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Windsor Mint

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
English Cased A collection, mostly Windsor Mint and plated - issues including the large diameter types, but including some in such as Canada, a large and varied group generally cased as issued with certificates (lot)

Auction 160
English Cased The 2017 United Kingdom Proof Coin Set (13 coin set) £5 Canute and House of Windsor , £2 Jane Austen, The in the Air, and Britannia, 50p Isaac £1, then shield design 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2, and 1p all in silver FDC cased as issued by the with certificates

Auction 160
English Cased Sovereign 2015 First Portrait Fifth Edition BU in a Windsor Mint Presentation Cover with the certificate enclosed

Auction 160
Medals of 1902 56mm diameter in bronze, the official issue A/UNC in the box of issue, this faded, 800 Years of Mayoralty 62mm diameter in bronze by the Royal Mint UNC toned in the box of issue with certificate, The medals a 4-piece set in bronze each 45mm diameter the obverses each with a different portrait, the reverse each with a different quote on a tablet UNC toned in the Pinches box with certificates, Anglo- Alliance 600th 90mm diameter in bronze by Vasco Berardo toned UNC, boxed, Fantasy Medallic strike 89mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed, Nickel Silver medals (2) Tintern Abbey 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Castle, St. Georges Chapel undated 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Windsor Castle, The Bull of Clarence 1982 in bronze 44mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed

Auction 160
Medals The 12 Greatest Britons - Medallic Crown-sized issued (12) Isambard Kingdom , Vice Admiral Horatio , Captain James Cook, Sir Isaac , Queen , Sir Francis Drake, Charles , Queen , Sir Ernest Shackleton, Oliver , William , Sir Winston UNC with coloured Union Jacks on the reverses, in the box of issue with certificates, Banknotes a Medallic 14-coin set UNC in the Mint box of issue with certificates

Auction 159
English Cased s Executive Sets (3) 2009, 2010, 2011 FDC in the boxes of issue, Jersey The Coin Collection Fifty Pence 2015 a 6-coin set in plated steel with coloured reverses, Prooflike UNC in box with certificates, Guernsey Fifty Pence 2013 in gold plated , Prooflike UNC with certificate, British Banknotes a 4-medal set by Windsor mint depicting £20, £10, £5 and £1 notes UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Cook Islands 'One Dollar 2007 'Year of the Three Kings 1936' Prooflike UNC, USA Modern Fantasy Twenty Dollars 1861O Prooflike UNC, - Queen of Aviation a 4-medal set each with a coloured reverse featuring the iconic aircraft, Prooflike UNC, VE Day Medal 2015 70th Anniversary of VE Day UNC in the blue folder of issue Crowns 1977 (2) A/UNC to UNC, Queen 1977 Silver Jubilee medal UNC in slide case, and an additional small group of GB and World base metal (14) and a Somerset One Pound, these in mixed circulated grades

Auction 159
World Cased The Fabula Aurum Collection an 11-coin set 2009 each with a different design:- Dutch Archer, Synbol of Florence, Portrait of Christ, Face of , Springbok, St. George and the Dragon, n Eagle, Fleur-de-LIs, Pirate's Treasure Cross, Ides of March and Alexander the Great, in .999 gold, 11mm diameter and weighing 0.5 grammes FDC in the box of issue with certificates, Tristan da Cunha, The House of Windsor Gold Coin Collection a 12-coin set 2010 in 9 carat gold each with a different reverse design Proofs FDC in the box of issue with certificates, along with One Dollar gold 2008 I in .999 gold 0.5 grammes FDC in capsule with leaflet

Auction 159
World Cased Mint, Windsor Mint and including Jubilee Mint 1 gram "solid" 9 carat two coin set, a few in others mostly base metal, or plated base metal (lot)

Auction 157
English Cased United Kingdom 2017 a five-coin set comprising Five Pounds (2) 2017 of the House of Windsor (mintage 884), 2017 1000th of the of King Canute (mintage 284), Two Pounds (2) 2017 Aviation of the (mintage 634), 200th Anniversary of the of Jane Austen (mintage 884), Fifty Pence 2017 300th Anniversary of Isaac 's Report on 'The Valuation of the Guinea' (mintage 634) an extremely eye-catching set, all FDC in the box of issue with certificate and booklet, number 064 of only 100 sets assembled
£5,100 London Coins : A157 : Lot 512 : United Kingdom 2017 Gold Proof Set a five-coin set comprising Five Pounds (2) 2017 Centenary of the ... London Coins : A157 : Lot 512 : United Kingdom 2017 Gold Proof Set a five-coin set comprising Five Pounds (2) 2017 Centenary of the ...

Auction 153
Medals Medals a varied group (6) The 1851 Exhibitors Medal Obverse Bust of Prince Albert, Reverse EXHIBITOR around a globe, 44mm diameter in bronze , by W., surrounded by a wreath VF, Houses of Parliament opened 1847 43mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis. Obverse conjoined heads of Queen and Prince Albert, Reverse a view of the houses of Parliament EF, South Eastern Railway/ 1886/7 oval 31mm x 37mm in bronze by Pinches, presented to a shareholder, Obverse Crowned and Veiled bust of Victoria, Reverse Crest and supporters, Oval containing bust of E.W.Watkin Chairman, the name erased on the reverse otherwise NEF, modern fantasy Crown UNC, GB Victoria Three Graces 1879 modern fantasy Silver Crown, UNC, a modern fantasy in gold plated cupro-nickel by Mint UNC, along with 'To ' gaming token 1837 EF

Auction 149
English Bulk Lots Jubilee 1887 Currency Set (7 coins Crown to ) EF boxed as part of a group of Crowns 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893LVI, 1900 LXIV (this NEF with hairline scratches), 1935 (2), 1937, 1951 (4), 1953 (2), 1960, 1960 Polished Die, 1965 (81) some of these in mint rolls, 1972, 1977 (3), 1980 (4), 1972 Duke of Windsor, s 1967 (2), the earlier Crowns in mixed grades, and later mainly in high grade

Auction 149
English Cased 2001 Executive Set FDC boxed, Coin and Banknote set 2000 comprising £20 Lowther YR20 000644 UNC and Five Pound Crown 2000 in .999 Proof nFDC with highlighting, Coin and Banknote Cover 100th Birthday comprising £5 Lowther QM10 009132 UNC and Five Pound Crown 2000 - UNC, plus £5 Windsor Castle stamp, Coin Cover One Pound 2003 and set of 6 stamps Extreme Endeavours UNC, Medallic Cover Catenary of the Birth of R.J.Mitchell 1895-1995 , Creator of famous airct UNC on the cover of issue with set of 5 stamps, Two Pounds a 4-coin set 2002 Games UC in the wallet of issue

Auction 149
Medals General Strike Medal 1926, bronze, Abbey 900 Years 1965 by , bronze, St Georges Chapel silver. Together with other assorted & world medals and a boxed set of replica blazer buttons. (Lot).

Auction 140
Medals Silver Medallic Issues Opening of Bridge 1973 50mm, JF Kennedy 37mm, Edd Duke of 1972 37mm these three toned Unc and cased, Edward Heath 1973 EEC 37mm in Franklin Mint's perspex holder, First Day Cover and Mark Philips 38mm, UN 4 coin cover set in blue book with 4 x silver crown sixed medals

Auction 140
Medals Assorted medals (7) including: Admiral - Boulton's Medal - a Tower Mint replica 2005, cased; Medal, bronze, cased; St Georges Chapel , metal; 50th of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb 1922, gilt metal; Primrose League gilt medal with enamelled brooch dated 1891; J. S. Fry & Sons Bi medal 1928 (Eimer 2013) cased; Life Saving Society bronze medal, cased. VF or better.

Auction 137
World Cased World (4) $25 2000 .73 grammes of .999 gold UNC, Liberia $10 2006 .4 grammes of .585 gold, Windsor Mint medal Princess Diana 2003 gold .5 grammes of .585 gold, Windsor Mint History of the Monarchy 'Year of the three Kings' 1936 .5 grammes of .585 gold (2) UNC some with certificates

Auction 136
Medals Official cased issues (4), 1897 the official Royal Mint issue with the Young Head and Veiled Head portraits the larger 56mm silver issue EF (one minor edge bump) in the box of issue, another 56mm this in copper and Unc or near so also in the official box, 1902 crowned right facing bust Queen Alexandra reverse 9th AUG 1902 the official Royal Mint issue in their box 56mm copper EF bright tone, Jubilee 56mm silver issue 1935 busts of George V and Numeral dates surround, Castle reverse Eimer 2029 Unc in the Royal Mint red box

Auction 126
Medals 1935 official issue conjoined busts George and , Castle reverse Unc in the official Royal Mint box

Auction 122
Medals investiture medal 1969 large silver in C.O.I. Unc. Queen silver & silver Jubilee 9ct gold medals in C.O.I school attendance medals (4) County Council to E. Wright 1903-7 The Tower Mint Silver Castle 1.402 troy silver in BO1 . Hrh The Princess & Captain Mark Phillips 1973 silver medallion with other cased modern medallions & 22 different F.A. cup tokens.

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