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Auction 159
World Banknotes World & GB accumulation (36), including , n Currency Board, Indo, , 5 s, UNC (17), and a scarce One ship note, M.V.Sobieski shipping lines dated 1943, interesting lot, mixed grades
£95 London Coins : A159 : Lot 1911 : World & GB accumulation (36), including Nigeria, East African Currency Board, French Indochina, ... London Coins : A159 : Lot 1911 : World & GB accumulation (36), including Nigeria, East African Currency Board, French Indochina, ...

Auction 152
Bonds and Shares , The Marine Trust Ltd., Certificate for 2 shares of 1 Palestine Pound each. 1937. in , blue and olive printing, weak at folds. Relief & Consolidation Housing Co. Ltd., certificate for One 10 Palestine Pound share. 1947. View at top and in underprint of modern style housing estate, Text in Hebrew and English, fine green and blue printing. VF. (2).

Auction 151
Medals Thomasons Medallic History of the Scriptures Volume III, an 8-piece set of White metal s 73mm diameter, includes Jeraboham ordering the Man of God to be seized, Reconciliation between Jacob and hid brother Esau, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego in the fiery furnace, Absalom slain by Joab in the wood of Ephraim, The philistine David cutting the head of Goliath, Moses descending from the mount and finding the ites worshipping the molten calf, The Shun amites son restored to life on the prayer of Elisha and Joseph's brethren selling him to the Ishmaelite Merchants EF in a large bookform case

Auction 150
Bonds and Shares U.S.A. Internal Revenue & Liquor Tax Stamp sheets (19), 1870's and 1880's, State of Auditor's Office Warrant 1872, "Bill of Lading" 1834. GVF. (21)

Auction 145
Bonds and Shares , and related industries, 20th c. issues mainly 1920's, some duplication. Mixed grades (68).

Auction 141
Bonds and Shares (13) titles include: Broad Oak Manufacturing Co. Ltd 1876, W.H. Beresford Ltd. 1935, Eastern Garage Ltd. 1926, an & n Steam Co. Ltd. 1857, n Tyre & Co. 1929, Metropolitan Board 1912, New Brewery Co. 1879, , & 1845 Five & Ten share certificates (Cut top right) and , Ashanti Kotoko Co. 1935 (2). Generally GVF. (15).

Auction 138
Bonds and Shares (7) The Common Fund Co. share cert.1869. and Com 1876 & 1883 (black), 1890 (red), 1921 (blue). Great Ship Co. Ltd. £1 share 1859, Northern Maritime Co. 1869. VF or better (7).

Auction 137
Bonds and Shares Great Brirtain, assorted from 1857 (17), titles include an & n Steam Co. Ltd. 1857, Peninsular Co. Ltd. 1867, Grainger Smith 1898 Metropolitan Board 1911 (4), National Bank 1959. AVF and better. (17).

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , 8, wide certificates titles include Co. £100, 1912 with cancellation holes. Builders Site Services Ltd. 1968, an & n Steam Co. Ltd., 1857, Grainger & Smith Ltd., 1898 with vignette of Castle,Metroplitan Board 1911, Plantations Investment Trust 1960, Wallsend Slipway & Co. Ltd. 1906 & 1935,

Auction 128
Bonds and Shares , 7 n certificates, Felted Fabric Depot Ltd., 1874, Common Fund Co. Ltd., 1869, Gourock Confectionery Co. Ltd., 1894, Overend, Gurney and Co. Ltd., 1865, and Co., 1868, Rhos-Llantwit Coal Co. Ltd., 1865, and Bennett Park Art Club & Studio Co. Ltd., 1889, mostly VF. (7).

Auction 128
English Banknotes of 7 certificates inc. African mining, Banking & shipping.

Auction 126
Bonds and Shares , 8 n share certificates, Peninsular Co. Ltd., 1867, Estuary Co., 1847, Charles Rowley & Co. Ltd., 1874, Joint Stock Contract Association Ltd., 1875, Sewage Utilization Co., 1868, International Land Credit Co. Ltd., 1864, Gas Light & Coke Co., 1870, and an & n Steam Co. Ltd., 1857, mostly VF. (8).

Auction 126
Bonds and Shares , & Co. Ltd., certificate for preference shares, 1956, very attractive multicoloured border, incorporating flags, crown, anchor, thistles and roses, VF. (1).

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares , an & n Steam Co. Ltd., 10 x certificates for one share, all 1857, ornate design, black, all VF. (10)

Auction 123
Tokens Pint Token 1817 Morston Obverse WILLIAM. BUCK. JUNr. MORSTON.1817 around PINT in centre, Reverse Sailing Ship SUCCESS.TO.THE.CRUIZER.OF.MORSTON EF with traces of lustre. Cataloguer's note 'William Buck Junior was the landlord of the Anchor Public House in Morston. The Cruizer was a brig registered in and in Lloyd's 'Register of Shipping' 1818 W.Buck is listed as her owner. It is possible that this token was issued to commemorate the launch of the Cruizer'.

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 12 certificates, dated 1860-1893, all different, titles include, Commercial Co. 1874, Property & General Finance Co. Ltd. 1865, Chester Co. Ltd. 1893, Co. Ltd. 1860, Knights, Stocks & Co. Ltd. 1882, and Co. 2 types 1877 & 1888, F-VF. (12).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , an & n Steam Co. Ltd., 10 x certificates for one share of nine pounds each, all dated 1857, ornate heading, black, all VF. (10).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 10 certificates, and Co., 1885, South Sylhet Tea Co. Ltd., 1894, ies and Reservoirs Co. Ltd., 1876, Boson Co. Ltd., Parson?s Pond Oil Syndicate Ltd., 1914, Steam Laundry Co. Ltd., 1876, Il-Palembang Liquid Fuel Co. Ltd., 1898, London & Globe Finance Corporation Ltd., 1899, Constantine s Ltd., 1926, and North Locomotive Co. Ltd., 1959, F-VF. (10).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 22 bonds and certificates, dated 1886-1968, titles include, and Western Co., certificate, 1889, Gulf, Mobile and Railroad Co., certificates, 1951 & 1963, , New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co., bond, 1912, , and Co. Ltd., certificate, 1914, Credit National, bond, 1919, Chemins de Fer de la Basse-, certificates, 1896 & 1912, Tientsin-Pukow , bond for £100 part repaid, with coupons, 1908, (poor) Banque Industrielle de Chine, certificate, 1920, mostly F-VF. (22).

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