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5 Reichsmarks : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots , , and Third Reich (92, one holed) includes 1912G GF/NVF, 3 Marks 1909A VF, Prussia 1871A Fine, Weimar Republic 3 Marks 1924 Fine, Weimar Republic 1933 NVF, (3) 1934D NEF, One Reichsmark (2) 1934D, 1937D both NEF, along with other world base metal coins (5) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots , Germany - and (25) comprising German States (17) 1862 KM#370 NVF. (5) 1911D 90th Birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold KM#999 (2) the first UNC with a subtle blue and gold tone, the second UNC with original mint lustre, 1911D 90th Birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold KM#998 (2) both UNC and lustrous with original toning, 1911D 90th Birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold KM#997 UNC and lustrous. (2) 5 Marks 1907G Death of Friedrich KM#279 UNC with choice original mint lustre over blue, gold and magenta toning, 2 Marks 1907G Death of Friedrich KM#278 UNC with choice prooflike fields and original blue, gold and magenta toning. (3) 3 Marks 1913A Wilhelm II 25th Year of Reign KM#535 (2) both UNC with original lustre and choice toning, 2 Marks 1913A Choice UNC with original lustre and tone. Prussia (5) 3 Marks (4) University 1910A KM#530 UNC and choice with golden tone, 1911A Breslau University KM#533 UNC with choice lustre and tone, 1913 100th Anniversary of the Defeat of KM#534 Lustrous UNC with touches of attractive toning, 2 Marks 1913 100th Anniversary of the Defeat of Napoleon KM#532 Lustrous UNC with touches of golden tone. 3 Marks 1913 Battle of Centennial KM#1275 Lustrous UNC with touches of gold tone. Germany - Weimar Republic (4) 1930D Zeppelin KM#68 UNC toned retaining original lustre, (3) 1930D KM#67 Lustrous UNC, 1925D 1000th Year of the Rhineland KM#46 Lustrous UNC with flecks of toning, 1929 10th Anniversary of the Weimar Constitution KM#63 UNC with gold tone, Germany (2) One Mark 1914D (2) KM#14 Lustrous UNC with original gold toning, Weimar Republic lic Coinage - 1927 80th Birthday of Von Hindenberg - Karl Goetz issue X#1 NEF/EF toned, Medal 19287 Fitzmaurice/Von Hunefeld/Kohl 13 April 1928 Medal 90th Anniversary of the departure of the departure from Baldonnel of the ers D-1167 the first successful flight across the North from East to West on a heavier than air machine, 36mm diameter in .900 silver UNC and nicely toned, An original group containing many choice items, with accompanying paperwork suggesting these have been untouched since 1951
£1,200 London Coins : A168 : Lot 1848 : Germany, Germany - Weimar Republic and German States (25) comprising German States (17) Frankfurt Th... London Coins : A168 : Lot 1848 : Germany, Germany - Weimar Republic and German States (25) comprising German States (17) Frankfurt Th...

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (320) includes 1875J Fine, Germany - and to 1930s and 1940s issues (119) with a few items , India (70) s (3) 1919 Bombay, 1925 , 1943 Bombay, s (7) 1894 Calcutta, 1917 Calcutta, 1918 Calcutta, 1942 Calcutta, 1945 Bombay, 1946 Bombay (2), 1886, also includes , Dump Coinage, and Half Rupee to 1/12th Anna issues in mixed grades, some of the 1/12th Anna issues in lustrous grades, (122) 100 to 5 mostly 20th Century base metal issues, a few earlier, includes (4) in mixed grades with later coins lustrous, along with World (8) (4) and base metal types, these in mixed circulated grades

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots - (100) 1934A (5), 1934D (3), 1934F, 1934G, 1934J, 1935A 1st Anniversary of Rule KM#83 (3), 1935E 1st Anniversary of Nazi Rule, 1935A Hindenburg (23), 1935D Hindenburg (5), 1935E Hindenburg (3), 1935F Hindenburg (4), 1935G Hindenburg (7), 1935J Hindenburg (2), 1936A KM#86 (22), 1936D KM#86 (4), 1936E KM#86 (3), 1936F KM#86 (3), 1936G KM#86 (2), 1936J KM#86 (6), 1938A Fine to GVF

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots - 1770 Fine, 1879 lic Coinage GVF, Half 1705 , Fine, - 1912G NEF, - 1932A NVF as part of a group of an issues 18th to (12) includes some in in mixed grades

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots - (32) 1935A Hindenburg KM#86 (7), 1935G Hindenburg KM#86, 1935J Hindenburg KM#86 (2), 1936 Hindenburg KM#86 (6), 1936A Swastika-Hindenburg issue KM#94 (3), 1936D Swastika-Hindenburg issue KM#94, 1937A KM#94, 1938A KM#94 (4), 1938D KM#94, 1938E KM#94, 1939B KM#94 (3), 1939J KM#94 (2) one NVF the others NEF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots and a small group (15) comprising Russia (8) (6) 1906 Fine, 1907 Fine, 1913 GVF, 1914 EF (2), 1915 EF, 1911 NVF 1823 Good Fine/Fine, Germany - (4) (2) 1934A KM#83 Good Fine, 1936A KM#86 EF toned, (2) 1938A NVF, 1939J NVF, 2 Reichsmarks (3) 1925E NVF, 1926A Good Fine/Fine, 1927A About VF

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots - (3) 1931A KM#56 GVF, 1931J KM#56 VF, 1932F KM#56 GVF with some edge bruises

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots (8) 1905A KM#17 UNC and with a pleasing tone, (2) 1924 KM#42 EF with some tone spots, 4 Reichspfennigs 1932 KM#75 AU/GEF toned, (2) 1934G KM#82 GEF and nicely toned, 1935A KM#82 About EF, (3) 1976A 10th Anniversary of the National People's Army KM#61 UNC, (2) 1969 Heinrich Hertz KM#23 UNC, 1970 William Conrad Rontgen KM#26 UNC with a slight handling mark

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