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London Coins Auction 171
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Auction 170
Tokens (10) Lothian (4) Leith (2) 1796 Obverse: A ship and a boat sailing by a fort 'Success To The Port of Leith', Reverse: Seated female holding a wand and a pair of scales, DH58 Bold VF. 1797 Obverse: A ship sailing, below, a spring of leaves LEITH HALFPENNY , Reverse Britannia seated LEITH HALFPENNY DH60 GVF. (2) 1796 Joseph Archibald, Obverse: Shield of Arms 17-96, crest a palm branch, Reverse: SELLS GARDEN , GRASS, FLOWER SEEDS, FRUIT TREES in 4 lines, Edge: Milled DH10 VF or better. 1791 Hutchison's, Obverse St. Andrew and Cross, The top right corner of the cross points to the beginning of the letter A, the top leaf just below the period, Reverse: Arms of Edinburgh, the thistle bud points to the end of the second N , the top leaf between the Y and the period, DH37 VF. Invernesshire - Inverness 1794 Obverse: Rose and d, Reverse: A cornucopia of flowers DH2 GVF with a spot on the rim. Perthshire - Perth 1797 Obverse: A hank of yarn and a package of dressed flax , spread lettering with a star at the end of the legend, Reverse: The Arms of Perth PRO REGE LEGE ET GREGE, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF PAT.K.MAXWELL DH9 Bold VF and scarce. Fifeshire - Burntisland 1797 , Obverse: A cypher B V Co, under it a carbor, rose and thistle, Reverse: BURNT ISLAND VITRIOL COMPy. 1797 in 5 lines within a garland radiated, on which is inscribed NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT DH2 VF. Kirkcudbrightshire - Gatehouse 1793 Obverse: A gryphon standing GATEHOUSE HALFPENNY, Reverse: A view of a large building PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF THOs. SCOTT & Co. date in exergue below, DH1 Good Fine. Angusshire (2) 1796 Obverse: A public building with I.W.I DESIGN below, DUNDEE HALFPENNY 1796, INFIRMARY FOUNDED 1794, Reverse: View of a harbour with a ship alongside a quay. Edge: Engrailed, with a waved line and dots, DH16, VF. Dundee 1797 Obverse: An ancient fortress, Exergue: Dudhope Castle Found'd 1660 Converted into Barracks 1794, DH18, VF with a small planchet clip
£160 London Coins : A170 : Lot 311 : Halfpennies 18th Century Scotland (10) Lothian (4) Leith (2) 1796 Obverse: A ship and a boat  sailin... London Coins : A170 : Lot 311 : Halfpennies 18th Century Scotland (10) Lothian (4) Leith (2) 1796 Obverse: A ship and a boat  sailin...

Auction 169
Ancient Coins Ancient (20) Quarter Obol Teos-Ionia Tetartemorion, c.500BC, Head of Griffin right/Quadripart incuse square, About Fine. Mysia - Parion Diobol c.480BC Gorgon's Head/Incuse square containing cruciform square, pellet in centre, 1.64 grammes, About Fine/Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos 386-338BC McCLean 4091 Forepart of Lion right. head reverted/Quardipart incuse square with AG over dot in one section, bucranium in another NVF with good metal. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm c.400-300BC Head of Gorgon facing/PA-RI above and below Bull standing left, with head turned right, bucranium below, BMC 19 Fine. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm Head of Gorgon facing with tongue protruding, surrounded by serpents/Bull standing left, struck off-centre with much of the bull off-flan 2.36 grammes, About Fine. - Massalia Obol 4th Century BC Youthful head of left/Wheel of four spokes M in one angle, largely off-centre, 0.5 grammes, Depeyrot 64 Fine. Thrace - Thasos Obol 450-425BC Satyr keeling left holding kantharos/Amphora, 0.95 grammes, BMC 53 Good Fine with edge crack. Caria - Kos Hemiobol, 0.65 grammes, Crab/square with dot in one angle, Fine. Lesbos Hemiobol c.525-475BC Head of Attis right wearing Phyrgian cap/incuse square Fine. Lesbos-Mytilene 1/36 stater, , Two Eyes/Incuse square 0.82 grammes Fine or slightly better with some edge cracks. Ionia, uncertain mint 8-Rayed star/Incuse square, c.5th Century BC, 0.72 grammes, 8mm diameter, Fine or slightly better. - Akragas Penion c.460-446BC Eagle standing right/5 dots denoting mark of value 9mm diameter, 0.96 grammes. Apollonia Pontica, Thrace c.420-+300BC, Gorgon facing with open mouth, tongue protruding/Upright anchor with crayfish in right field, 2.75 grammes Fine with some encrustation. Ionia - Miletos Silver 1/12th , 6th Century BC9mm diameter, 0.95 grammes Lion's Head left/Star ornament within an incuse square, Sear 3533, Fine. Thraco-n Tribes Silver Hemiobol Spearhead/Quadripartite incuse square with dot in each angle, 8mm diameter, 0.69 grammes, Fine or better. Maroneia - Thrace 398-385BC Forepart of Horse left/Grapevine within dotted square, letters indistinct, 2.2 grammes VG, Ionia - Kolophon Tetartemorion c.450BC, 0.22 grammes, 7mm diameter, Head right/incuse square with dot in one angle VG with some encrustation. Kingdom of Macedonia, Demetrios Poliorketes Ae11 c.290-287BC, Helmeted Head Right/Prow right with BA above AIX below Fine with some surface dirt. - I, as Satrap, Silver Hemidrachm, Head right in elephant skin headdress/ Alkidemos walking right brandishing spear and shield, 1.21 grammes, 10mm diameter, Fine. Bruttium Hemidrachm Lion facing/TAMБ in cross within circle, 9.5mm diameter, 1.31 grammes, Fine

Auction 169
Medals World War I 1914-1918 Medal and Medal pair to 49052 Pte. J.E.Morgan EF with ribbons and name tag with chain, trio Medal, War Medal and 1939-45 Star GEF with all ribbons and with accompanying letter showing recipient V.W Walton (Queen's Own West ) was killed in action

Auction 167
Ancient Coins Ancients and (30) Miletos, Ionia, One Twelfth late 6th Century BC, an imitative issue, d with traces of silver plating Obv: Head of Lion, Rev: Star Ornament within incuse square. Kyzikos,Mysia ( Minor) Hemi, Obv: Forepart of running boar with tunny facing upward behind, Rev: Head of roaring lion with K retrograde above, all within an incuse square. Kamarina, (413-405 BC) Onkia (Uncia) Obv: Head of Gorgon, Rev: Owl holding lizard, with KAM to left, a single pellet denoting the unit of currency. n Kingdom Philip II (359-336 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of , right with hair bound with tania, Rev: Naked youth on horse, right, little lettering still visible. Macedonian Kingdom/ of Alexander (336-323 BC) Ae20 Uncertain Mint, Obv: Head of cles in lion-skin head-dress, Rev: AΛE≡ANANAP Bow and Quiver above with club below. Antigonid Kingdom Demetrios Poloirketes (294-288 BC) Ae14 uncertain mint, Obv: Head of Demetrios right wearing crested Helmet, Rev: Prow of galley with BA above. Antigonos Gonatas (277-239 BC) Head of Young Heracles clad in lions skin, Rev: Naked youth on horse right, BA in upper fields. Perseus (179-168 BC) Ae19 Head of Perseus wearing winged cap with raised sword to right, Rev: Eagle with wings open standing left on thunderbolt below. Thracis () Lysimachos (323-281 BC) Ae14Obv: Head of Heracles, right clad in lions skin, Rev: two-line inscription within corn wreath. Mesopotamia, , Asia Minor Seleukos I, Nikator (312-280 BC) Ae19 Obv: Winged Head of Med, Rev: Bull butting BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY and ≡ in field below. Antiochos II (261-246 BC) Ae12 Obv: Diademed Head right, Rev: Apollo seated naked on Omphalos, the sacred stone of Delphi, holding bow and arrow BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY (partly off flan). Seleukos II, Kings, Kallinikos (246-226 BC) Ae17 Obv: Head of in crested Corinthian Helmet, Rev: Nike standing left holding palm EY in field to left. Antiochos IV, Epiphanes (175-164 BC) Ae Chalkos, Obv: Radiate head right, Rev: Tyche enthroned and holding Nike with bird at feet, inscription mostly off flan, Antiochos VI Serrate Obv: Head of Antiochos as Dionysus, right, radiate and wreathed with ivy, Rev: Elephant advancing left holding torch with his trunk ΣTA over star in right field EПIфANOYΣ ΔIONYΣOY below. Antiochos VIII (121-96 BC) Ae19 Obv: Radiate Head right, Rev: Eagle standing left in background. Antiochos IX (113-95 BC) Ae19 Obv: Diademed head right, Rev: seated left holding Nike and sceptre AK below. Egypt - The Ptolemaic Kingdom I, Soter (305-283 BC) Ae27 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt legend unclear. Ptolemy II, Philadelphos (285-246 BC) Ae28 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus right, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with wings open, AM in left field. Ptolemy V, Epiphanes (204-180 BC) Silver Di Obv: Draped Bust of Ptolemy right, as Dionysus diademed and wreathed in ivy, ornamented pole over shoulder, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open. Ptolemy VI, Philometor and II (180-145 BC) Ae28 Obv: Head of Cleopatra I as Isis, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open, monogram ПA to left of eagle. Kingdom of Syracuse - Sicily Heiron II (275-216 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of , left, wearing tainia, Rev: Ornamented Trident Head between two dolphins dividing IEPΩ - NOS in lower field. Republic of Syracuse - Sicily (214-212 BC) Ae22 Obv: Laureate Head of Apollo, left, Rev: Castor and Pollux on horseback, right. Thessalian League, Thessaly, Central , 196-146 BC Ae20 Obv: Laureate head of Apollo, right Rev: Athene Itonia. Kingdom of Pontus - , and Asia Minor - Mithradates VI, Eupator 'The Great; (120-63 BC) Obverse: Head of Athena, right wearing triple-crested helmet ornamented with Pegasus, the winged horse, Rev: Pegasus standing, facing, holding harp (hooked sword) and head of the Gorgon Medusa, whose body lies at his feet. City Issue of the Republic - City of Leukas, Akarnania (West Coast of Greece) after 167 BC, Obv: Head of Young Heracles in lions skin, Club right, legend unclear. Tarsos Cilicia, after 164 BC, Ae16 Obv: Turretted head of Tyche, Rev: Sandan standing right, on winged and horned lion, carrying bow-case and sword. City of Tyre, (Lebano

Auction 166
English Banknotes & (82) in mixed grades comprising Treasury 1 Pound T31 issue 1923 serial number J1/96 817403. Along with Bank of England issues comprising 10 Shillings B210 issue 1928 serial number W83 635086. (2) 10 Shillings B223 issue 1930 LAST series K08 927816 and 1 Pound Green B225 issue 1930 LAST series Z21 271136. (7) including 10 Shillings (2) a 1934 issue B236 prefix 27R and an Emergency Mauve issue 1940 prefix K73D along with 1 Pounds (5) including 1934 Pre World War II issues B238 prefix 84L and B239 prefix J15A, an Emergency Blue-Pink issue 1940 prefix A28D and post World War II issues B260 prefixes B50B & LAST series H11B. 10 Shillings B266 issues 1950 (2) prefixes L35Z & O28Z. O'Brien (7) including 10 Shillings (3) B271 issue 1955 prefix B04Z along with QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B286 issues 1961 (2) prefixes J87 & FIRST series A10 and 1 Pounds QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 1960 issues (4) including B282 prefix 29J along with B284 (3) serial numbers B04N 551826, B64N 572320 & B64N 577777. 10 Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B294 issues 1963 (2) prefixes W61 & Z02. QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 1967 issues (25) including 1 Pound B307&category=1&prm=sr&searchtype=1">B307 prefix U26E 10 Shillings B309 a trio serial numbers 75S 054374 - 75S 054376 and B310 (21) including prefixes A09N,A19N, a consecutive set of 8 notes B64N 838033 - B64N 838040, C42N, a consecutive pair D01N 089037 & D01N 089038, LAST series D15N, D37N and D36N including a consecutive set of 5 notes D36N 033541 - D36N 033541 along with D36N 467950. (14) including 1 Pounds QE2 portrait and seated Britannia 1970 issues (9) issues B323 (2) a consecutive pair MW11 419588 & MW11 419589 along with B322 (7) prefixes include a consecutive pair CY37 462251 CY37 462252, ET66 and a consecutive set of 4 notes HX02 090663 - HX02 090666. 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial and The 1973 L Reverse issues (4) including B334 (2) prefixes 73L & 89R and a consecutive pair B336 series B59 572053 - BT59 572054. 20 Pounds QE2 pictorial & William B328 Purple issue 1970 prefix D24 359556. (14) including 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B341 W Reverse 1981 issues (9) includes a consecutive set of 5 notes CY56 432207 - 432211 amongst prefixes BY29, DY01, DY02 and LAST RUN DY21 734755. 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke of Wellington B343 L Reverse issues 1980 (2) prefixes KX13 & EU15. 10 Pounds (2) including L reverse issue 1984 B348 prefix AY17 and a L reverse Windowed thread (Stardust thread) issue 1987 B349 prefix CT58. 50 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir B352 issue 1981 serial number B30 070658. (3) including 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke of Wellington B353 L reverse issues 1988 prefixes SC32 & SC88. 10 Pounds QE2 pictorial & B354 L reverse issue 1988 prefix HS41. 20 Pounds QE2 pictorial & William Shakespeare B355 Purple & Green issue 1988 prefix 14S. (3) including 10 Pounds B360 L reverse issue 1991 prefix KN15 and 50 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Christopher Wren B361 issues 1991 serial numbers E24 902897 & E09 637272. Includes Scotland 1 Pounds (4) from The plc & plc.

Auction 164
Northumberland Fusiliers trio comprising Queen's South Africa Medal with two bars Cape Colony and South Africa 1902, awarded to 3995 Pte.R.Rowe 127th Company of Imperial Yeomanry VF, 1914-15 Star awarded to 12-11371 Corporal R.Rowe, EF, and World War I Medal also to Corporal R.Rowe NEF, Corporal Rowe died of wounds in France 30/9/1915 and is buried at Lapugnoy Military Cemetery I.C.22, Queen's South Africa Medals (2) the first with 3 bars Cape Colony, Paardeberg and Johannesburg, awarded to 20804 Dvr.W.J.Mercer, Royal Field Artillery, NEF. Comes with card stating that Dvr.Mercer died 20/6/1903 with 66 Battery, the second with 4 bars, South Africa 1901, Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony, awarded to 7269 Bugler R.W.Hall 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers. NEF. Enlisted London, declared unfit 27/7/1902 £320

Auction 163
Medals Captain Oliver Gordon MVO RN trio (as Lieutenant, Star to Sub-Lieutenant) and Member of the Order, (4) War Medal, Star, Star and 1939-45 star, in box of issue with original ribbons, also epaulettes, Captain Oliver Gordon was Captain of HMS , a heavy cruiser, during World War II during which she was sunk in the of the Sea March 1 1942. The lot includes the Book `Fight It Out` written by Captain Gordon in 1957 describing the epic encounter against overwhelming odds during the battle in 1942. He was taken along with the survivors by the ese after the ship was sunk in the battle. The lot also includes many Christmas Greetings received by Captain Gordon during his time as a POW. Between the two World Wars he served on the Yacht Victoria and Albert and the lot includes photographs of Captain Gordon, some with King George V and Queen Alexandra, also letters from Buckingham Palace one signed by King , a restricted letter from of , a letter from the War Museum, photographs of crew and ships, along with a copy of a newspaper cutting reporting Captain Gordon`s . Also included is the paperwork details and letters relating to the Companion of the Order of the , though this has been retained by Captain Gordon`s family

Auction 163
Medals A group of six with miniature, as worn Queens Medal with 5 bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902, South Africa 1901, to Pte.W.Herrington E. , trio with 5th Aug-22nd Nov clasp, named MI - 08027 Dvr.W. Herrington, the others to Sjt. W.Herrington, Medal , and Legion of Frontiersmen Medal for Meritorious in silver VF to GEF

Auction 158
Medals Medals (11) includes Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic , Medal for Valour type 2 with old possibly original ribbon, Order of Glory, with ribbon, Silver Merit Medal 1940-1950, Order of the Red Br of Labour, with ribbon, and more, in mixed grades, good enamel

Auction 153
Misc Items Strikes (3) each 25mm diameter, the first 1927 Obverse Britannia striking coin, BRITANNIA MONETA, Reverse 1927 within 6-pointed star ROYAL MINT TRIAL DIE, in aluminium?, 1.75 grammes, A/UNC, the second with Obverse and Reverse the same, Britannia striking coin, BRITANNIA MONETA 4.19 grammes, EF with the edge damaged, perhaps as a metal test, the third with Obverse and Reverse the same 1957 within 6-pointed star ROYAL MINT TRIAL DIE 4.18 grammes About EF, again the edge showing damage at fairly even intervals, perhaps as a metal test, an interesting trio

Auction 150
World War I 1914-1915 Star Trio awarded to 2191 Pte. C.E.Simmons Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry About EF, World War I 1914-1915 Star Trio awarded to 1425 Pte. A.J.Ginn Lancashire Fusiliers EF, along with sport prize medals (3) in silver two for table tennis, one for the High Wycombe Cricket league, boxed, in mixed grades £140

Auction 149
Medals 1914 trio to L-7557 Pte A.H.Auckland, R.Suss. R., with Christmas tin 1914, Regt cap , discharge and other papers. Enlisted at on 5th 1914. Medals mounted as worn. GVF.

Auction 147
Medals group of four, 1914-15 Star trio (J37872 W.R.Mizon, Boy 1 R.N.), Fleet Reserve Long & Good Conduct Medal, GVR issue (A.B. R.F.R.) Contact marks & polished AVF. (4).
£80 London Coins : A147 : Lot 1390 : First World War Naval group of four, 1914-15 Star trio (J37872 W.R.Mizon, Boy 1 R.N.), Royal Fleet R...

Auction 147
Medals 1914-15 Star trios (x2 SE2914 Pte. J.G. Hiscock A.V.C., 2053 Dvr./ Bmbr. J Humphries R.F.A.)

Auction 146
Medals Memorial to Edward Charles Smith, in card case of issue. trio to T2-017366 Dvr J.Sullivan A.S.C. with two card boxes of issue. Wound , silver numbered B204905. Medal (8142 Pte F.W.Jennings Middx R.), correction to initial and suspension ring missing (6).

Auction 145
Medals Group of Five to Private W. Winthrop, Border , late L.I., General Medal 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (4075 Private 2nd Bn.Oxf. Lt. Infy), Queen's Medal 1899, three bars Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902 (Pte Oxford L.I.), 1914-15 Star trio (5197 Pte. W. Winthrop Bord. R.). GVf. Sold with copied service papers.

Auction 145
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to L-8482 Pte. W.Higbid, R.W. R. GVF.

Auction 144
Medals Group of five to Pte. J Walker, Oxf. And Bucks L.I., General 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (5056 Pte. 2nd. Bn. Oxf. Lt.Infy), trio (5056 Pte 2/Oxf & Bucks L.I.), Long Service Medal, G.V.R issue (5056 Pte. J. Walker Oxf. & Bucks L.I.), mounted as worn on original ribbons VF. Sold with photographs and service details from the al Chronicle

Auction 139
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to 2856 Pte. E. Aitken, R. Highrs. with Safe Drivers 5 years medal, silver, to E. Aitken. VF.

Auction 136
Medals 1914-15 (576 Gnr.H.Evans M.M.G.S. R.A.). Initial "R" on but same number throughout. Together with a 1939-45 Medal in card box addressed to W.C. Evans. Men were found from s or by special enlistment of men known to be actively interested in motorcycles (such as cycle club members). The offices of the enthusiasts magazine "Motor Cycle" was listed as a recruiting office for the MMGS

Auction 136
Medals 1914-15 (10202 Pte.W.D.Henstice E. Surr. R.).Together with two Safe Driving silver medals & assorted bars. Together with some nickel coins and two Hendon Education Medals.

Auction 126
Medals 1924-15 Star trio to Pte. T.L.Soar A.S.C.& & Pair to A.E.Arnold, OS2 R.N. EF.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to Pte. B. Eggleton, AVC, 1914-15 Star, & Medals (SE-3602), naming faint on BWM due to contact wear otherwise VF.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to S.Smith R.Shears, R.Wilts Yeo., 1914-15 Star, & Medals (607)), GVF

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to Pte. R. Davis, Regt, 1914-15 Star, & Medals (3322), GVF & scarce.

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trios (2) to 191313Pte.R.O.Adams R.A.M.C. & M2-019321 Pte.F.T.King A.S.C., GVF

Auction 124
Medals 1914-15 Star trio with L.S.&G.C. 1914-15 Star( M.6167W.C.Matthews E.A.4 R.N.) & Medals (E.A.3 R.N.), Naval L.S.&G.C. G.V.R. issue (E.A.1 H.M.S. Columbine). GVF.

Auction 123
Medals A group of six to A.B. J.Evea R.N., Egypt 1882 bar Gemaizah 1888 (A.B. H.M.S.Racer) reverse, 1914-15 Star trio (133487 J Evea A.B. R.N.), Naval Long & Good Conduct V.R. issue (A.B. H.M.S.Ocean), impressed naming. s , undated. mounted on bar. contact marks to edges otherwise GVF

Auction 123
Medals 1914-15 Star trio, 1914-15 Star (Z-2446 Pte. R Jenner. Rif.Brig.), Medal (Pte.), Medal (Pte.).Together with a cap , brooch and two dog tags. 1939-45 Medal in card box addressed to Capt. R.A.Jenner. Ealing Education Committee Medals (2) to R.Jenner 1908 & 1909, white metal EF.

Auction 123
Medals 1914-15 Star trio, 1914-15 Star (14191 Pte. C. Allsop R.), Medal (Pte.), Medal (Pte.).

Auction 122
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to 2 Lieut C.M.S. Cunningham . Extremely fine, in card boxes of issue.

Auction 120
World Banknotes 200 (5) all star s, a constive pair & a trio, Pick229r, UNC

Auction 114
Medals Family Group 1914/15 plus plack and scroll to 164 Private L.E. Adams 10th plus brothers WW1 pair 4-7671 Private P. Ada

Auction 114
Medals 1914-15 , Star, Medal and LSGC Medal GV named to 203363 G Kilham L.Sig RN (Long named to 287659 E G Carr STO.PO.

Auction 114
Medals 1914-15 and LSGC Medal GV mounted as worn to M.6167 W C Matthews E.A.4, RN (HMS Columbine on Long ). Toned EF

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