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Farthing Token : Tokens

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
Tokens Unofficial Tokens - (4) shire - Alexr r Hatter, Withers 7528 VF, Farrell - Hatter, VF, John Robertson Couper Angus - One Spyndle, Warpyarn Goof Fine, West Bow, Alexr Galloway Grocer Withers 7126 Good Fine

Auction 181
Tokens s, Tokens and Toy/Model Money (23) comprising Medals (5) 1739 Capture of Portobello 33mm diameter in , Obverse : Half-length Bust, Reverse: 6 ships entering Portobello harbour VF, Frederick Duke of 1827, 25mm diameter in brass EF, Australia 1901 Lord Hopetown, First Governor General Good Fine holed, Death of 25mm diameter in BHM 944 by Kempsons EF, 1924 28mm diameter in bronze Good Fine, Unofficial s (3) - 1847 H Chamberlin & Sons VF, Norfolk - Lynn 1851 W.Roberts Tea Dealer NVF, Norfolk - Norwich Dyes Coffee and Dining Rooms Fine, Toy/Model Money (6) 1854 Prince of NEF, (2) undated Bimetallic by Joseph Moore both Fine, 1887 Head/Jubilee Model EF, One penny 1902 by Lauer EF, One Eighth Farthing 1848 GVF, To Hanover 1837 Tokens (2) both NEF, Direct Supply Stores Ltd Tokens (2) Williams Brothers both square Two s VF and One Shilling EF, Token George III 1787 VF, undated John Player and Sons undated (c.1850) in bronze VF, Egypt token in bronze 1942 XMAS STOCKING/GOOD LUCK FROM FRIENDS IN EGYPT Fine, ic Penny undated Chapter No.1 R.A.M. named to J.Briggs, St. Johns EF, Street Railway brass oval Token 24mm x 18mm possibly a later reproduction VF

Auction 180
Tokens (34) the majority are issues, in mixed grades, many EF, includes some duplication, Unofficial tokens (12) mostly issues, New Zealand undated (1874) Licensed Victuallers Association, Near Fine, along with tokens (16) a mix of different types, 19th and includes 1812 Cuidad Rodrigo, these in mixed grades

Auction 180
Tokens GB and World Tokens (22) a varied group as follows: Australia Penny Tokens (2) 1855 E.De Carle & Co. Melbourne, Victoria KM#Tn55 Good Fine, (1849) Annan, Smith & Co Melbourne, Victoria, No H&S on rock, KM#Tn16.2 Good Fine, New Zealand Penny Token undated S.Hague Smith Auckland, KM#Tn63 VG, GB 1668 Thomas Godleman W48 Fair, Sussex - Token 1811 Davis 9 Fine, gilded, Halfpenny - Wilkinson 1791 DH352 Fine, Halfpenny Political and Social Series 1795 DH1018, Fine/Near Fine, Canada (6) New Brunswick Penny 1843 Near Fine/Fine, New Brunswick Halfpenny 1843 Fine, pitted, Quebec Halfpenny 'Un Sou' 1852 NVF, Nova Scotia 1832 VG, Nova Scotia Halfpenny 1815 SUCESS TO NAVIGATION & TRADE Fine, Upper Canada - Bank of Upper Canada Penny 1857 Good Fine, ed (2) Lloyds Weekly Newspaper (2) the first on a host coin Ireland Penny George III, the second on a GB Halfpenny 1807 both with countermark Fine, host coins both Poor, USA Cent - Hard Times Token 1837 Henry Anderson Boot and Shoe Store , Square, New , VF and pleasing, Token undated, IOSEPH ISAACS, FRUIT SALESMAN, SPITALFIELDS Fine, GB Joseph Moore Bimetallic VG holed, Token 1897 BOVRIL - Souvenir of the Longest Reign, Queen Victoria , VF, Berry's Tea Warehouse, Chichester 'EIGHT OF THESE WILL BUY AN OZ OF TEA' Fine, holed, weight undated, with 1 . 7 on either side, Fine, Ancient - Kings of Syria, Selukid Ae4 VG, s (2) Preliminaries of Peace between Great Britain and France 1801 25mm diameter in bronze, BHM 514 Fine, South Africa International Exhibition 1877 Prize Medal awarded to S.Allcock Coy Redditch 39mm diameter in bronze EF

Auction 180
Tokens - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHITEHAVEN, Reverse: A ship, FARTHING TOKEN 1812, W1205, VF
£42 London Coins : A180 : Lot 734 : Farthing 19th Century Cumberland - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHI... London Coins : A180 : Lot 734 : Farthing 19th Century Cumberland - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHI...

Auction 179
Tokens Tokens (9) and ed (5) a wide ranging group Countermarked (5) 1797 countermarked W.ROOK countermark Fine, host coin VG, Penny 1797 countermarked READ . LLOYD'S . PENNY . SUNDAY . TIMES countermark Fine, host coin Poor, Penny 1806/7 countermarked LLOYD'S WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 3d POST FREE on both sides, countermark Fine, host coin Fair, Penny 1938 countermarked in two places 6ASSK countermarks and coin Fine, size copper Obverse with CW crowned monogram, the reverse blank with small countermark CR in cypher-style, countermark Fine, host coin Poor, Tokens (9) Token, Oliver Cromwell 1658, by Kirk, Great Allied Circus, (c.1865-1871) Obverse: GREAT ALLIED CIRCUS, P.F &C within inner circle, Reverse: PIT 1 SHILLING, Fine, holed, Non-Local Cuidad Rodrigo 1812 Good Fine, cleaned, Halfpenny 19th Century British Company, Walthamstow, Ob verse: Head of Mercury left, Reverse Britannia seated left, within a wreath, Fine, Grover - Visit to the Columbian Exposition 1893 25mm diameter in brass Fine, Theatre Token 18mm in brass, undated MIKADO 2d, countermarked CM / C on the reverse, About Fine, Pub Token undated J.Griffiths, Tavern, Trinity Road, , 23mm in brass Good Fine, Earl of Beaconsfield 24mm in brass Obverse: Bust left, Reverse: BORN IN THE YEAR 1804, DIED APRIL 19th 1881 VF, 'Columbia' style , early 19th Century, 21mm in copper, Obverse: Bust left, no legend, Reverse: Justice standing holding scales and sword, the sword at an angle, no legend, Good Fine, along with Mint - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1945 struck on a thin flan of 4.08 grammes, VG

Auction 175
Tokens token North - Malton 1815 Obverse: ESTO JUSTUS, Reverse: MALTON 1815 Withers 865 Fine
£28 London Coins : A175 : Lot 755 : 19th Century Farthing token North Yorkshire - Malton 1815 Obverse: ESTO JUSTUS, Reverse: MALTON 1815... London Coins : A175 : Lot 755 : 19th Century Farthing token North Yorkshire - Malton 1815 Obverse: ESTO JUSTUS, Reverse: MALTON 1815...

Auction 174
Tokens (26) North 1793 Edge: PAYABLE AT LONDON OR ANGLESEY DH6a, Good Fine/Near Fine, scarce, 1788 25 Acorns Good Fine, (4) 1793 Godiva/ DH244 Fine, Coventry Godiva/Ancient Cross date worn. otherwise Fine, Wilkinson 1793 DH397 Edge: PAYABLE BY THOMAS BALL SLEAFORD Fine, 1791 Wilkinson Near Fine, the reverse worn in places, so exact attribution not possible, - (5) 1789 Obverse: Beehive and cypher DH10 Fine, 1789 Obverse : Beehive and cypher DH12 Good Fine, 1790 DH22 Fine/Good Fine, 1791 DH30 Fine, 1791 DH41 About Fine, (5) 1792 DH21 Near Fine, 1794 DH41 Fine, DH144 Fine, (2) 1791 DH66, Good Fine, some corrosion, 1791 DH71 Near Fine, REMEMBER THE DEBTORS IN ILCHESTER GOAL (GOAL a mis-spelling of GAOL) DH35 Good Fine, (2) George Prince of Wales, Edge: BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV DH952 Good Fine, Lackington's 1795 Edge: PAYABLE AT THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSES DH357 NVF, (2) Go 1794 DH41 VG, Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe/Britannia DH13 Fine, John Howard 1794 Fair, 1790 DH24 Fine with poor surfaces, Ireland - Wicklow Cronebane Fair, Pennies (3) and Neath - Co. 1811 Fine, Canada Lower Canada Penny 1837 Fine, the third very worn, 1812 British Naval Halfpenny Nelson/Ship, Fine, 18th Century North Wales 1793 DH18 Fine, Unofficial Isaac Earlysman - J.Sparrow, Ironmongers , undated issue (1825) About Fine, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon Death 1715 28mm diameter in copper EF, Spain 8 Maravedis 1848 Fine, and Byzantine 29mm diameter with worn design, Fair, all housed in a Lindner Tray

Auction 170
Tokens Tokens (5) - 1669 Town Arms H.D. W53-56 Near Fine. South (4) 1793 Bust right, with stop at the end of the legend/Shield PRO BONO PUBLICO DH27 milled edge Good Fine, Lanarkshire - 18th Century , Arms of Glasgow with bird under second G of GLASGOW/GLASGOW RETAILERS TOKEN, DH45 Fine with edge flaw caused in minting, rated RR by Dalton and Hamer. 19th Century Arnott Cannock & Co. Glasgow, Drapers, Jamaica Street, Withers 7284 VF. Evasion 18th Century undated Lord Camden/Female seated left PEACE AND TRADE Coleman EF-491 Fine
£48 London Coins : A170 : Lot 299 : Farthing Tokens (5) 17th Century Dorset - Dorchester 1669 Town Arms H.D. W53-56 Near Fine. 18th Cent... London Coins : A170 : Lot 299 : Farthing Tokens (5) 17th Century Dorset - Dorchester 1669 Town Arms H.D. W53-56 Near Fine. 18th Cent...

Auction 170
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (15, two holed) a varied group mostly Good Fine to VF

Auction 170
Tokens Tokens (4) F - VF, Barn Tavern Islington 6D Refreshment Token VF, Garrick Hotel 2D brass Fine, RH 1D brass VF, North Evasion 1769 Fair, and two tokens both holed

Auction 170
Tokens Token County Dublin - Kingstown Harrison & Co. Obverse: A Rose, and Shamrock HARRISON & CO. s TEA IS THE BEST. Reverse: Inscription in 5 lines the first two and last two being curved HARRISON & Co. GENERAL GROCERS .KINGSTOWN & DALKEY, NEF and scarce, Schwer states issued in 1854.
£20 London Coins : A170 : Lot 298 : Farthing Token 19th Century County Dublin - Kingstown  Harrison & Co. Obverse: A Rose, Thistle a... London Coins : A170 : Lot 298 : Farthing Token 19th Century County Dublin - Kingstown  Harrison & Co. Obverse: A Rose, Thistle a...

Auction 168
Tokens and Tokens (66, nine holed) a wide ranging group in mixed grades from Fair to Fine

Auction 168
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (10) - , Abergavenny J.H.Conway Grocer, Tea & Coffee Dealer Bell 7546 NVF, Ireland - Dublin (2) , Todd Burns & Co. Tailors Drapers and General Furnishers 47 Mary St. Dublin Bell 6320 Fine, Byrne & Co. Tea and Wine Merchants, 6&7 Granby Row Bell 5970 Fine, W.Ford & Co. Drapers 2350, Fine, holed at the top, James Stelfox, Provision Dealer, Salford, 3570 Fine, - Hockley, Clothier 4285, NVF, Rare, Co-Operative Company 5240 Fine, John B.Hanman, Southgate St. , 1660 VG, John Nutall 3494, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Importer 206 Deansgate, Manchester, Fine, Henry Evans, Oldham, Tea Dealer, Place, 4210 Good Fine, along with Inn/Pub Tokens (4) Sherborne 1845 Half Moon Inn NVF, Worcester Cross 2 1/2d T.Ward About Fine, Threehalfpence 1850 George Hotel, Castle Carry, F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous, W.Smith Queen's Head, Phillips Street, Aston, Fine, along with Victoria Token Obverse Partial Brockage 1897 the impression of the head is incuse the lettering and date appears to have been removed from the die, Fine, unusual

Auction 163
Tokens Tokens a mixed group includes Penny 1796 Good Fine, Tokens (7) VG to NVF, Tokens (11) Fine to GVF, one holed, Waggon Ticket 1831 Eglinton Fine, One and 1814 a contemporary Counterfeit in base metal, and a box made from 10 George III , About Fine

Auction 163
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (12) (5) - John Carrie, Tea Dealer Bell 1090 Fine, Falkner Brothers General Drapers Bell 3280 Fine, Manchester Labrey Entwisle & Co Tea Dealers Bell 3400 Fine, William Scott & Co. Family Grocers and Tea Dealers, Bell 3530, Fine, Oldham - Benjamin Fielding , Corn Dealer, Bell 4220 NVF, (2) James Creak, General Warehouseman, Bell 3980 VF, - S.Lessey, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Bell 5260 NVF, - T.& F. Lewis Tea Dealers, Bell 230 VF, - J.Gargory, Optician Bell 407 Good Fine, holed, - -upon-Tyne Greaves for Tea, Bell 3820 GVF, (2) Gloucester, W.Crump - Tea Dealers Bell 1650 GVF/VF, , W.Hawkins Tea Dealer, Bell 1400 Fine

Auction 156
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (10) all different Fine to EF

Auction 154
Tokens Tokens and medals a varied and interesting group (14) Edward VII Visit to 1903 31mm diameter by Spink and Son NEF, Wirral and Birkenhead Agricultural Society 52mm diameter in awarded to Messrs Peter Patrick and Son for anti-sag gate hangings 1906 EF, France Watch fob of Schloss & co 1889 Universal Exposition 31mm diameter in silver, which reproduces in miniature the prize won by Schloss and Co. at the 1889 Exposition, NVF with fob mount at top, Argentina Constitution Jura 1854 32mm diameter in silver Fine, George III 1810 Eimer 1007var. 42mm diameter in , Good Fine, Counters (3) George III, Anne and Maria Theresa obverses VG to Fine, USA Hard Times Token (c.1837) 'The Constitution as I understand it', 'Roman Firmness' reverse, Fine, Duchess of Token 1774 in copper by J.Kirk Fine, some scratches, token by Sparrow of Bishopsgate, 1823 Ironmongers, reverse hot air balloon, 'ASCENDED AT OXFORD JUNE 23 1823' Good Fine, token or George IV 1821 21mm diameter in copper Fine, Political and Social Series 1794 DH1016 edge 'CURRENT EVERY WHERE', Fine, plus an unidentified ancient coin

Auction 153
Tokens Ireland Tokens 18th and (32) 8 Pence Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, 4 Pence Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, all , (9) 1789 Wicklow - Cronebane (4), 1792 Camac DH42, 1792 Dublin R L J and Co., 1794 Dublin - Talbot Fyan DH308a, Dublin 1795 H S and Co. Reverse DH324, 1794 A C M Co., Halfpennies 19th Century (5) 1804 Dublin 1804 For the convenience of Trade, 1806 St. Patrick APOS 432. 1813 Dublin J.Miles 1819 Non-local, Harp reverse, 1820 Hibernicus, s 19th Century Dublin, Todd and Co. (Bell 2), Ferrar and Co (Bell 6), C and P McGlade Belfast (Bell 18), Pennies 19th Century (11) 1804 Bentley and Co. (Bell 1), Rare, 1813 Edward Stephens, James Street Dublin, 1813 Strabane, 1814 Edward Stephens (holed), 1815 Burke Hibernia 1816 Edward Stephens, 1818 Luke XX, Chap XXV Ver (2) , 1818 and Erin Go Bragh, 1820 Bust of George III/Crowned Harp, 1858 Cloghjordan William Hodgins Banker, ed, in mixed grades most around Fine, a few EF and lustrous, along with Ireland Farthing token Youghal this in low grade

Auction 151
Tokens Penny tokens (9) incldues sey, Walthamstow. AVF or better. (9). tokens (11), tokens (11). AVF or better (22).19th Century tokens (4) 1/6 1813, (Rushbyand Wolley) plugged, 12 pence 1811, Shilling, Town Hall, 1811. AVF or better (4).

Auction 150
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (12) (2) Uxbridge School W2610, Houses of Parliament W4961, Gent and Co. Tea Dealers W3870, John Chorlton W3216, McDonale 27 Long Acre W2690, J.Gargory W407 (holed), W2160, Hellewells Cortex Waters, Non-Local (2) W7620 Argost Races, W7900 TOHPACA, in mixed grades to Lustrous GEF, (3) Newburgh 7523 J.Sharp Tobacco and Snuff NVF pierced in the centre, Rare, (2) 7195 Melrose and Co. Genuine Teas, India House Fine, 7243 J.Reynolds St. Leonards Fair

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