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Roman Sestertius Denarius : Ancient Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
Ancient Coins (3) Ar (2) (209 AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left holding patera and double cornucopiae PONTIF TR P XII COS III, 3.29 grammes, RIC 111 GVF with some edge cracks, Caracalla (212 AD) Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, Reverse: Serapis standing facing, head left, raising right hand and holding transverse , 3.13 grammes, RIC 193/194 VF/NVF with some flan cracks, Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I, Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, Reverse: Pietas standing, holding corn ears, 21.64 grammes, RIC 208a, some surface residue, Good Fine
£100 London Coins : A163 : Lot 220 : Roman (3) Ar Denarius (2) Caracalla (209 AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Revers... London Coins : A163 : Lot 220 : Roman (3) Ar Denarius (2) Caracalla (209 AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Revers...

Auction 158
Ancient Coins (4) As , 37AD, Reverse Vesta seated Fine, with pitted surfaces and heavily patinated, Orbiana, (c.225AD) Obverse. SALL BARBIA ORBIANA AVG, diademed & draped bust right Reverse. CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera & double cornucopiae. RSC 1 Fine, Postumus 253AD, Reverse Victory advancing left, Good Fine with pitted surfaces, Sestertius (222-235 AD) Reverse Felicitas, NVF with green patina, Roman lic bronze Julia Domna , heavier than a sestertius at 32 grammes Obverse Bust of Julia Domna right, Reverse MAT.AVG.MATTEN.M.PATR approaching Fine, along with Roman s (over 550) detector finds, in mixed grades to Fine

Auction 157
Ancient Coins of mixed ancients. and s including and a of . Fair to G Fine [34]

Auction 144
Ancient Coins of mixed coins and one of . C, 1st - 4th century AD. Mostly and large . Various grades and conditions. [34] Poor to NVF

Auction 138
Ancient Coins A of mixed and coins in an album. All have individual descriptions on opposite pages. From through to Valentinian III. Interesting group with of and and a VIC BRIT of Commodus. From 2nd-5th centuries AD. Various grades from fair to VF. [40]

Auction 137
Ancient Coins A of mixed ancients. 3 mixed coins. 1 Ar of . 1 I Ar tetradrachm, Alexandrian mint and 1 Lycian Ar (pierced). 4 of (2), and . 1 early Iberian of Castulo. 1 Ar , Rev; PONT MAX TR P COS V; Pax std l. Lastly an unusual lead test piece from the time of . Mixed grades. Poor to NVF [10]

Auction 137
Ancient Coins A of mixed and coins. 2 provincials, 7 Ar and and 27 bronzes from to Ae3's. From 1st-4th centuries AD. Various grades but mostly of the lower end. [36]

Auction 135
Ancient Coins Fair with portraits and names clear as part of a group (over 120) of in three Lindner trays mostly attributed, also of , etc., of RCV 1799, As Gnaius Pompey RCV 1386, including and , many scarce types included, in mixed grades to Good VF, a useful group

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