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1311 Aluminium carrying cases (2) one includes four transparent Lindner tray outers (no trays), in good second-hand condition £0 - £20
1312 Crown 1662 made into a smuggler's box, edge lettering fully intact, showing the regnal year XV, (this edge normally found on 1663 or 1664 coins) so appears to have been made from two different coins, 13.90 grammes, VF with some tooling in the fields on either side, an unusual and interesting piece £500 - £600
1313 Empty Presentation Boxes (25), Royal Mint quality wooden boxes with outer black card box used from 2019 onwards suitable for modern Five Pounds and Fifty Pence, as new £50 - £100
1314 Fantasy Crown Charles I 1644 Oxford 'Rawlins' modern restrike, 23.29 grammes, GVF £20 - £40
1315 Gaming Counters (11) a mix of George III types, Guinea size (2) 1790 (holed) and 1797, Half Guinea size (9) 1701, 1788 (2), 1790, 1795, and undated (3), in mixed grades and Jeton Nuremburg undated type, Reverse: Four shields in cruciform, Fine £15 - £30
1316 India Temple Token 35mm diameter undated, Near Fine, as part of a group of Mint Errors and Fantasies (12) GB Decimal Five Pence 2014 EF with obverse lettering weakly struck, Maundy Twopence 1838 with a large 'leaf-shaped' flan flaw on the reverse VF, Pennies (2) 1858 No WW, the reverse with a flan flaw and a 'strike-through' error on the R of BRITANNIAR, 1967 with planchet clip GVF cleaned, Halfcrowns 1818 and 1936 base metal contemporary counterfeits both VG, India Quarter Rupee 1945 Bombay EF with long lamination flaw on the obverse, British West Africa Penny 1952H with double struck central hole, GEF and lustrous, Fantasy issues (3) Crown 1936 Edward VIII EDWARD . VIII . KING . & . EMPEROR, Reverse George and the Dragon, Sixpence 1937 Edward VIII Reverse: Lion on crown left, GEF, Trade Dollar undated (2002) Trimetallic with United Kingdom Golden Jubilee / Beefeater with Union Jack flag coloured reverse EF £75 - £150
1317 Jewellery Items - A gents pocket watch with 'Swiss Made' on the face, in a 9 carat gold case, on a 14 carat gold chain marked 585, total weigh of watch and chain 54.23 grammes, a gold wedding ring, 4.95 grammes hallmarked 22 carat, a gold coloured pin brooch with pearl and two pale blue gemstones, the pin not hallmarked, in a jeweller's case, a silver decanter collar 33mm wide and weighing 35.92 grammes, inscribed S.E.H hallmarked sterling silver, and a silver locket 11.15 hallmarked streling silver, some damage to the reverse, along with a One pound Page B322 serial number HZ30 583287 (last series) VF with some folds £400 - £600
1318 Masonic Rainbow badge, with Peace Dove and olive branch, in silver, by Kenning & Son, London, with ribbon and clasp inscribed, NOAH LODGE 263 , in excellent second-hand condition, boxed £40 - £60
1319 Maundy Set Case 1953 undated, the square maroon box for this key date set, in good used condition £20 - £50
1320 Medals and Badges (102) includes 23 in silver:- A charm bracelet with 5 charms, with coloured enamel shields of Swanage, Great Yarmouth, Southend-on-Sea, Hunstanton, and Mablethorpe, the silver items include a further 13 enamelled shields all approximately 13mm x 11mm, Torquay, Ryde, Skegness, Sussex, Dawlish, Dorset, Oban, Blackpool, Peebles, Ullswater, Edinburgh, Scilly Isles, and Isle of Skye, a National Union of Railwaymen - 30 Membership years badge, a Masonic enamelled 'Union Is Strength' badge, a small silver RAF wings badge with blue and red enamelling, base metal items include a British Red Cross Society red and white enamelled badge, British Legion Women's Section badges (2), a 1935 Silver Jubilee badge with red, white and blue enamel, a Civil Defence Corps badge with blue and red enamel, a Blue Cross Junior branch badge, a London Souvenir in brass, book-shaped, containing six miniature postcards 16mm x 6mm depicting Royal Exchange, The Tower, Thames Embankment, Horse Guards, Whitehall, Tower Bridge and one other, other types include, The General Nursing Council for England & Wales, a Royal Engineers Tie pin with badge enamelled in 5 colours, St. Johns Ambulance Association, Women's Total Abstinence Union, a Victoria Golden Jubilee Medallion, cross-shaped with BORN 1819, 1838 and a crown, MARRIED 1840 and 1887 JUBILEE on the four parts of the cross, Chester Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage 1959 with dark and light blue enamel, Red Cross Penny-a-Week Fund, a Queen Mary Needlework Guild enamelled, others includes badges various shapes, include shield and heart-shaped, some with Religious, Military or Masonic themes £140 - £180
1321 Mint Error - Mis Strike Decimal Ten Pence 1970 ESC 3203, Davies 2808 dies 4B an off-centre strike on a mis-shapen flan of 29.5mm diameter, with a straight cut across the top of the flan, plain edge, 10.68 grammes, UNC/AU and lustrous £50 - £100
1322 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Five Pence 1990 struck off-centre with a recessed rim, much of the beaded border and central part of the coin struck higher than the rim, Fine/Good Fine, unusual £10 - £30
1323 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Ten Pence 1970 ESC 3203, Davies 2808 dies 4B struck on a smaller plain-edged flan of 27mm diameter, weighing 7.48 grammes, around 66% of the full weight, A/UNC and most unusual £60 - £100
1324 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Two Pence 1987 struck in cupro-Nickel, 6.98 grammes, Fine with test scratches, accompanied by a letter from the Royal Mint darted August 26 1992, confirming the coin has been tested by X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry £25 - £75
1325 Mint Error (2) - Mis-Strike India 1/12 Anna 1877, KM#483 the 1 of the date and the 1 of the fraction both barely visible under strong magnification GVF, along with a normal example in NEF for comparison, a highly unusual striking error £25 - £55
1326 Penny 1806 Political Engraved obverse engraved To Perpetuate Royalty £50,000 a Year to a German Whelp Leopold. Obverse 1833 Machinery the Order of the Day Hamburg £25 - £40
1327 Plaster Casts (12) of Crowns, (6) 1658 Cromwell, 1658 Cromwell Dutch Copy, 1662, 1663, 1663 Petition, and 1664, all are uniface, an obverse and reverse for each piece, mounted on a board, as made £20 - £40
1328 Plaster Casts (5) all uniface Crowns 1658 Cromwell Obverse and Reverse (2 of each), and Farthing 1797 Pattern, the design in the middle of a crown-sized flan, one Cromwell obverse and one Cromwell reverse with edge chips, otherwise as made £15 - £30
1329 Royal Mint Trial Piece 1957 25mm diameter in bronze, Obverse draped figure of Britannia, seated on a stool, striking a coin on a pedestal BRITANNIA MONETA, Reverse: 1957 within a 6-pointed star ROYAL MINT TRIAL DIE, Lustrous UNC with some scratches in the obverse field £30 - £50
1330 Royal Mint Trial Piece undated (c.1962-63) Obverse draped figure of Britannia, seated on a stool, striking a coin on a pedestal BRITANNIA MONETA, Reverse: Small 10 , no legend, 11.14 grammes, UNC, the reverse with a minor handling mark. Similar to ESC P.D.S.3. Trial coins of this series were struck for the 'Decimal Currency Committee' which had been appointed in December 1961 to advise on the most convenient and practical form that a Decimal currency might take. The Trial coins were circulated at a series of meetings by the Deputy Master of the Mint Mr. J.H.James CB. £60 - £80
1331 Stamp Sets (3) King George VI Waterlow Essays, one perforated, the other not perforated, no marks of value, UNC, British Empire Exhibition a 2-piece set 1924 One Penny Red and 1½ Penny Brown, UNC, World War II German Propaganda stamps a 12-piece set comprising Half Penny Green One Penny Red, 1½Penny Brown, Two Penny Orange, 2½ penny Blue and Three Penny Mauve, along with their German Propaganda counterparts, all sets in Westminster folders with certificates £15 - £35
1332 Toy Money (12, all different) Lauer types GB (11) and a Germany 10 Mark VF to GEF £25 - £50

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