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The Collection of Julio Alvarez Part 1 (Lots 1143-1285 ) : Signature Sales

The Collection of Julio Alvarez Part 1 (Lots 1143-1285 )

The late Mr Alvarez ran his own draughtsman business in Sao Paulo Brazil. Original from Spain he had left Franco’s Fascist Republic for a new life a Latin America. He was most active in the 1980s so the majority of this collection has ,been “sleeping” for over 30 years. Mr Alvarez was networked with the professional coin and paper money traders then active in Sao Paulo such as Dimas Serafim De Souza of R. Barao de Itapetininga Sao Paulo and Arnaldo Russo of Rua Senador Feijo Sao Paulo, and his daughter remembers accompanying him to the dealers he worked with at weekends in Sao Paulo’s collectors and antiques markets and bourses in the 1980s. The collection has over 10,000 with the first part offered here
Julio Alvarez : London Coins Signature Sales
Julio Alvarez Young : London Coins Signature Sales
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