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Vermont : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
World Banknotes & Obsolete Currency (9) in mostly higher grades average VF-GVF to EF-GEF comprising Confederate Richmond issues including a Rare Pick 45 (Criswell T41) dated 1st December 1862 number 78552 plate Z uniface and stamped on reverse "Issued at Montgomy/ ALA / 10th Jan 1863 / T. Sanford / Depositary" along with 17th February 1864 issues Pick 67 (Criswell T69-559) plate B series 2 number 3580, Pick 68 (Criswell T69-547) plate A series 5 number 92422 along with a 6th April 1863 issue Pick 61b (Criswell T67-517) plate D series 2 number 8328 cut- and red stamp July, 1863. Obsolete Currency (5) issues include a Western & Railroad Atlanta, Ga. dated 1st July 1862 perforated "PAID". Macon & Railroad Company Macon, GA. 1 Dollar dated 1st February 1867 number 31458 punchole cancelled. Bank of Windsor number 159 circa early 1800's both signatures Emerson with different first names. State of 5 Dollars "Baby bond" circa 1870's date unfilled number 747 number 108427 with 5 Coupons for 7 and 1/ numbered 7 through 11. The Canal Bank New Orleans 20 Dollars Unissued Remainder Plate D circa 1800's reverse in red and obverse 3 Allegorical women at top, steam ship at bottom left and Allegorical woman at right with Bald Eagle above. An attractive group

Auction 153
World Banknotes an extensive in two albums (346), includes 19th Century issues from , , , , , Bale, , , , , , , , , , , , North and , also and s, a small group of modern fantasies in mixed grades, also early 20th Century issues and some later issues in high grades

Auction 152
World Banknotes , Bank of Windsor $1 pairs (2) both undated (c.1838), unissued on original sheets, both also with part of a $2 note showing at bottom, about UNC

Auction 149
World Banknotes , Bank of Windsor $1 pair dated 1838, part issued on original sheet with also part of a $2 note showing at bottom, about UNC

Auction 129
World Banknotes Bank of Windsor $3 dated 1838 good Fine plus unissued remainders (2) Traders Bank $20 & Piscataqua Exchange Bank $20, both aUNC

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