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Spanish Armada

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals 1588 -1988 65mm diameter (2) Bronze and Silver , Operation Raleigh 50mm Silver these all in the cases of issue with certificates along with Drake Silver Map 68mm by The National Maritime Museum

Auction 160
Medals Medals (7) 1897 Eimer 1817 the Official Issue (2) EF and boxed. 150th of Administration of the 1983 57mm diameter in bronze Prooflike UNC, boxed with certificate. 900 Years of Abbey 1965 57mm diameter in bronze, UNC boxed with certificate. 800 Years of Mayoralty of the 1989 63mm diameter UNC boxed with certificate. Destruction of the 1588 51mm diameter in silver by the Mint UNC boxed. Royal Mint Medal 2012 60th Anniversary of Queen UNC boxed, along with Twopence 1797 Fine in a frame-style holder with London Mint certificate, Penny 1797 a modern replica by London Mint UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 155
Medals Queens of the Isles a 9-medal set by the Mint each medal depicting a different monarch, each medal 44-45 grammes of .925 silver, UNC-FDC in the box of issue, one medal with a line of discolouration, The Campaign 1982 a 9-medal set each medal 25 grammes of .925 silver FDC in the case of issue with leaflet, 400th of the 1588-1988 Silver 5 ounce Medal by the UNC lightly toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 145
Medals Medals (10) of all Fine Arts 1874 51mm in bronze UNC, of Queen 1887 Leyland Free Library and Museum EF, Art Union of London 1849 Inigo Jones Reverse Banqueting House Whitehall 1616 54mm in copper EF, Universal Exhibition of London 1862 50mm in bronze EF, and the Foudroyant 38mm in copper VF with some spots, Prize Medal Muirkirk Photographic Association 1904 39mm in copper, Prize Medals (2) both aded to G.K.Murray the first 51mm diameter 1st High Jump Class II GEF boxed the second Athletic Sports 1931 G.K.Murray 3rd (equal) High Jump Open EF boxed, The Schneider Trophy 1981 51mm in bronze The Supermarine S6B UNC and lustrous, Destruction of the Armada 1588 Commemorates the of the 1988 Lustrous UNC

Auction 144
Medals The Dangers Averted Medal / Defeat of the , c 1590, bust of facing, rev. bay tree on Island, ships in distance, 48 x 52mm., A good quality later cast medal in metal (Eimer 61A).

Auction 141
English Cased Two Pounds 1995 Peace Dove , 1995 UN Silver Proof Piedfort, Two Pounds (2) 1995 Peace Dove Silver Proof, One Pound Silver Proof Piedforts (3) 1994, 1995, 1996 (this in a four-coin box, One Pound (3) 1995 Silver Proof, 1996 Silver Proofs (2) these in the same four-coin box, Fifty Pence (2) 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof, 1998 EU Silver Proof Piedfort, nFDC-FDC in cases with certificates, USA/France/GB a 3-coin set 50th of the Allied Invasion of Europe comprising USA Dollar 1995 Silver Proof, France 1 Franc 1993 Silver and GB Fifty Pence 1994 Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/1971 (2) UNC in the wallet of issue, Medals (2) 1988 400th Anniversary of the Destruction of the in matt Silver UNC boxed with certificate, 1987 200th Anniversary of the first Fleeters from Portsmouth to Australia in matt Silver Eimer 2155 UNC boxed with certificate, Normandy Campaign medals modern reproductions by the (2) UNC boxed, GB Crowns 1977 (2) UNC, France 5 Francs 1811A VG

Auction 135
Medals 400th 1588-1988 152.2 grammes of .925 Silver boxed UNC with certificate, The Society medals 1978 a 2-piece set one in bronze and the other in .925 silver and weighing 129.5 grammes boxed nFDC-FDC with certificates

Auction 135
Medals Medals (15) 2005 200th of the of in bronze, Battle of 175th Anniversary 63mm diameter in Bronze, 1988 400th Anniversary 63mm diameter in bronze, Dhurva Mistry Medal 63mm in bronze, Numismatic Society Medal 44mm diameter in Bronze, Centenary 1987 Two ounces of .999 silver, Eurotunnel Celebration 1994 50mm diameter in Cupro-nickel, the Unfinished 1984 in bronze, 21st Birthday of the Princess of 1982 in cupro-nickel, s 1984 in cupro-nickel, Paul II British Visit 1982 in cupro-nickel (2), Festival 1983 in cupro-nickel, Rijks Museum 100 Years 1985 in bronze, plus an amateur gardening medal in base metal mostly UNC many in the cases of issue some with certificates

Auction 127
Medals The Medal 1986 HRH and Miss Sarah Ferguson in Silver -like UNC boxed as issued with certificate, 1988 400th of the 63mm diameter in .925 Silver UNC boxed as issued with certificate

Auction 126
Medals of 175th Medal 63mm diameter 5oz Silver UNC, 400th Anniversary 1588-1988 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver UNC, Tercentenary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle 1987 63mm diameter 5oz Silver medal UNC, 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty of the 1989 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver medal UNC, Bi- of the Launch of 'The Original' Lifeboat 1790-1990 medal 63mm diameter in Bronze UNC all in the original cases of issue with certificates

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