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Auction 170
Tokens Tokens from an old (26) and , also includes a few coins (219) , the 17th Century includes , , , , , , shire, , , , , the 18th Century includes examples from , , , , , Essex, Hampshire, , , , , , Somerset, , , Yorkshire, also with Scottish, Irish and Welsh issues, also includes a group of Canada and Ireland issues, and a small group of Evasions, s and Unofficial Farthings, a few holed or plugged, the 17th Century Fair to Fine, the 18th Century in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 167
Tokens GB and World Tokens (31) South Africa 1861 Whyte & Co. Obverse: TEA MERCHANTS ANDS GROCERS. CAPE TOWN with WHYTE & CO in centre, Reverse: Figure of Hope seated with anchor behind to right, 1861 in exergue, VF. New Zealand Penny Obverse: Standing Female with arm on shield, Palm Tree behind NEW ZEALAND, Reverse bust of Maori warrior 3/4 right ADVANCE NEW ZEALAND KM#Tn49 VF, Ireland Penny 1818 Obverse Bust of George III, LUKE XX.CHAP.XXV.VER, Reverse Harp VG. (18) - 1794 DH32 Fine, Rare. - 1791 Paley's Bishop Blaze standing DH43 EF with traces of lustre. (2) - 1793 DH50 Obv: Figure of Boy/Rev: Shield, VF. Birmingham Mining and Company 1792 DH85 NVF. - Emsworth 1793 Obv: Ship sailing/Reverse: Seated female DH9 Fine. - 1793 Obverse: Shield/Reverse: Woolpack DH19 NVF, - 1791 Obv: Man in loom weaving Reverse: Hanging Fleece, Edge Payable at the Warehouse of John Kershaw DH140. - 1796 Obverse: A female spinning/Reverse: A man in a loom weaving, DH6 VF. - Salter's The Cheapest Hat Warehouse in the World undated DH473 GEF with traces of lustre. Middlesex - Lackington's 1795 milled edge, DH357a VF. Middlesex Lackington's 1794 Edge Payable at the Temple of the Muses DH353 NEF/GVF. - undated Obverse: Bottle/Reverse: Hope standing, Plain edge DH23b NEF. Middlesex Political and Social Series 1793 DH1033 NVF/GF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe, plain edge not in collar DH14a GVF/VF. - 1794 F.Heath DH39 NVF. Warwickshire - John Wilkinson Iron Master 1792 with plain edge DH451h, GVF. Warwickshire - Birmingham undated Dr.Samuel Johnson DH71 VF. Dublin undated John of Gaunt, Plain edge DH231a VF. Pennies (3) Penny 1811 TO FACILITATE TRADE Davis 21 EF, 1811 and South Fine with poor surfaces, 1812 Birmingham and South Wales About Fine, Borough of Gateshead 1849 Boundary Token 32mm diameter in George Hawks, NEF, and ic Tokens in bronze, Halfpenny sized (4) along with Halfpenny 1699 Date in Exergue Peck 687 NVF/GF and Gibraltar Two Quarts 1842 Fair, Mother of Pearl Decorative counters , oval shaped (2) EF

Auction 167
Tokens - Bury 1794 Obverse: Charles Marquis is/Reverse: Figure of Fame, lettered and dated edge DH4 NEF/GVF, along with 18th Century (9) Suffolk - Hoxne 1795 DH33a Obverse: Yeoman/Reverse: Castle within a garter NVF. Suffolk - Obverse: Shield of Arms/ Reverse: a cypher PD above a , between palm and branches DHDH25 VF. Suffolk - Lowestoft 1795 Obverse: ing machines in the water/Reverse: Men in a boat fishing, DH37 About VF once cleaned. - 1794 Obverse: Colchester Castle, design runs to the edge of the flan//Reverse: A loom DH10 Near VF. - 1791 Obverse: Sr. Bevois Southampton/Reverse: Shield of Arms DH89 VF/GF. - 1794 Woollen Manufactory Obverse: Shield of Arms/ Reverse: Woolpack, Edge: Payable at , or DH25d GVF with some lustre. 1795 Kilvington's, Obverse: Bust left, with top of wreath under J/ Reverse: Britannia seated left, BRUNSWICK HALFPENNY DH346 Good Fine, the reverse a little better. Middlesex - National Series undated - Obverse: Prince of / Reverse: Royal Arms with the Prince of Wales motto, edge Payable at London or Dublin DH953a NVF/GF. Middlesex - Mail Coach undated Obverse: A Mail coach travelling/ Reverse: legend in eight lines DH363 NVF

Auction 167
Tokens a small group (3) 1795 T.Hall - Citty Road 'Kanguroo', 'Armadillo' and 'Rhinoceros DH313 VF, 1789 Coalbrook Dale - Obverse: View of a bridge with a vessel sailing under. ERECTED/ANNO 1779/SPAN 100 FEET. Reverse: A man working a machine, In Exergue INCLINED PLANE AT KETLEY. 1789 DH10 NVF, - 1795 Heath - Ironmonger Obverse: Bust of Bladud to left with bow and quiver BLADUD FOUNDER OF BATH - SUCCESS TO THE BATH WATERS Reverse: A public building WEST FRONT OF NEW PUMP ROOM BATH, Exergue HEATH IRONMONGER 1795 GVF/NEF struck on a 31mm flan along with Token 1832 The Reformation of the People's Rights, T.Attwood, in , Fine/NVF, holed at the top

Auction 164
World War I (12) World War I Medals (5) awarded respectively to 7403 Pte.J.Watkins 2nd South Lancashire Regiment VF. Killed in action France 24/10/1914. He is buried at Le Touret Memorial. Panel 23., to 7759 Pte.G.M.Fairfax 1st East Yorkshire Regiment, GVF. Killed in action France 24/3/1915, He is buried at Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension II. E.22, to 4986 Sergt. C.Atkinson 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment. He was killed in action in France 21/3/1918. He is buried at Arras Memorial Bay 8., to 1928 Dvr. Piran Ditta R.A. GVF. Killed in action in Mesopotamia 1-31 Oct. 1916, to Pte. N.CF.Fredericks. 1st Cape Corps. NVF. Pte. Fredericks was washed overboard off H.M.S.Tuna in the Indian Ocean 11/7/1917. 1914-1915 Stars (3) awarded respectively to 4030 Pte.W.Murray 11th Lancashire Fusiliers. EF. Killed in action in France 25/9/1917, he is buried at Arras Memorial Bay 5., to Pte. A.P.Stock Machine Gun Detachment. NEF. Pte. Stock was discharged unfit ex- East Africa 30/10/1917, he died 19/11/1925, to Sgt.F.V.Harris 11th Mounted Rifles (Patchefstroom Ruiters, a part of South Africa's Active Citizen Force.) EF. Sgt. Harris was awarded this for service in German S.W.Africa. Wounded East Africa April 1916 and died of malaria 29/1/1917 as Sergt.Major. World War I pair awarded to 2550 Rfmn.Nawab Din 1at.125th Rifles (Napier's Rifles) 1914-15 Star and World War I Victory medal. VF to GVF. Rfmn. Din was killed in action in Givenchy, France 20/12/1914, He is buried at Meerut Military Cemetery, St. Martin-les-Boulognei. A. 18. The heavy casualties suffered in the Battle of Givenchy caused a temporary ceasefire which led to the Christmas truce of 1914. World War I Victory Medals to two brothers (2) the first awarded to 10990 Pte.H.Cuthbertson 2nd. Scots Guards, GEF. Pte Cuthbertson died of wounds Neuve Chapelle, March 1915, the second awarded to 243077 Gnr.A.L.Cuthbertson, D.Battery 44 Brigade (Howitzers) R.F.A, (listed as Signaller on the CWGC website) GEF. Killed in action in Belgium 2/11/1918, and is buried at Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension V. K.10 along with a further group of World War I (13) 1914-1915 Stars (5) 14614 Pte.F.Hardy 7th Somerset Light Infantry, About EF, Pte.Hardy was killed in action in France 3/9/1916 and is buried at Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont XIV. I.4,2317 Pte.E.G.Burling (Lance Corporal on CWGC website) 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers. EF lacquered. He died of wounds in France 11/3/1915 and is buried at Wimereux Communal Cemetery I. D.21A, the second awarded to 1605 Pte. W.Armstrong, Durham Light Infantry. EF. Killed in action in Belgium 2/3/1916, he is buried at Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) II B.24.273229 Pte.E.Grant 2nd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. NEF. He was present at the Battle of Tanga, German East Africa 4/11/1914, 8725 Pte.J.Friend 4th Royal Fusiliers, NEF, Pte. Friend was killed in action in France 3/12/1916 and is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery XX. D.14A, the 4th Battalion served on the Western Front at Mons and Le Cateau, World War I Victory Medals (2) 15463 Pte. H.Wilson 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps (L/Cpl on CWGC website), a P.C. in the Hong Kong Police until 1915, he was killed in action at Dellvile Wood 27/7/1916, and is buried at Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 13A and 13B, 203155 Pte.J.Millership, South Staffordshire Regiment EF, Pte. Millership was wounded 31/7/1917, then killed in action with 1st and 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment 20/1/1918. He is buried at Oxford Road Cemetery V.K.15, World War I Medals (6) 9665 Pte.C.H.Butler 1st Berkshire Regiment. NEF. He was killed in action in France 16/5/1915 and is buried at Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L'Avoue II.F.4, (also entitled to the 1914 Star and bar). The second awarded to 28713 Pte.W.H.Cardew 2nd Light Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. NEF. Pte.Cardew was killed in action in France 5/12/1917 and is buried at Cambrai Memorial Louverval, Panel 7. The third awarded to 29947 Pte.E.G.Beer, 5th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, NEF. Pte.Beer died of wounds in France 20/4/1918 and is buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez VIII.H.12, 31633 Pte. F.Worthington, King's Shropshire Light Infantry. GVF. Died of wound in France 5/5/1918. He is buried at Arneke British Cemetery II. C.9. ,41468 Gnr.A Sale R.A. Z battery 5th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery, NEF, Gnr.Sale was killed in action in France 24/4/1917 and is buried at Bois-Carre British £480

Auction 156
Tokens (6) Coalbrook Dale 1789 Bridge/Machine worker and machine, 9 under last limb of L, 1 under centre of K, DH10 VF scarce, Coalbrook Dale 1789 Bridge/Machine worker and machine, Stop after Ketley DH12 VF, 1793 Arms/Woolpack DH22 NVF, Shrewsbury 1793 Bishop Blaze/Arms DH23, Shrewsbury 1794 Arms/Woolpack, , Redruth & edge DH25a Fine, scarce, Shrewsbury 1794 Arms/Woolpack , or edge DH25d VF

Auction 155
Tokens (17), includes issues from , , , , , , , , and North , VF to EF and collectable

Auction 154
Tokens (72) all different, , , , , , , , , , , , , Ireland and in mixed grades to VF

Auction 153
Tokens (21) a varied and useful group, Sedbury Withers 970 Reverse Ironworks building, overstruck on another token issue (underlying piece clearly shows an 1813 date) Fine, 1813 Halesowen, The Workhouse Withers 748 EF with a trace of lustre, 1812 Weybridge I.Bunn & co. Withers 1200 VF, 1811 Lye Forge, Nail and Trace Manufactory Withers 855/6 VF/EF, 1812 FOR PUBLIC ACCOMODATION Withers 170/1 GVF, Dublin (3) 1813 E.Stephens, 1816 and Erin Go Bragh, 1820 Withers 1941, Non-local 1815 Withers 1952 overstruck with traces of the 1813 date and harp on the understrike, VG to Good Fine, (2) 1811 Withers 18 Good Fine, updated Withers 1125 Good Fine, (2) 1811 Patent Sheathing Nail Manufacturers Withers 464 Near Fine, 1811 Withers 522A VF, (3) 1811 Withers 1130, 1811 Withers 1133, 1811 Withers 1135 VF to EF, (3) 1812 Withers 675, 1812 Withers 677, undated Cornish Mount Withers 675/7 Near Fine to NVF, (2) and Sheffield Company 1812 Withers 172 GEF with an attractive underlying tone, 19th Century Warwickshire Rose Copper Company 1812 Withers 277 EF, Penny 19th Century Yorkshire Sheffield 1813 Withers 988 Overseers of the Poor, view of Workhouse NVF

Auction 153
Tokens a mixed group (10) - Devizes 1664 John Fry W.66 Fine, - Guildford Thomas Tompson 1657 W.125/6 Fine, - William Wilberfoss VG holed, - Fen Street John Young Stags Head W.1001 VG, - Linton John Harvy W.144 NVG, - Oswestry Penny 1669 Hugh Edwards About Fine, - Samvell Skelton grocer W.36 VG/Fine, - (3) 1652 VG, 1662 NVG (2)

Auction 152
Tokens (4) 25, (3) 71, 81, 82 Fair to Fine

Auction 147
Tokens (3) 1813 Halesowen Withers 748 NEF with some spots, -under-Lyme 1813 Cotton Works Withers 900 NEF with traces of lustre, Staffordshire 1811 Samuel Fereday iron master Priestfield Furnaces Withers 46 GVF

Auction 139
Medals Assorted medals (6) including Return of Conservative M.P.'s for 1841, w/m., Exchange opened 1844, silver, James Watt & Co. by J. Moore 1871 bronze (Eimer 1617), Fishermen & Marine Society 1884 w/m, & Foreign Sailor's Society/ of 1893 w/m. Free Museum medal, bronze. GVF. (6)

Auction 138
Tokens Tokens (4) a small and varied group, Victorian in Canteen Forces Token First Battalion of the Rifle Volunteers (1860-1880) Fine (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £3), Penny Token in c.1896 The Regiment Weekly W.C Reverse Crowned Crossed Swords VF (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £3), First World War Penny Canteen Token in bone Fine, (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £4), British Armed Forces penny token in brown plastic (c.1946) VF (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £1.50)

Auction 136
Tokens a small (40) DH3C, (2) DH12 and DH12A, DH2, (2) DH6 and DH10, DH4, DH59, (4) DH46, DH63, DH89, DH179, (5) DH7, DH16, DH29, DH38, DH39, (3) DH23, DH128, DH135, Lothian DH7, (14) DH19, DH292, DH297, DH301a, DH306, DH347, DH390, DH 805e, DH902, DH904, DH969, DH1010, DH1012, DH1025, DH6, DH424, (2) DH39 and DH103, DH242d in mixed grades VF-EF a pleasing group all with attributions

Auction 135
Tokens Tokens (8) Mining & Co. 1791, 1652 city arms, ship & castle, Bristol 1811 , Bristol in garter, Mail Coach Halfpenny, Coalbrookdale Halfpenny 1789, Halfpenny 1795 bust of Jestyn. Together with John Wilkinson & Earl Howe (2). Generally AVF or better (8).

Auction 131
Tokens 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC
£130 London Coins : A131 : Lot 388 : Penny 18th Century Middlesex 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Shropshire Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC London Coins : A131 : Lot 388 : Penny 18th Century Middlesex 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Shropshire Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC

Auction 131
Bonds and Shares , & Junction Co., certificate for ten sh, 1845, ornate design, black, VF. (1).

Auction 131
Medals Political, Return of Tory MPs for 58mm in Obverse Sword, Sceptre and Crown on a cushion and a ribbon GOD SAVE THE QUEEN with names of the MPs surrounding, Reverse ALL FRIENDS ROUND THE WREKIN with surrounding landscape Eimer 1358 by T. EF

Auction 126
Tokens (19) D.25, D.51, D.76, D.86, D.94, D.7, D.29, D.3, D.75, D.84, D.98, D.107, D.3, D.14, D.89, D.120, D.126, D.137 Fine to GVF all attributed

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , & Junction Co., certificate for ten sh of £50 on which £2-15/- has been paid, 1845, ornate heading, black, VF. (1).

Auction 120
Tokens Tokens, assorted Tokens (15) including (D.38), Chatteris (D.2), Cheadle Staffs.(D.82), Cheltenham (D.15), Farthing (D.1), Halesowen (D.3), (D.15,16,20), (D.13), Weybridge (

Auction 103
Tokens Clerkenwell Series Dudmaston D&H 133 Unc good lustre scarce

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