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1635 Angel Henry VII Class III. Reverse Legend PER CRUC TVA SALVA NOS XPE REDE' S.2183, North 1696, mintmark Escallop, 4.94 grammes, Fine, with a light crease and a tiny surface crack on either side £1,000 - £1,200
1636 Crown Charles I Tower Mint, Group I, First horseman, with shield drawn back, horse caparisoned with plume on head and crupper, Reverse: Square-topped shield, S.2753, North 2190, mintmark Lis/Lis before CHRISTO, (as Brooker 234), 29.37 grammes, Near VF/About VF, the shield slightly weak in the centre, legends bold, an impressive and desirable piece, Charles I Crowns seldom seen in grades above Fine £3,000 - £3,800
1637 Crown Edward VI 1551 S.2478 mintmark y, 30.65 grammes, Fine, the obverse with colourful tone in the legends, the reverse with some weakness to the shield as often £1,600 - £2,000
1638 Cut Halfpennies (8) and Cut Farthings (4) includes Henry and Edward I types, not all identified, includes London, Canterbury and Winchester mint types, in mixed grades VG to Fine £15 - £35
1639 Cut Halfpenny Edward the Confessor PACX type, moneyer Aethelwig, Wallingford mint AEG [---] LINA, S.1171, North 813, 0.46 grammes, VF, Rare £45 - £85
1640 Cut Halfpenny Edward the Confessor Trefoil Quadrilateral type, S.1174, North 817, Romney Mint, moneyer Wulfmaer, 0.49 grammes, VF, Rare £45 - £85
1641 Cut Halfpenny Henry II Short Cross DA [-----] ND presumed DAVI ON LVND S.1344 or 1345 class type not distinguishable, 0.65 grammes, Fair/VG £25 - £50
1642 Double Crown James I Second Coinage, Fifth Bust S.2623, North 2088, mintmark Castle, 4.85 grammes, NVF/Good Fine the reverse with some thin scratches to the right of the crown and shield £1,600 - £2,000
1643 Farthing Edward I Obverse: No inner circle, [E R AN] GLIE, Reverse: [LOND] IENS [IS] S.1445A, Fine with some weak areas £15 - £30
1644 Farthing James I Harington 8 harp strings, IACO between sceptre heads, privy mark Fret GVF a high grade example of this normally poorly rendered series £100 - £160
1645 Groat 1644 Charles I Oxford mm floriated cross N2462 6 and 4 of date a little weak otherwise nearer EF than VF with a pleasing tone £700 - £1,000
1646 Groat Elizabeth I Second issue S.2556 mintmark Martlet, 1.73 grammes, VG/Fine, the obverse with some scratches £25 - £50
1647 Groat Henry VI Leaf-pellet issue, London Mint, leaf on neck, pellets by crown, Reverse with extra pellet in two quarters (one weaker and merges with the inner circle), Reverse legend ends with ANG, No stops on either side, S.1917, mintmark Cross Patonce, 3.79 grammes, GVF a well-struck and even example with much eye appeal, we note North does not list a class with no stops on either side £300 - £400
1648 Groat Henry VI Rosette-Mascle issue, London Mint, S.1858, 3.71 grammes, NVF/VF nicely toned, a pleasing evenly struck example £150 - £300
1649 Groat Henry VII Profile issue - Regular issue, triple band to crown S.2258, mintmark Pheon, 2.93 grammes, Fine or better £75 - £125
1650 Half Noble Henry VI Obverse: Annulet by wrist, no mintmark after HENRIC, Reverse: Large annulet stops, with mullet stop after DOMINE, Annulet in first spandrel of second quarter, S.1805, North 1417, mintmark Lis on reverse only, 3.39 grammes, Good Fine, the obverse with an indentation by the edge at 1 o'clock, and a small edge chip before REX, the reverse with some old minor scuffs on one crown and above the central H £1,300 - £1,600
1651 Halfcrown Charles I 1643 Oxford Mint, no groundline, Plumes with bands, HIB in obverse legend, 12.22 grammes, North 2413, S.2954, Brooker 883-886 mintmark Plume/-, Near Fine/Fine, clipped with an edge split at 9 o'clock extending to the horse's raised front leg £90 - £180
1652 Halfcrowns to Halfgroats (9) Halfcrowns (2) Charles I Group III, third horseman, no caparisons on horse, scarf flying from King's waist, S.2773 mintmark Crown, VG a detector find, Charles II Third hammered issue S.3321 mintmark Crown VG/About Fine with an edge clip at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock , Shillings (3) Edward VI Fine Silver issue S.2482 mintmark y approaching Fine with several scratches on either side, James I Third Coinage, Sixth Bust S.2668 mintmark Thistle, VG/Good Fine, creased, Charles I Group A, First bust in Coronation robes, mintmark Lis, Fine/Good Fine, waterworn, now with colourful tone in places, Sixpences (2) Elizabeth I 1569 Fourth issue, S.2652 mintmark worn, Fair, Elizabeth I Fifth issue S.2572 mintmark Sword, Groats (2) Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint, S.1836 Fine, Elizabeth I Second issue, mintmark Cross Crosslet S.2556, VG with edge clip, along with Hungary 15 Krajczar 1711 design worn MARIANA [--] GRACIA, Reverse: NOVA [---] LARIENS, Fair £350 - £700
1653 Halfgroat Edward VI First Period, Canterbury Mint EDOARD legend, no mintmark,S.2459 approaching Fine with some edge knocks, Very Rare and seldom offered £200 - £350
1654 Halfgroat Henry V Type C, Broken Annulet to left of crown S.1771, 1.86 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, worn on the portrait £90 - £120
1655 Halfpenny Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint, S.2137, mintmark Sun, 0.34 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, on an oval flan £15 - £30
1656 Hammered (11) Shilling to Farthing, Elizabeth I to Charles I, in mixed lower grades (9) and two European medieval detector finds, Gaming Counters (12) VG to Fine, as part of a group of GB and World 20th Century mostly base metal with a few in silver, includes GB Crown 1935 GVF, also South Africa 5 Rand 2008 Mandela NGC MS66, Decimal One Pound 2016 Lustrous UNC in 'The Royal Mint Experience' wallet, and Banknote Somerset CZ31750519 VF £30 - £100
1657 Hammered a small group (3) Sixpence Elizabeth I 1575 mintmark Eglantine S.2563, 2.59 grammes, Fine with some surface cracks and tooling in the field, Groat Henry VIII Third Coinage, Southwark Mint, S in forks, S.2371, 2.41 grammes, an edge nick at 11 o'clock Near Fine with weak areas, Threehalfpence Elizabeth I 1575 S.2569 mintmark Eglantine, Near Fine/Fine, holed, the obverse with some scuffs £50 - £80
1658 Noble Edward III Pre-Treaty Period (1351-1361), Series G, Obverse: E for C in FRANC, Reverse: Legend commences IHE, TRANCIENS with first N reversed and second N unbarred, mintmark Cross 3, 7.59 grammes, S.1490, About Fine with some rub to the centre of the reverse £2,000 - £2,500
1659 Pennies (12) Edward I to Edward III Poor to Near Fine £30 - £60
1660 Pennies (3) Henry III Long Cross Exeter Mint, moneyer Ion, Class IIIab1 1.41 grammes, Near Fine/Fine, Henry III Long Cross, Exeter Mint, moneyer Philip, Class IIIab2, 1.57 grammes, Fine with an edge crack, Henry III Long Cross, Exeter Mint moneyer Philip, Class IIIb, 1.48 grammes, Fine, holed £35 - £75
1661 Pennies (6) Edward III Third Coinage, London Mint, Roman N's on reverse, S.1545 VG, Edward III Fourth Coinage, Pre-Treaty London Mint, with annulet in each quarter of the reverse, 0.60 grammes, Fair, clipped, Edward III Fourth Coinage Transitional Treaty Period, York Mint, Archbishop Thoresby, Quatrefoil enclosing pellet in the centre of the reverse, 0.81 grammes, S.1613 VG, Edward III York Mint (3) these worn Poor to NVG enough detail remains to establish the mint, but not enough detail to establish the exact types, Halfpenny Edward III London Mint 0.53 grammes, S.1557 VG with some loss of flan and ragged edge £50 - £75
1662 Pennies Edward I (3) Berwick Mint Class 2a, S.1415, 1.50 grammes, Fine, Berwick Mint, Class 3a, S.1415, 1.22 grammes, Good Fine with some weaker areas, Berwick Mint Class 3b, S.1415, 1.35 grammes, Fine with some weaker areas £45 - £95
1663 Pennies Edward I (3) London Mint Class 8a, S.1405, 1.30 grammes, Fine with edge cracks and chips, London Mint Class 8b, S.1406, 1.38 grammes, NVF/VF, London Mint Class 9A, 1.36 grammes, NVF with grey tone £40 - £80
1664 Pennies Edward I (6) London Mint Class 4a S.1394, 1.37 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, London Mint Class 4c S.1396, 1.44 grammes, VF, London Mint Class 4c S.1396, 1.37 grammes Fine/Good Fine, London Mint Class 4d, 1.30 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, Canterbury Mint Class 4d, 1.40 grammes, Fine, London Mint Class 4e, 1.34 grammes, About Fine/Fine £50 - £100
1665 Pennies Edward I (8) all York Mint, Fair to VG, two with parts of the coin broken off, Farthings Edward I (2) London Mint, with CIVITAS LONDON reverses VG £30 - £60
1666 Pennies Elizabeth I (2) Second issue S.2558, mintmark Martlet, 0.52 grammes, Good Fine, slightly off-centre, creased, Second issue S.2558, mintmark Cross Crosslet, 0.54 grammes, Good Fine, the reverse slightly better, lightly creased £35 - £65
1667 Pennies to Farthings (21) Edward I to Edward III, Pennies (15), Halfpennies (3), Farthings (3) Poor to VG £25 - £50
1668 Pennies to Farthings (43) Edward I to Elizabeth I, VG to Fine, damaged or fragmented, along with Farthings Edward I/II these on irregular flans, two are fragmented VG to Fine £20 - £40
1669 Penny Aethelred II Helmet type, Armoured Bust S.1152 London Mint moneyer GOD GVF with a flan crack £200 - £450
1670 Penny Cnut Short Cross S.1159 GODPINE ON HNSTANS, 1.13 grammes, Fine £60 - £120
1671 Penny Edward I London Mint Class 1c with reversed Roman N in ANGL, S.1382, 1.39 grammes, VF a very pleasing example £50 - £75
1672 Penny Henry III Long Cross, London Mint, moneyer Renaud, Class 5h, S.1374, North 998, 1.16 grammes, Fine, struck off-centre £20 - £40
1673 Penny Henry III Short Cross, Canterbury Mint, moneyer Henri, S.1356, North 980, 1.49 grammes, VF £30 - £60
1674 Penny Henry III Short Cross, Canterbury Mint, moneyer Iohan, S.1356A, Class 7aA, 1.34 grammes, About VF, Ex-J.D.Brand Collection (bought Baldwin Jan. 1960), Ex-J.J.North collection (from Baldwin 1985), Ex W.J.Conte collection, Patrick Finn August 1997 £25 - £50
1675 Penny Henry VI Annulet issue, S.1848 0.48 grammes, portrait and design Good Fine, on an irregular flan with some weakness at the top of the obverse £50 - £75
1676 Penny John Class 5A, London Mint, moneyer Henri, Fine, cleaned, Scotland Penny Alexander III S.5053 Fine with loss of flan between 12 and 3 o'clock, Poland Three Polker 1623 Near Fine, Hungary Denar KM#152 Fine, and a group of medieval Jetons, Poor to Fine, these all detector finds £20 - £40
1677 Penny John Short Cross, London Mint, moneyer Willelm T., Class 5B, S.1351, 1.37 grammes, Bold Fine £20 - £40
1678 Penny John Short Cross, London Mint, moneyer Willelm, Class 4B, S.1348C, North 968/2, 1.42 grammes, Fine or slightly better £35 - £75
1679 Penny Richard I Class 3, Five Pearls to crown, moneyer Stivene, London Mint, S.1347, North 967, 1.01 grammes, About Fine £25 - £50
1680 Penny Richard I Class 3ab2 London Mint, moneyer Aimer, S.1347var, 1.30 grammes, Fine with part of the coin not struck £25 - £50
1681 Quarter Noble Edward III Treaty Period, London Mint, Annulet before EDWARD on obverse, Lis in centre of reverse, S.1511, 1.85 grammes, Good Fine with two light scuffs to the reverse, and with a scuff on the edge at 7 o'clock on the reverse £250 - £450
1682 Quarter Noble Henry VI, Annulet issue, London Mint, Obverse: Lis over shield, Reverse: Mullet after EXALTABITVR, 1.72 grammes, S.1810, North 1420, Scheider 295, mintmark Large Lis, some light scuffing to the shield, also on EXALT, and correspondingly on the HEN of HENRIC, otherwise VF, a pleasing example £1,600 - £2,000
1683 Quarter Ryal Edward IV Light Coinage (1464-1470) Obverse: Shield in Quatrefoil, E above, Sun on left, Rose on right, Reverse: Large Rose stops, mintmark Sun/Crown, S.1966, North 1560 , Schneider 410, 1.59 grammes, Good Fine with a minor scuff below the shield £1,100 - £1,500
1684 Ryal (Rose Noble) Edward IV Flemish imitative coinage, S.1952, 37mm diameter, 7.49 grammes, NVF with some light creasing and touches of red tone in places £3,000 - £3,500

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