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London Coins


There is a lively market for coins both here in the UK and internationally. In the UK there is a host of professional numismatic auction houses in London with others in the provinces, much activity on the internet, a busy calendar of dedicated weekend shows and a selection of dealerships dotted around the country. Although thinly capitalised compared to the stock market it is a long established and active market.


There are a series of advantages to coins as an investment vehicle some of which are advantages over more mainstream portfolios.

  1. Coins are tangible and held in the investor's possession as opposed to being a "paper" investment whose real assets will be under someone else's control.

  2. Coins are portable in the same way as cash, they can be transferred from one individual to another or from one location to another as the owner sees fit with complete privacy and without recourse to third parties.

  3. Coins are small as opposed to other forms of alternative and fine art investments, making storage easier (a complete collection will usually fit into an averaged sized safe or deed box), and transportation simple.

  4. They have aesthetic beauty many are made from gold and feature designs by the leading engravers of their time.

  5. They are of historical significance and interest, offering amongst others insights into the history of monarchies, the history of trade and finance, economic circumstances and politics.

  6. Coins have an international market. Coins purchased in London should be just as saleable if taken for example to New York or Sydney and sold there.

  7. Prices of antique coins compared over time display a history of growth.

  8. The market for coins is a more relaxed one. Price volatility which can keep shareholders glued to screens on an hourly basis is not inherent. Some coins are unique price data for them may come from the last auction sale they featured in which may have been years or generations ago.