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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Half Sovereign : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Misc Items A 9 carat bracelet with Sovereigns (7) 1891, 1906, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, and s (6) 1893, 1903, 1909, 1912, 1913, Fine to VF, all attached by loop mounts, total weight 92.5 grammes

Auction 160
Misc Items A small aluminium case approximately 290mm x 210mm x 95mm containing 6 trays, includes some empty capsules and Sovereign size, in excellent condition

Auction 159
Misc Items (36) 1848-1902 to One Sixteenth , includes lic Victoria's Children issues (around 8mm diameter) in mixed grades to UNC, contained in a small black box and with Toy Money boxes (5) along with 'To Hanover' Gaming Tokens 1837 EF and GB 1940 Fine

Auction 158
Misc Items Coin holders (4) 1) a locket type holder for two sovereigns, in (1899) with ornate outer casing, makers mark W&H (Walker and Hall?) in good condition, 2) a locket type holder in , for a sovereign and , 3) a 5-coin holder for , , , and or German origin, 4) a sixpence holder thimble sized inscribed on the base 'Christmas 67 to remind you of 'OLIVER!' from John Woolf in silver, makers mark SJR (S.J.Rose, Birmingham) all in good condition

Auction 157
Misc Items s (10) includes English Milled Coinage by Cope and Rayner, 1975, The by Michael Marsh 1980, The Gold by Michael Marsh 1982, English and -Size Pieces by Linecar and Stone 1968, Seaby's Coin and Bulletin (3) 1952, 1953 and 1971, in Fair condition

Auction 155
Misc Items Coin weights (4) (2) 1821 Sovereign and Fine to NVF, William III Near Fine, and 1749 Austria , Lion Reverse GVF

Auction 151
Misc Items Sovereign Balance - Harrison's Improved Sovereign Balance, boxed balance scale for Sovereign and , in good used condition

Auction 150
Misc Items a in a Lindner tray (90) to One Eighth many types represented, in mixed grades to GEF

Auction 149
Misc Items (95) Victoria and Edward VII a wide variety in mixed grades to EF, plus a crude 1884 in zinc

Auction 149
Misc Items cases plated (2) both on gold plated chains one with ornamental charms, in good second-hand condition

Auction 149
Misc Items 1887, s (11) 1902 (5), 1913 (6) all fantasies, the Two Pounds of reasonable style, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 147
Misc Items s and Accessories Michael Gouby (3) Coinage 1860 - 69, Bronze 1860 - 1970, Bronze Penny 1860 - 1901 Specialised Edition, Peck Tin and Bronze 2nd Edition, Marsh Sovereign and , Linecar Coin Designs, The Sovereign, The Soho Mint, Retrographic Grading British Coins and Collectors Coins 2008, Coin Yearbooks 2005/07/08/10/14, Porter The English , Collectors Coins 1991, Spink Coins of England (8) 2007 - 2014 complete Freeman 2006 Edition, Rayner ESC, Zoom Digital Microscope, Electronic Pocket Scales and Spink Jigsaws (3) all very good second hand

Auction 147
Misc Items set and Maundy cases for following sets: 1911 £5 to1d (gold embossed excellent condition) 1902 short set card (2), 1927 deluxe, EII (2) 1937 and , 1937 Proof to , in mixed conditions

Auction 146
Misc Items Sovereign and balance scales (2), one by Harrison, both are boxed, in good condition £40

Auction 146
Misc Items s (5) English Coinage by P.A.Rayner 1974 Edition, The by Michael A.Marsh Golden Jubilee Edition, The Gold by Michael A.Marsh 1982 Edition, Spink Standard Catalogue 2003 and Notes on English Silver Coins 1066-1648 Part I by Seaby of London 1948, all in good condition, also World Banknotes (26) a varied group in mixed circulated grades

Auction 139
Misc Items Model Money (24) 2 1/2 s to s, also s (45) by John Cook and Sons in mixed grades

Auction 139
Misc Items Sovereign and Holder in 60mm x 32mm tablet-shaped with a pair of compasses on a crest on the top in good condition

Auction 134
Misc Items Coins Victoria (11) to , also 'Prince Alberts Snuff Box' and 'The Queen's Scent' two tiny round boxes each containing a model , in mixed grades to EF

Auction 134
Misc Items s/s George II to Elizabeth II half to (51) a wide variety some with planchet clips, in various metals in mixed grades to VF

Auction 133
Misc Items s (3) Eighteen s VF with an edge flaw, 1821 EF, Sovereign 1821 NEF, 2D 14G up to 1772 VF

Auction 132
Misc Items s (17) World Paper Money Eighth Edition by Pick, Volumes 2 and 3 (General issues and Modern issues) , World Paper Money 10th Edition by Pick Volume 3 (Modern issues), Standard Catalogue of Provincial Banks and Banknotes by G.L.Grant, 1000 Years of the British Monarchy by Sir Arthur Bryant, World Coins by Krause/Mischler 1901-present 2006 edition, World Coins 2001-date 3rd edition with DVD, Spink Standard Catalogues (4) 2006, 2008 and 2010 (2), British Coins and Their Values (2) 1965 and 1967 editions, The by Michael A.Marsh Second edition 2004 (2 copies), Collector Coins - The Story behind the 2007 (2 copies) in good to excellent condition

Auction 131
Misc Items s 1843 in (2) for Sovereign (5 DW 2 1/2 Gr) and (2 DW 13 1/8 Gr) NEF-EF
£30 London Coins : A131 : Lot 483 : Royal Mint Coin Weights 1843 in brass (2) for Sovereign (5 DW 2 1/2 Gr) and Half Sovereign (2 DW 13 ... London Coins : A131 : Lot 483 : Royal Mint Coin Weights 1843 in brass (2) for Sovereign (5 DW 2 1/2 Gr) and Half Sovereign (2 DW 13 ...

Auction 130
Misc Items Fantasies/s Charles I a cast copy, George VI strike, George V 1911 wafer thin fantasy George and dragon reverse and stamped 22K plus 2 USA fantasies one or both possibly

Auction 127
Misc Items Jewellery items (7) Sovereign 1889M on a 9 carat gold chain total weight 29.5 grammes, 1914 on a 9 carat gold chain total weight 18.8 grammes, Pendant on a 9 carat gold chain total weight 46.8 grammes, Bracelet in 9 carat gold with heart-shaped charm total weight 32.8 grammes, Rings (3) two in 18 carat and one in 9 carat

Auction 126
Misc Items Weights an interesting and varied (77) many early types included of various denominations, Sovereigns, s, s and fractions includes many early square types, portrait types back to James I, also William and Mary and William III, plus Apothecaries weights and a Sovereign balance in a metal case, in mixed grades some in VF-EF

Auction 126
Misc Items Victoria by Lauer (25) comprising 5 Sovereign (2), 2 Sovereign (2), Sovereign (2), (2), Crown (2), Four s (2), (2), Two Shillings (2), Shillings (2), Half Shillings (2), s (2), (3) a high grade group AU-UNC most if not all with good lustre, comes in a miniature tin with a White £5 signature May on the top and inscribed on the back with a on horseback jumping a fence, an interesting lot

Auction 126
Misc Items s (3) Two Drams 1847, Half Dram , Two Scruples undated, weight 1843, Three Twelve weight for Portugal 8 , Gaming token George III in the style of a 'PLAY WITH INTERNATIONAL SERIES GAMES, (5), in mixed circulated grades

Auction 124
Misc Items s Coincraft (2) English and Irish, Scottish, Channel I., Brooker Charles I (2), ESC (5), Dalton and Hamer, Kruase World Coins 1601 - 1700 and 1801 - 1900 The (2nd edition) Marsh (2), Peck English Tin and , The Bronze by Gouby, Sear Roman Coins and Their Values 280 BC - AD 96 Mlllennium Edition (2) and AD 96 - 235 (2) Volume 2, Schneider English Gold Coins 1257 - 1603 (2), Spink 2007 (3), The Soho Mint

Auction 119
Misc Items Weights (6) Three Twelve Josephus I GF with edge knocks, (2) George II GF, William III About Fine, 1821 (2) VF, plus another uniface in base metal presumably French depicting a crowned shield with three fleur-de

Auction 117
Misc Items Weighing balance for sovereigns and s 'Simmons Improved Sovereign Balance' in the original red box

Auction 115
Misc Items s (5) Charles I 20 s () Good Fine, George II NEF, Victoria VF, Base metal weight uniface 21 mm in

Auction 114
Misc Items A pair of 9 carat Earrings each containing a Victorian Shield Back , one 1883 Fine, the other 1885 NVF, the Earrings having the coi

Auction 101
Misc Items Coins (33) mostly Victoria Young and Jubilee Head including s with a model leather purse to put them in F-EF

Auction 101
Misc Items Boxes, modern new red display boxes for or sized coins (186) along with a quantity presumed 186 or more of gift card

Auction 101
Misc Items s 1887 by Lauer EF-Unc (8)

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