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London Coins Auction 164
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Tokens : Lot 633




633 Tokens and medals a larger and wide ranging group in bags (over 750 pieces) includes Gaming Tokens Half Guinea size 'IN MEMORY OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS' 1788 GVF to GEF (285), Gaming Tokens (31) Guinea and Half Guinea size in mixed grades, some holed, Gaming Tokens Victoria, Reverse Double Headed Eagle and shield (63), EF and lustrous, some in a metal tube, 'To Hanover' Tokens 1837 in bronze (51) VF to EF, Victoria Gaming Tokens a mixed group date 1830-1862 (34), various types, Fine to EF a few holed, World token group (25) include a small group of Singapore Merchant Keping Tokens and Batavian Republic, in mixed grades to VF, Tokens, medals and fantasies (87) some with mounts or holed, includes Cincinnati HML token in bronze VF, in mixed grades, Mother of pearl tokens (27) 24 are uniface 26mm diameter with the number 3 on one face, another being in Chinese fantasy style, another with a floral design and a rectangular piece these average EF, France Telephone Tokens (12) VF to EF, GB and World Medals and Tokens a mixed group 19th and 20th Century, Medals tokens and fantasies (56) some with an ecclesiastical theme, others made into badges, in mixed grades to VF, and a further group of Advertising Tokens, Tradesmen's tokens, Transport and Machine tokens along with some fantasies (122), Medals in white metal Victoria to Edward VIII (13) in mixed grades to VF some holed £300 - £400

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