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Spanish 4 Reales 8 Reales 2 Reales : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots n Cobs (5) , , , 1 Real and Half Real VG to Fine for wear on irregular and misshapen flans, some with edge cracks

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots n Cobs (11) (3) one dated 1782, (1), (4) one dated 1730, 1 Real (3), stated by the vendor to be from s (no paperwork) in mixed grades, along with a further group (11, one holed and plugged) 2 Reales (5) 1679, 1684, 1686 (2), 1732, 1 Real (6) 1696, 1707, others worn or with dates missing

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots Cob 1669 PE KM#26 VF, 24.71 grammes, Cob date off flan SB mintmark (1601-1611, 1612 and 1615) Bold Fine, along with n Cob 1621 much of the flan missing although VG in the part that remains

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots (3) 1721, 1722, 1774PJ, Fair to Near Fine 2 Reales 1784 PTS Fine, 1 Real (2) 1785 VG/NF, 1789 Fair, along with a quarter cut n c.1790 Fine

Auction 155
World Bulk Lots and Caribbean (19) 19th and 20th century issues includes 1892 ZF Ex-Mount, 8 Reales 1802 LIMA ex-, of cast appearance, (3) includes Colon 1923 ed on 1914 , also issues from , , , , and , some in , in mixed grades, also South America and mostly 19th and (39) includes American Cob, Fair, others in mixed circulated grades

Auction 155
World Bulk Lots ed 8 s 1827PTS KM#99 VF with scratches, n cobs (2) and 1 Real, both Fair, along with engraved 'nut' showing the 'vian' ashore at Seaford, Sussex 8/2/1899

Auction 148
World Bulk Lots World a small and interesting group Token J.R Grundy Ballarat 1861 KM TN78 Fine, Double Tournais Chateau Renault () 1603/5 VF, 1689 MV KM584, 1773 Mo VF, 6 G Charles 1630 Biaggi VF, Siler Ort (1/4 ) 1624-35 Fine and struck off centre, Silver Mohar Kathmandu 1692 Good Fine, Doppio Guilio 1755 Fine, Colonia Cob 2 Reales Fine, along with two unidentified an Hammered silver issues

Auction 141
World Bulk Lots Coins (4) from the wreck of the a (1743) -n , , and 1 Real water-worn VG as salvaged, in a presentation box with certificate

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots n Cob VG, GB 1707E Fair, (6) 20 Piastre 1956 (3) EF-UNC, 10 1939 Good Fine, (3) 1917 EF, 1944 (2) UNC, (15) in an album page all with attributions average Fine, GB Crown 1977 Proof FDC boxed, 1990 UNC on card, 1981 nFDC cased, Mint Set 1986 UNC in the wallet of issue, Mint set 1987 UNC in the wallet of issue

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots n Cob , Maria Theresa s 1780 Restrikes (2) as part of a group of World about 0.9 Kilos mostly 19th and includes a few -sized and in , in mixed circulated grades

Auction 128
World Bulk Lots n Cobs (3) (2), (1) Ex-Isla de Muerto , all worn, 8 Reales 1793 Mo, 1802 Mo KM#109 these Fine

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots GB and World (8) Plated 1997 BU, 55th Presidential Inauguration January 20 2005 44th President John Kerry BU, Half Crown 1997 Liev Eiriksson FDC, GB (3) 1890 VG, s (2) 1711 VG, 1826 flattened NF so with the appearance of being on a wider flan, n date worn, plus an unattributed an medal in low grade

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