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Ten Shilling One Pound Five Pound Peppiatt G... : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 157
English Banknotes GB £21 face, s (2), (10), s (2) to in mixed grades to VF, along with World a mixed group (49) in mixed grades to UNC, also Cuba Foreign Exchange Certificates , Series A 5-piece sets (3) comprising 20 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 5 Pesos, 3 Pesos and 1 Peso, Series B 4-piece sets (3) comprising 20 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 5 Pesos and 1 Peso, Series C 6-piece sets comprising 100 Pesos, 50 Pesos, 20 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 3 Pesos and 1 Peso (6 sets) , Series D 5-piece sets (3) comprising 20 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 5 Pesos, 3 Pesos and 1 Peso, and an additional group (12) 500 Pesos (6) and Series C 5 Pesos (6) EF to UNC some with inked annotations £55

Auction 155
English Banknotes s (2) B223 O18 943402 VF, B251 D04D 559008 VF, (3) Catterns B225 N11 748869 VF, Peppiatt (2) B239 B40A 643415 EF, Blue issue B249 A73H 282615 EF, s B357 C07 334863 UNC with counting flick, s Gill B354 HR84 924502 UNC, s Gill B358 D17 759675 EF

Auction 153
English Banknotes s to s a to (122) Twenty Pounds (2), s (6), s (31), (62), Ten Shillings (21) along with Bank of One Pound 1957 and National Bank of Scotland 1958, many in high grades includes some s

Auction 142
English Banknotes GB and World in an album (90) includes £133 face s (2), s (2), Somerset (1), (18) (1), (2), O'Brien (1), (1), (5), (8), s (8) Peppiatt (1), Fforde (7) plus World (125) including , Channel Islands and , in mixed grades

Auction 134
English Banknotes s (10), s (11), (41), s (41) to signatures, plus a few modern World notes in mixed grade to A/UNC

Auction 125
English Banknotes s (1), s Somerset (1), (1), s (13) Somerset (1), Gill (4), (4), (4), (10) Blue (2), Peppiatt (2), (1), (2), (2), Somerset (1), s (5) Peppiatt (1), Fforde (4), Bank of One Pound (2), Clydesdale One Pound (1), Northern Bank One Pound (1), Bank of Ireland One Pound (1), Five Pounds second series (1), One Pound second series (1), third series (1) and fourth series (1), Fifty Pence sixth series (2), Ten Pence sixth series (2), Five Pence sixth series (2), earlier notes in mixed grades VF-NEF, later notes mostly in UNC

Auction 121
English Banknotes A in an album (61) s (5) Duggleby B385 (2) numbers, Duggleby B370 (2) consecutive numbers, Duggleby B355, s (6) Gill B354 (2) consecutive numbers, Kentfield Duggleby B366 (4) two pairs of consecutive numbers, s (2) December 4 1944, O,Brien July 23 1956, Five Pounds (9) Kentfield Duggleby B362 R36 prefix (2 consecutive numbers), Gill Duggleby B353 RD prefix (4,two pairs of close consecutive numbers), Duggleby B297 , (24) (1), Blue (1), (1), (15) (5) later notes with many consecutives, s (23) (7), Hollom (6), O'Brien (4), (1), Peppiatt (4), Catterns (1), Royal Bank of One Pound (5) 1992 consecutive numbers, in mixed grades many VF or better some later notes in UNC

Auction 105
English Banknotes s Mauve VF, s prefix D76 Fine or better though stained, Peppiatt blue VF, s gVF and Banking

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