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Charles I : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 173
World Cased - The II 3-coin set 2012 comprising Ten Dollars (3) each coin 65mm diameter and One Ounce of .999 , and each with a different reverse, The Great Sword of State, The State Crown and St. Edward's Crown, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Five Pounds 2010 a 6-coin set 50th of the End of National Silver Proofs FDC in a presentation box with certificates, Guernsey Five Pounds 2011 a 3-coin set A Tribute to The Armed Services comprising RAF, and issues Silver Proofs FDC in a presentation box with certificate, Five Pounds (4) 2006 Great Britons - Sir Winston Silver Proof FDC in soft case with certificate, 2013 Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof, the reverse with selective plating FDC boxed with certificate, 2008 Royal Legion Poppy shaped Silver Prooflike nFDC boxed with certificate, 2008 St. George and the Dragon KM#194 in Matt silver UNC, Guernsey Five Pounds 2008 History of the - 1940 Silver Proof FDC in soft case with certificate, Five Pounds 2007 - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Silver Proof FDC in soft case with certificate, Medallic issues (2) Numisproof 2013 2oz. Silver the reverse with colour picture of FDC boxed with certificate, 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 2oz. Silver the reverse with a picture of the Queen on a Royal walkabout FDC boxed with certificate, Numismatic First Day Covers (8) Gibraltar/ 2006/7 London to Record comprising Gibraltar Five Pounds 2006 Silver Proof FDC and Maldives Concorde Rf25 stamp, stamp datestamped 2007, on the envelope, in the wallet of issue, Jersey/ - Captain comprising Jersey Five Pounds 2009 James Cook Silver Proof and Kiribati 50c stamp UNC on the commemorative envelope in the wallet of issue (2 sets), Guernsey/St. Helena ' to 1640-1660 comprising Guernsey Five Pounds Silver Proof 2010 nFDC, the obverse lightly toned, with set of 10x 50p St. Helena stamps with subjects from to the Coronation of Charles II, as issued on the commemorative envelope, boxed with certificate, Jersey 2010 70th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain/100th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir Douglas Bader, comprising Two Pounds 2010 Silver Proof With coloured reverse and First Class ''stamp, as issued on the commemorative envelope, boxed with certificate, Guernsey 2010 100th Anniversary of the of comprising Five Pounds 2010 Silver Proof nFDC with light toning, and First Class stamp. on the commemorative envelope as issued, boxed with certificate, Guernsey 2011 40th Anniversary of Decisation comprising Five Pounds 2011 Decimal Day Silver Proof with gold highlighting, and set of 13 stamps with values ranging from 1/2p to 9p, and a current First Class stamp, all on the commemorative envelope boxed as issued (2 sets). GB coins (5) time issues - Halfcrown 1943, Florin 1941, Shilling 1941E, Sixpence 1939 and Silver Threepence 1941 VG to Fine the reverses enhanced by gold highlighting, along with a set of reproduction wartime instructions, ration book and advice sheets, as issued and boxed with certificate

Auction 170
World Cased The Museum a 12-coin set of modern replicas of iconic coins, all struck in .925 some with gold plating, issues included are as follows:- Henry III , Edd III Double Leopard, Henry VIII , Edward VI , Philip and , , Unite, Charles II Unite, Charles II Petition Crown, Charles II Halfcrown, George I Halfcrown and George III nFDC to FDC in the box with certificates. The Heritage Historic Sovereign Collection a 6-coin set of modern replicas of the iconic Hammered Sovereign coins, comprising Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I and types, all struck in gold-plated BU in the folder of issue, II 90th Birthday lic issue Reverse: MAGNAE BRITANNIAE with a design of four shields cruciform, with crossed s between, 28.46 grammes Gold plated base metal BU in a soft Westminster case

Auction 168
World Cased The Millionaires Collection in gold (7, 4 with plating) Modern Replica Strikes of rare and iconic types, Coenwulf Penny, Queen Anne VIGO Five s, Oxford Crown, Edd VI Crown, Henry VIII Testoon, Crown, Charles I Pattern 5 Unite, each in 22 carat gold and weighing around 4 grammes, Prooflike UNC in capsules

Auction 166
World Cased The Millionaires Collection, modern fantasy replicas of iconic coin rarities through the ages, an 8-coin set comprising 22 carat (6) and .925 issues (2) as follows:- Crown 1644 Oxford in plated gold 4.09 grammes, Penny Coenwulf in gold 4.03 grammes, Pattern 5 Unite Charles I in gold 4.04 grammes, Three Shillings Charles I 1645 Siege coinage, in Rhodium plated gold 4.07 grammes, Spur Ryal in gold 4.04 grammes, Testoon Henry VIII in Rhodium plated gold 4.02 grammes, Testoon Henry VIII in silver 14.90 grammes, Double Leopard Edd III in silver 20.21 grammes, Lustrous Prooflike UNC in the box of issue with certificates, along with two unrelated certificates, originally cost in excess of £2000

Auction 156
World Cased 1974 a 2-coin set 1100th of the Settlement of Iceland 1000 Kronur and 500 Kronur Proofs FDC in the red case of issue with certificate, 10 Crowns 1979 10th Anniversary of the Inauguration of as Prince of Silver Proof nFDC boxed with certificate, Ascension and St. Helena Fifty Pences 1984 Visit Silver Proof Piedforts a 2-coin set FDC in the red box of issue with certificate, Medal 350th Anniversary of the - Royal Armouries Silver Proof boxed FDC with certificate

Auction 155
World Cased World s (23) (4) 1973 (2), 1975, 1978 a 2-coin set Sir Milo B.Butler and issues, (4) 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1979, (3) 1974, 1974 , 1979, (2) 1973, 1975, (2) 1978, 1979, 1978, 1979, 1978, 1978, Cayman Islands 1977, 1979, 1978 nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates

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