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London Coins Auction 166
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World Banknotes : Lot 180




180 Deposit Certificates, Cheques/Bills of Exchange (6) a small group in mixed grades aVG - UNC comprising Negotiable Sterling Certificate of Deposit The Chartered Bank London (2) the first dated 13th October 1969 Maturity Date 13th January 1970 value £50000 No. 025074 with 4 "Cancelled" stamps diagonally across cheque on obverse and the second is 15th September 1969 Maturity Date 15th December 1969 value £80000 No. 025064 inked lettering in red spelling "Repaid" diagonally across centre and a tick in blue ink at top left on obverse. Rochester, Chatham & Strood Bank For Day Hulkes and Co. value £155 dated April 30th 1816(?). Commercial Bank of Scotland Dumfries Branch dated 24th November 1860 value £42 signed Anderson for Accountant & Gordon for Agent. Glasgow 83 St Georges Place dated 2nd March 1870 For Hugh Gelmour Esq. value Sixty One Pounds Five Shillings No. 064 with a missing small piece centre left Stamped diagonally across centre "London County Bank" and inked lines diagonally across centre. Whitby No. 823 dated 17th December 1875 due 20th February 1876 value Four Pounds Two Shillings Eight Pence stating "for Value received in Insurance as Per Account with the Whitby Mutual Insurance Association" where "Mutual" is filled in. £50 - £100

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