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London Coins Auction 163
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Ancient Coins : Lot 224




224 Roman Ar Denarius (2) Titus (79-81AD) Obverse: Bust right, T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS, Reverse: Eagle on cippus with head facing left, RIC 872(vesp), 2.97 grammes NVF with two small edge cracks, Trajan (98-117AD) obverse: Laureate Bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder, IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP, Reverse: Trophy with one round shield and two hexagonal shields, at the base, two javelins and two shields COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, RIC 147b. 3.22 grammes NVF/VF with pleasing tone £100 - £120

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