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Waterloo : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals The Mint Royal Palaces a 12-piece silver ingot set, total weight over 317 grammes UNC in the box of issue with certificate, The Medallic History of and the Sea (8) each 37-38 grammes in .925 silver UNC some on the cards of issue, silver ingot UNC on the card of issue, The Ten commandments One Ounce silver ingot UNC, of Queen 1977 58mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son Matt finish UNC in the box of issue with certificate, 25th 1978 57mm diameter in silver The issue, UNC with some toning in the box of issue with certificate, of 175th Anniversary 1990 63mm diameter in silver The Royal Mint issue, UNC, unboxed, 100th Anniversary of the of Queen 1987 2 ounce Silver nFDC, Silver Jubilee of II 1977 a pair of oval shaped medals by the Warbury Mint Proof like UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 161
Medals The of 200th Medal 400 grammes 90mm diameter in Silver Plated Bronze, UNC boxed with certificate along with Fantasies and Paranumismatic items in base metal, mostly modern many in lustrous UNC (lot)

Auction 161
Medals of 200th 1815-2015 a 6-medal set by Medal comprising 14 carat Gold medal 22mm diameter weighing 7 grammes Prooflike UNC and Bronze medals (5) each 36mm diameter the obverses depicting , ,

Auction 160
Medals The Medal 2 kilos fantasy issue in silver by The Mint Office BU in their presentation box with certificate original purchase price £3,900

Auction 158
Medals 200th of the of 2015 89mm diameter in bronze, layered with silver, by Medal after B.Pistrucci FDC in the box of issue with information book describing the medal and the battle

Auction 157
Medals The Pistrucci 200th Medal (2015) 250 grammes of .999 silver matt finished FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 157
Medals s 1990 50th of the Silver , along with Royal Mint Medallions in bronze (9) 1989 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty, 1990 () Battle of 175th Anniversary, 1991 500th Anniversary of the Birth of , 1992 of the Office High Sheriff, 1993 Tercentenary of the Birth of Harrison, 1994 Tower Bridge (2), 1995 National Trust Centenary (2) UNC in the Royal Mint boxes of issue with certificate

Auction 157
Medals Medals on stamp covers (10), replica n campaign medals set into an envelope with stamps franked with name of . Issued by Benham, . Assorted medals, 1853 copy, 1854 2 bars Balaklava & Sebastopol copy, 1939- 45 Star, Medal, Medals (2) copies, Campaign Medal bar Northern copy, Operational Service Medal, copy, together with other assorted bars and ribbons , copy, Medal 1815, copy, Defence & War Medals. GVF. Together with a bag of assorted medal ribbons, photographs of medals and Buckingham Palace Memorial card & M.O.D. Veterans card. (4)

Auction 156
Medals GB (8) and (15) GB Queen 's Bounty 1704 Eimer 404 45mm diameter in silver GF, Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops 1688 Eimer 288b (cast) VF with some light tooling, of 1815 Eimer 1068 in silver, Fine, of Queen 1897 25mm diameter in silver EF toned, oval medal in silver (?) 48mm x 40mm, Obverse bust left, reverse coat of arms legend HONI SOIT Y MAL Y PENSE on both sides, with loop mount at top, Colonization 1670 as Eimer 244 a cast copy in base metal, Good Fine, and Visit to 1821 39mm diameter in bronze GF cleaned, Cast copies in base metal (2) and Elizabeth I and another Cromwell cast example, Europe includes Silver Jettons (4) 1750 City of Nemours 28.5mm diameter in silver, VF toned, 28.5mm diameter LATE CVNCTA PROFUNDIT (2) different bust types, NEF and GVF, Louis IV 1700 facing, 28.5mm in silver Good Fine, France Jetton undated Louis XVI 24mm diameter in brass (?) OMNIBVS NON SIBI reverse, EF, France Jetton in bronze 26.5mm diameter Reverse inscription in 7 lines Les Habitants de Lille ont bienmerite de la patrie de de la conv on nat le 12 Octobre 1792 EF, France Louis XVI France undated Obverse bust right, Reverse a rural scene VF, Abbe Suger 1820 41mm diameter in bronze by Dupaulis VF holed, of King Gustav Adolf II 1932 cat, EF, along with a further three pieces these worn and unattributed

Auction 154
Medals Duke of /G.L. Von Blucher, Prince of Wagstadt, 1815 commemoration 53mm diameter in white metal Eimer 1072/1073var. EF with some contact marks
£120 London Coins : A154 : Lot 666 : Duke of Wellington /G.L. Von Blucher, Prince of Wagstadt, 1815 Waterloo commemoration 53mm diameter ... London Coins : A154 : Lot 666 : Duke of Wellington /G.L. Von Blucher, Prince of Wagstadt, 1815 Waterloo commemoration 53mm diameter ...

Auction 153
Medals of 175th 63mm in bronze Eimer 2166 by the toned UNC

Auction 151
Medals 1815, 175th medal 1990 after Pistrucci, struck by J.Pinches, silver, 63mm., numbered 1367. Edge knock otherwise GVF. Together with a square n medal 1910, silver plated.

Auction 150
Medals Paul II Visit to 1982 2 oz. of .925 silver nFDC boxed with certificate, of 175th 63mm diameter in silver FDC toned in the green box of issue with certificate, 2000 Bronze Medal 63mm diameter UNC in the green box of issue with certificate, 1977 Medals (2) UNC in the slide cases of issue, the Britannia Plate 139mm diameter the centre housing a Penny 1797 VF cleaned and retoned boxed as issued

Auction 149
Medals Replica medals (10) includes V.C., G.C., D.S.O., O.B.E. & M.B.E., , South & medals. Miniature Medals (28) includes , campaign, jubilee & issues. EF. (38).

Auction 135
Medals Medals (15) 2005 200th of the of in bronze, Battle of 175th Anniversary 63mm diameter in Bronze, 1988 400th Anniversary 63mm diameter in bronze, Dhurva Mistry Medal 63mm in bronze, Numismatic Society Medal 44mm diameter in Bronze, Centenary 1987 Two ounces of .999 silver, Eurotunnel Celebration 1994 50mm diameter in Cupro-nickel, the Unfinished 1984 in bronze, 21st Birthday of the Princess of 1982 in cupro-nickel, s 1984 in cupro-nickel, Paul II British Visit 1982 in cupro-nickel (2), Festival 1983 in cupro-nickel, Rijks Museum 100 Years 1985 in bronze, plus an amateur gardening medal in base metal mostly UNC many in the cases of issue some with certificates

Auction 133
Medals Medal 1815 (Ralph Surtis 73rd Reg. Foot). Original claw, toned, GVF with small edge knock on reverse. Sold with copied P.R.O. papers which show that Ralph Surtis, aged 26, 2nd Batt., 73rd Foot received a gun shot wound in the right ankle at Waterloo. Waterloo Medals to The 73rd (Black Watch) are one of the most desirable to collect.
£4,600 London Coins : A133 : Lot 1213 : Waterloo Medal 1815 (Ralph Surtis 73rd Reg. Foot). Original claw, toned, GVF with small edge... London Coins : A133 : Lot 1213 : Waterloo Medal 1815 (Ralph Surtis 73rd Reg. Foot). Original claw, toned, GVF with small edge...

Auction 130
Medals Modern Issues in base metal (4) 400th 1964 57mm by P.Vincze, 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Tomb of Tutankhamen 1972 51mm, of 1815 a copy, Baron Brotherton of 1930 by Spink 64mm, EF-UNC

Auction 128
Medals Medals (56) a varied group mainly in base metal n to modern issues includes some imitation campaign medals including a , in mixed grades

Auction 126
Medals of 175th Medal 63mm diameter 5oz Silver UNC, 400th Anniversary 1588-1988 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver UNC, Tercentenary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle 1987 63mm diameter 5oz Silver medal UNC, 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty of the 1989 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver medal UNC, Bi- of the Launch of 'The Original' Lifeboat 1790-1990 medal 63mm diameter in Bronze UNC all in the original cases of issue with certificates

Auction 123
Medals 1815 ( Richards, 32nd Regt. Foot). Original steel claw suspension. NVF.

Auction 119
Medals The Medal 1975 () an impressive framed pair of medals each 133mm in diameter in silver commemorating the 160th of the , mounted in a wooden frame as issued

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