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Auction 167
World Cased A collection of Mint Coin sets (5) comprising a 2-coin set 2016 II 90th Birthday Two Pounds and One Pound Gold Proofs. Tristan da Cunha/ 2018 65th a 3-coin set comprising Tristan da Cunha (2) Crown, Orb and Sceptres reverse and Crown reverse issues and Alderney Gold Crown 2018 Prooflike UNC. Tristan da Cunha Gold Crowns 'The Route To a 4-coin set comprising 2014 70th Anniversary of D-Day, 2015 (3) 75th Anniversary of the , 2015 50th Anniversary of the of Sir Winston , 2015 70th Anniversary of VE Day Prooflike UNC. Tristan da Cunha/Alderney 2017 Queen Elizabeth II and Anniversary a 2-coin set comprising Gold Crowns (2) Wedding Portrait and Crowned EP monogram reverses Prooflike UNC. 100th Anniversary of the House of Windsor 2017 Medallic issues a 5-coin set 16mm diameter in 9 carat gold, the reverses with coloured portraits of four Windsor monarchs and a coloured ldic design, Prooflike UNC. Jubilee Mint Tristan da Cunha One Pound 2015 Queen Elizabeth II The Longest Reigning Monarch Gold Proof, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, The Worlds Smallest Gold Coin and Gold Rarities of the 21st Century a 6-coin set comprising Ten Dollars 2006 Gold Proof, Liberia 25 Dollars 2000 Julius Caesar Gold Proof, 2 Diners 2008 Ludwig van Beethoven Gold Proof, undated (2007) 40th Anniversary of the First Krugerrand Gold Proof, Medallic issues (2) 2000 Christopher Gold Proof, 2000 Mozart Gold Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 167
English Bulk Lots GB and World with some in album pages including , George V and s, others in bags, WWI and WWII s and more (lot)

Auction 166
World Banknotes 1 Pick 29 dated 1st July 1940 serial number K665072 signature W.A.C. Smelt. The note in black with a red guilloche at centre in the underprint and reverse with value in numerical and wording on a guilloche patter at centre on reverse. Printed by Blades East & Blades Ltd Banknote Engravers London imprinted in small script at lower centre on obverse and reverse. In a holder and graded Very Fine 30. The treasurer Captain William Anthony Casterton Smelt born 29 September 1895 was appointed District Treasurer at Sandakan in March 1925 and assumed his duties on arriving in North Borneo in May 1925. He was appointed Chief Treasurer in January 1930 after returning from furlough and the chief financial controller a year later. During the visit of Governor Clifford of the in June 1928, he was the acting ADC (Aide-de-Camp) or chief of staff to Governor Humpreys of North Borneo. Sir Hugh Clifford was also Governor of North Borneo from 1900 to 1901. In the New Year Honours of 1946, Smelt was granted an OBE in recognition of his services during internment in WWII, presumably at Kuching in
£460 London Coins : A166 : Lot 150 : British North Borneo 1 Dollar Pick 29 dated 1st July 1940 serial number K665072 signature W.A.C. Sme... London Coins : A166 : Lot 150 : British North Borneo 1 Dollar Pick 29 dated 1st July 1940 serial number K665072 signature W.A.C. Sme...

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (50) a in an album in mixed grades including higher ones comprising 1 Dollars Pick 58d (2). (5) including 1 Dollar George VI Pick 312 along with (4) including the 2 varieties Pick 315a without prefix and Pick 315b with prefix (3). George VI 2 Rupees Pick 17b prefix B/72. s Pick 25b">Pick 25b plate letter A s on India Pick 25 (2) prefixes D/25 & C/95. 1 George VI Pick 16. George VI 1941 issues (5) including 10 Cents George VI Pick 8 (2). Pick 7b. s Pick 6 (2). ese Occupation notes (7) including 1 Dollars (2). 5 Cents (2). 1 Cents (4). Netherland Indies (3) including Pick 111 and Pick 110a (2). . eille tram tickets dated 1941. " Trésorerie - Région Économique d'Algérie Pick 99b." 1943 WWII First Issue 5 Francs Pick 24a. 5 signature Makram Ebeid star in serial numbers Pick 164 (2). Premium Savings Bond 1 . 20 Mark. (6) si, si (2) and si (3). 1 Dollars (14) including Silver certificates blue seal Pick 416D2f series 1935F, Pick 419a series 1957A, Pick 419b series 1957B along with notes (12) including Pick 462a series 1977, (10) Pick 480b series 1988A (9) along with Pick 480a series 1988. Alexander Hamilton Pick 482 series 1988A. Post World War II Motor Ration Coupons (6) dated 31st August 1950 and May 1950. Includes some claimed. 20 Pick 49 issue 1984. 50 Deutsche Mark Pick 33d issue 1980 serial number KL1224224B. France Pick 152d dated 1989. 1 Fen Pick 860b 1953. e 100 Gulden Pick 128b issue 1985. 50 Zlotych Pick 142c issue 1988. Pick 133 issue 1987. 100 Pick 117a overprint issue 1961 (1976). 1 Pound Pick 53d dated 1995. Poland Pick 143a.

Auction 166
English Cased Five Pounds 2012 The Queen's (2), Crowns (25p) 1977 these four Proof FDC and cased as issued, £100 2015 Big Ben and £20 2013 these silver BU on the 's presentation cards £2 2014 in the green presentation card. Guernsey Five Pounds 1995 Silver Proof (2) FDC in capsules uncased. Isle of Man Crown 1977 FDC cased silver proof and Five Pounds "The Worlds First Decimal Circulating £5 Coin" Unc on the red card of issue and GB crowns (6) 4 being £5 two 25p Unc

Auction 165
World Banknotes (3) comprising 50 Kurus (2) Pick 133 L. 1930 President Mustafa İsmet İnönü at right & Commy Center, Ankara series B25 386933 EF or better slight wrinkling considered from water damage given its history along with the later note which got issued after the bombing Pick 134 President Mustafa İsmet İnönü at centre & building Ankara series C2 090520. Also the Pick NL unrecorded L.1930 President Mustafa İsmet İnönü at right & view at reverse series H19 02888 Fine - about VF small piece missing from bottom right corner, a small tear at upper centre at fold and a small light rust mark to left but very well kept and an Exceptionally Scarce notes as our research could find that this issue was on a ship (SS City of Roubaix) bombed by while at Piraeus Harbour () April 6, 1941 near the beginning of WWII. The Turkish government the issue and arranged for another instead. All available examples were rescued from the sea therefore signs of salt water damage are to be expected. "There is no official recovery record of the 100 Lira notes from the wreck. They were not handed over by the Greek authorities to the Republic of Turkey like the 50 Kurus notes. It is believed the notes that escaped confiscation were also introduced by Greek and non-Muslim tradesmen and put into circulation in the smaller provinces of Turkey, where communications were poor. The variety of notes confused the public, who were not in a position to tell if the notes were legitimate or not. What is certain is these original notes are extremely rare. Only two pieces were reportedly seen in Turkey in the last few decades. The same is true for the note (P136). Not more than a couple has ever been reported. Although also very hard to acquire, Thomas notes remain the best bet for filling this historic gap in a bank note of Turkish Republic issues." (source: International Bank Note Society Journal 50.2, Sep. 2011)
£550 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1269 : Turkey (3) comprising 50 Kurus (2) Pick 133 L. 1930 President Mustafa İsmet İnönü at rig... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1269 : Turkey (3) comprising 50 Kurus (2) Pick 133 L. 1930 President Mustafa İsmet İnönü at rig...

Auction 165
World Banknotes GB and World includes Straits 10c 1919. early n, WWII issues some high value , high grade IOM and more (lot)

Auction 165
English Cased Proofs, Five Pounds 1990 90th Birthday and 2000 . Two Pounds 1989 Two Coin Set, 1995 UN, 1998 Piedfort, 2001 Marconi, 2005 . Fifty Pence 1997 Piedfort, 1998 NHS, 1998 NHS Piedfort. One Pounds Piedforts 1997, 2000, 2007, 2017 in individual boxes 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Bridges in the four coin presentation case, One Pounds Standard 1987, 1988, 1998, 2017 in individual boxes 2003 (4) Bridges Pattern Collection in the four coin box and 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 in the five coin box. 25 Pence Crown 1977. Five Pence 1990 Piedfort and 1990 2 coin set. Britannia 2013 1/10 and 1/20 Ounce. These all cased as issued with certificates FDC some with toning. Two Pounds Britannias 2004 in the presentation card and 2014 in the struck on the day style slab 31 JAN 2014 with postage both Unc - BU the first toning. Silver in Royal Mint presentation cards £20 2013 (2), 2015 Monarch and 2015 , 2016 BU as issued

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots GB and World 18th - 20th centuries general from circulation and including two WWI s (lot)

Auction 163
English Cased 25p Crown 1981 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence in silver 1998 NHS, 2007 Scouts Piedfort, One Pounds Silver Proofs (9) 2003, then in 4 coin boxes 2003 Bridges 2004 UK Pattern Set One Pounds s (7) 2000, 2001, 2002 and 4 coin set 2004, 05, 06, 07. £2 Silver Proofs standard 1997 - 98 2 coin set Piedforts 2005 , 2007 Slave, 2008 Handover. Five Pounds Crown Silver Proof 1999, 2000 2 coin set and Piedfort 2004 Entente. Crown Sizes Silver Medal 2005 all cased as issued by The and with certificates some toned the 1998 50p with the capsule tarnished

Auction 161
World Banknotes World (approx. 1020), ese Money from WWII (200), (60), (5), (20), (88), 1 Dollar (52), (1), (1), 1 Cent (3), 5 Centavos (1), 5000 Australes (18), 1000 Australes (53), other assorted Argentina (45), (90) dated 1979 0.1 Riel, 0.2 Riels, 0.5 Riels & 5 Riels, s 10 Kip (100) issued 1979, Laos Pathet Government 200 Kip (55), plus notes from , , , Burma, , , , , , , , , , , , , , & , plus a pack of 80 Heaven Bank notes, mixed grades the majority Uncirculated

Auction 159
English Cased GB/Guernsey/Jersey The Silver Five Pounds coin Set a 3-coin set 2012 comprising Jersey Five Pound Crown 2012 Silver Proof with gold accented portrait, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2012 Silver Proof and GB Five Pound Crown 2012 plated Silver Proof nFDC to FDC in a box with certificate, Five Pound Crown 2015 Sir Winston 50th of his Silver Proof FDC in a Datestamp holder with first class stamp, boxed, no certificate, Guernsey/Jersey/Gibraltar The Jubilee 3-coin 2013 comprising Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2013 Silver Proof, the reverse with gold highlighting, Jersey Five Pound Crown 2013 Silver Proof, the reverse with gold highlighting, Gibraltar Five Pound Crown 2013 Silver Proof with Gold highlighted stagecoach on the reverse, FDC in the Westminster box of issue with certificate, Numismatic First Day Cover comprising Jersey Five Pound Crown 2013 Flying Scotsman Silver Proof the reverse with gold highlighting, FDC on the envelope with 4 First class and 4 Second class stamps, in the Westminster folder with certificate, Numismatic First Day Cover The Brexit , comprising Two Pounds Silver Britannia 2016 Stippled Field on the envelope of issue with First class stamp, in a Westminster folder with certificate, The United Kingdom Longest Reigning Monarch Double Coin Cover comprising Crown 1953 UNC and Five Pound Crown 2015 UNC on the envelope of issue with 3 First class stamps and 2x £1.52 stamps, in a Westminster wallet with certificate, Her Majesty in Coin Cover comprising Two Pounds Britannia 2016 Stippled Field UNC on the envelope of issue with 2x First Class, 2x £1.10 stamps, 2x 76p stamps, 2x 68p stamps in the Westminster wallet with certificate, Jersey Five Pound Crown 1945 VE Day Silver Proof with coloured flags on the reverse, FDC on the envelope of issue, with 95p, 85p, 73p, 64p, 57p and 47p stamps, in a Westminster wallet with certificate, Two Pounds 2012 200th Anniversary of the Birth od Charles Proof nFDC on the envelope of issue with £1.90, £1.28, 87p, 77p, First Class and Second Class stamps, in a Westminster wallet with certificate, Queen Diamond Jubilee Coin Cover comprising Five Pound Crown 2012 UNC on the envelope of issue with First Calss stamp, with certificate, Engagement Medallic Cover 2010 the reverse with gold highlighting, on the envelope of issue with First Class and 27p stamps, with certificate, The Aviation World Coin Cover Collection an 11-cover set coins and stamps from a host of countries, along with a 10-piece set of Replica cigarette cards, UNC in the album of issue, 175 Years of Coronation Anniversaries a 7-cover set from different Commonwealth countries, UNC on the envelopes of issue with stamps, with certificates, in the album of issue, First Day Stamp covers - 70th Anniversary of D-Day a 12-cover set 2014 each cover depicting a different Veteran and with 3x25p stamps and a 20p stamp, UNC in the album of issue, Britain's Last Tommies a 12-medal set each medal depicting a different Veteran Prooflike UNC each with a colour picture on the reverse of the Veterans, UNC with the album of issue with certificates, Guernsey/Jersey/Gibraltar a 17-coin set 'Great Britain at War' comprising Five Pound Crowns (16) and Two Pound (1) all Silver Proofs 16 with certificates, FDC in the Westminster box with certificate, Gibraltar Five Pound Crown 2015 II - The Longest Reigning Monarch BU in a Westminster wallet with certificate

Auction 159
World Banknotes ese Money Occupation WWII (50), (39), (10) & (1), mixed circulated grades
£48 London Coins : A159 : Lot 1759 : Japanese Invasion Money Occupation WWII (50), Malaya (39), Burma (10) & Philippines (1), mixed c... London Coins : A159 : Lot 1759 : Japanese Invasion Money Occupation WWII (50), Malaya (39), Burma (10) & Philippines (1), mixed c...

Auction 158
English Bulk Lots A mixed group with pre 47 £15 face, world s, WWI medals, paper money, s YH with London Guildhall 1837 in alabaster framed as per Eimer 1304, and others (lot)

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots , States to post WWII including , mixed grades (lot)

Auction 153
World Banknotes World (estimated by weight to be over 600) generally from circulation a wide variety with some duplication in and WWII

Auction 148
English Cased The United Kingdom Silver Proof Pattern Collection a 4-coin set 2003 depicting bridges, One Pound s (2) 1996, 2004, One Pound Silver Proofs (16) 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2006, 2007, 2010 London, 2010 , 2011 Edinburgh, 2011 Cardiff, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue most with certificates, Two Pounds (3) 1999 Rugby World Cup, 2002 Scotland Games, 2005 60th of the End of EF, Cook Islands One Dollar 2002 Commonwealth Games Silver Proof FDC cased with certificate

Auction 145
Medals a group of 3 awarded to Tpr.J.Ramsay, with 8th Infantry on the Star, SASC on the pair, with medal Bi-Lingual, along with 1899-1902 with 5 clasps South Africa 1902, South Africa 1901, Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony VF to GVF
£200 London Coins : A145 : Lot 1136 : World War I a group of 3 awarded to Tpr.J.Ramsay, with 8th Infantry on the WWI Star, SASC on the pai...

Auction 140
World Cased UK 25p Crown 1977, 1980 and 1981, 2005 , s 2000 QM Birthday, 2002 QM Memorial, 2002 QE II 70th, 2006 QE II 80th Birthday and 2012. Crowns 1976 (2), 1977 (2), 1978, 1979, 1978 these all s cased as issued with certificates (1977 UK Crown no cert and lightly toned), UK Britannias 2006 in a plastic capsule and 2010 in a cardboard presentation box

Auction 138
English Cased Two Pounds s 1989 2 coin set, 1994 B of E, 1995 , 1995 UN, 1996 Football, 1997 2 coin set, 2001 Marconi, 2002 Games 4 coin set, 2008 s: Silver Proof 1986 Games, 1994 B of E, 1995 WWII, 1995 UN, 1996 Football, 1997-89 2 coin set, 1999 Rugby, 2001 Marconi, 2002 Games 4 coin set, 2003 DNA, 2004 Loco, 2005 WWII FDC (some with light toning) cased as issued with certificates, along with 3 empty boxes

Auction 137
World Banknotes A in an album general and The and mostly modern issues in high grades although some earlier types such as Philippine WWII and Chine in circulated grades

Auction 137
World Bulk Lots World mostly issues some such as 1K 1892 and 10c 1898 nEF, others including post WWII silver s etc. (lot) mixed grades

Auction 134
Misc Items Love Token WWI Serbia 5 a 1904 100th Anniversary of the Karageorgevich Dynasty KM#27 the obverse inscribed 'To Mrs. Taylor from R.S.M.J. Shields O.L.I Salonika (a World War I Love Token?) VG holed at the top
£19 London Coins : A134 : Lot 1644 : Love Token WWI Serbia 5 Dinara 1904 100th Anniversary of the Karageorgevich Dynasty KM#27 the obvers... London Coins : A134 : Lot 1644 : Love Token WWI Serbia 5 Dinara 1904 100th Anniversary of the Karageorgevich Dynasty KM#27 the obvers...

Auction 131
English Cased Two Pounds Silver proofs a two-coin set 1989 Bill and Claim of Rights, One Pound 2005 , One Pound a two-coin set 1999 and 2000 with polished fields and frosted portraits, Ten Pence 1992 Silver Proof Piedfort, Ten Pence Silver Proofs a two-coin set 1992 Large and Small sizes, Five Pence 1990 Silver Proof Piedfort, Five Pence a two-coin set 1990 Silver Proofs, Medal 2005 the of and Camilla Parker-Bowles Silver Proof, New Zealand Dollars a two-coin set 2005 Silver Proofs with coloured flags on the reverse in reproduction Christmas tin, 'The Cross' a four-coin set 2006 comprising Alderney (2), Jersey and Guernsey Five Pound Silver Crown-size each depicting a different recipient of the , all FDC and boxed with the certificates, the last with some small spots on the box lid, comes with book 'The Victoria Cross by Peter Duckers

Auction 130
World Cased and , 29 Airct of & sized coins. Mint.

Auction 129
English Bulk Lots Octagonal on a Mexico City 1792 Bright NVF host coin GF, as part of a group of GB and World (12) includes WWI s (2) and World Banknotes (2) in mixed grades

Auction 128
Bonds and Shares , The 30th Year (1941) Republic of China Grain , issued for WWII, bonds for 1 shi and 5 sheng, ornate border, small format, text in , red and violet respectively, both with coupons, both VF. (2).

Auction 127
Medals - Recreational Training' circa and inscribed 'Inter-Theatre of War Comp. Ass'n Football Team - .925 Silver weighing 1.5 Troy oz. boxed EF, also includes medal inscribed ' 67 SPR A (Alex) Campbell R.E ' to whom both medals were awarded

Auction 123
World Banknotes (5) Hundi notes of 8 Annas and uniface gVF hand writing reverse, along with WWII local small change issues (3) State red on brown, 3 Pies Coupon purple on brown, plus an unidentified issue

Auction 122
English Cased One Pound s (3) 1984, 1997, 1998, One Pound Silver Proofs (3) 1983, 2003, 2005, Fifty Pence Silver Proof Piedforts (4) 1994 D-Day, 1998 NHS, 2000 Public Libraries, 2004 Four-minute mile, Fifty Pence Silver Proofs (4) 2004 Four-minute mile (2), 2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, 2006 Cross The Ad, One Pound Patterns a four-coin set 2004 ldic Beasts Silver Proofs, Alderney One Pound 1995 Silver Proof, Guernsey One Pound (2) 1999 , 2000 Silver Proofs all FDC cased as issued with certificates

Auction 120
English Cased s (11) 1989 Two Coin Set, then in individual cases 1986, 1994, 1995 UN, 1995 Peace, 1996, 2001 Wireless, 2003 DNA, 2005 , 2005 Plot all FDC with certificates

Auction 118
English Cased Proofs (3) £2 2005 60th, 50p 2003 Suffragettes, Britannia 1/4 oz 2006 all cased as issued with certificates

Auction 118
World Cased s (5) in five or presentation cases HM QE II 70th 1996 (10 from a possible 12), 50th complete

Auction 118
English Cased Two Pounds s (5) 1995 , 1995 Peace, 1996 Football, 1997, 2001 Marconi, One Pound Silver Proof Piedforts (7) 1983, 1984, 1985,

Auction 117
English Bulk Lots 1821 better than Fine as part of a "loft find" group and including n s, and a WWI pair to CH 20857 PTE P J HOGGER R.M

Auction 116
English Cased Two Pounds Proofs 1986, 1994 B of E, 1995 Dove, 1995 UN, 1996 Soccer, 1997, 1998, 1999 Rugby, 2001 Marconi, 2003 DNA, 2004 Loco, 2005 , 200

Auction 104
Medals Christmas Tin 1914 with the silver and bronze medals to 161860 Gunner CC Spilsbury RA these F-VF

Auction 103
English Cased s: 1986 Games, 1989 Bill & Claim of Rights 2 Coin Set, 1994, 1995 (2), 1995 UN 50th (2) , 1996

Auction 102
World Cased In 's presentation box modern world s (8), 1991-5, hall Islands $5 Air planes in (4) all BU-FDC

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