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Star Trio

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Auction 158
Medals Medals (11) includes Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic , Medal for Valour type 2 with old possibly original ribbon, Order of Glory, with ribbon, Silver Merit Medal 1940-1950, Order of the Red Br of Labour, with ribbon, and more, in mixed grades, good enamel

Auction 153
Misc Items Strikes (3) each 25mm diameter, the first 1927 Obverse Britannia striking coin, BRITANNIA MONETA, Reverse 1927 within 6-pointed star ROYAL MINT TRIAL DIE, in aluminium?, 1.75 grammes, A/UNC, the second with Obverse and Reverse the same, Britannia striking coin, BRITANNIA MONETA 4.19 grammes, EF with the edge damaged, perhaps as a metal test, the third with Obverse and Reverse the same 1957 within 6-pointed star ROYAL MINT TRIAL DIE 4.18 grammes About EF, again the edge showing damage at fairly even intervals, perhaps as a metal test, an interesting trio

Auction 150
World War I 1914-1915 Star Trio awarded to 2191 Pte. C.E.Simmons Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry About EF, World War I 1914-1915 Star Trio awarded to 1425 Pte. A.J.Ginn Lancashire Fusiliers EF, along with sport prize medals (3) in silver two for table tennis, one for the High Wycombe Cricket league, boxed, in mixed grades £140

Auction 149
Medals 1914 trio to L-7557 Pte A.H.Auckland, R.Suss. R., with Christmas tin 1914, Regt cap , discharge and other papers. Enlisted at on 5th 1914. Medals mounted as worn. GVF.

Auction 147
Medals group of four, 1914-15 Star trio (J37872 W.R.Mizon, Boy 1 R.N.), Fleet Reserve Long & Good Conduct Medal, GVR issue (A.B. R.F.R.) Contact marks & polished AVF. (4).
£80 London Coins : A147 : Lot 1390 : First World War Naval group of four, 1914-15 Star trio (J37872 W.R.Mizon, Boy 1 R.N.), Royal Fleet R...

Auction 147
Medals 1914-15 Star trios (x2 SE2914 Pte. J.G. Hiscock A.V.C., 2053 Dvr./ Bmbr. J Humphries R.F.A.)

Auction 146
Medals Memorial to Edward Charles Smith, in card case of issue. trio to T2-017366 Dvr J.Sullivan A.S.C. with two card boxes of issue. Wound , silver numbered B204905. Medal (8142 Pte F.W.Jennings Middx R.), correction to initial and suspension ring missing (6).

Auction 145
Medals Group of Five to Private W. Winthrop, Border , late L.I., General Medal 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (4075 Private 2nd Bn.Oxf. Lt. Infy), Queen's Medal 1899, three bars Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902 (Pte Oxford L.I.), 1914-15 Star trio (5197 Pte. W. Winthrop Bord. R.). GVf. Sold with copied service papers.

Auction 145
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to L-8482 Pte. W.Higbid, R.W. R. GVF.

Auction 144
Medals Group of five to Pte. J Walker, Oxf. And Bucks L.I., General 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (5056 Pte. 2nd. Bn. Oxf. Lt.Infy), trio (5056 Pte 2/Oxf & Bucks L.I.), Long Service Medal, G.V.R issue (5056 Pte. J. Walker Oxf. & Bucks L.I.), mounted as worn on original ribbons VF. Sold with photographs and service details from the al Chronicle

Auction 139
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to 2856 Pte. E. Aitken, R. Highrs. with Safe Drivers 5 years medal, silver, to E. Aitken. VF.

Auction 136
Medals 1914-15 (576 Gnr.H.Evans M.M.G.S. R.A.). Initial "R" on but same number throughout. Together with a 1939-45 Medal in card box addressed to W.C. Evans. Men were found from s or by special enlistment of men known to be actively interested in motorcycles (such as cycle club members). The offices of the enthusiasts magazine "Motor Cycle" was listed as a recruiting office for the MMGS

Auction 136
Medals 1914-15 (10202 Pte.W.D.Henstice E. Surr. R.).Together with two Safe Driving silver medals & assorted bars. Together with some nickel coins and two Hendon Education Medals.

Auction 126
Medals 1924-15 Star trio to Pte. T.L.Soar A.S.C.& & Pair to A.E.Arnold, OS2 R.N. EF.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to Pte. B. Eggleton, AVC, 1914-15 Star, & Medals (SE-3602), naming faint on BWM due to contact wear otherwise VF.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to S.Smith R.Shears, R.Wilts Yeo., 1914-15 Star, & Medals (607)), GVF

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to Pte. R. Davis, Regt, 1914-15 Star, & Medals (3322), GVF & scarce.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trios (2) to 191313Pte.R.O.Adams R.A.M.C. & M2-019321 Pte.F.T.King A.S.C., GVF

Auction 124
Medals 1914-15 Star trio with L.S.&G.C. 1914-15 Star( M.6167W.C.Matthews E.A.4 R.N.) & Medals (E.A.3 R.N.), Naval L.S.&G.C. G.V.R. issue (E.A.1 H.M.S. Columbine). GVF.

Auction 123
Medals A group of six to A.B. J.Evea R.N., Egypt 1882 bar Gemaizah 1888 (A.B. H.M.S.Racer) reverse, 1914-15 Star trio (133487 J Evea A.B. R.N.), Naval Long & Good Conduct V.R. issue (A.B. H.M.S.Ocean), impressed naming. s , undated. mounted on bar. contact marks to edges otherwise GVF

Auction 123
Medals 1914-15 Star trio, 1914-15 Star (Z-2446 Pte. R Jenner. Rif.Brig.), Medal (Pte.), Medal (Pte.).Together with a cap , brooch and two dog tags. 1939-45 Medal in card box addressed to Capt. R.A.Jenner. Ealing Education Committee Medals (2) to R.Jenner 1908 & 1909, white metal EF.

Auction 123
Medals 1914-15 Star trio, 1914-15 Star (14191 Pte. C. Allsop R.), Medal (Pte.), Medal (Pte.).

Auction 122
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to 2 Lieut C.M.S. Cunningham . Extremely fine, in card boxes of issue.

Auction 120
World Banknotes 200 cruzeiros (5) all star s, a constive pair & a trio, Pick229r, UNC

Auction 114
Medals Family Group 1914/15 plus plack and scroll to 164 Private L.E. Adams 10th plus brothers WW1 pair 4-7671 Private P. Ada

Auction 114
Medals 1914-15 , Star, Medal and LSGC Medal GV named to 203363 G Kilham L.Sig RN (Long named to 287659 E G Carr STO.PO.

Auction 114
Medals 1914-15 and LSGC Medal GV mounted as worn to M.6167 W C Matthews E.A.4, RN (HMS Columbine on Long ). Toned EF

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