.Benning A.S.C., with Aug-Nov 1914 bar (MS-4129 Pte. A.S.C.) & Medals (MS-4129 Pte. A.S.C.). EF (4). Together with other s & medals.

Auction 150
Medals of the 1914-2014 Crown-sized Medals (238), each in a descriptive 4 page folder, Prooflike UNC

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