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Shilling Crown : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Misc Items Coin holders (4) 1) a locket type holder for two sovereigns, in (1899) with ornate outer casing, makers mark W&H (Walker and Hall?) in good condition, 2) a locket type holder in , for a sovereign and , 3) a 5-coin holder for , , , and or German origin, 4) a sixpence holder thimble sized inscribed on the base 'Christmas 67 to remind you of 'OLIVER!' from John Woolf in silver, makers mark SJR (S.J.Rose, Birmingham) all in good condition

Auction 158
Misc Items led (4) 1817 Bull head, Reverse enamelled in 6 colours, some scratches, 1935 Reverse design on navy blue fields, s 1902 mounted as an obverse and reverse duo, the reverse in 4 colours, the obverse with pale blue field, all pin mounted, varied state

Auction 158
Misc Items s - s (5) 1696 dated by edge only, the obverse double struck between 1 and 2 o'clock Poor, s (4) 1696 A of GRA flaw and appears as a curled X Fine, 1696 R of GRA similar to a K perhaps overstruck VG, 1696 struck slightly off-centre with a small portion of blank flan, VG scratched and bent, 1697 part of the obverse legend doubled Good Fine

Auction 153
Misc Items A small group of forgeries and s (5) Philip and Mary type, of crude design, probably contemporary, 1798 imitation probably from the early 1970s, 1818 struck in , Shilling 1818 imitation in base metal, Crown 1932 unusual overweight imitation with a broad rim

Auction 150
Misc Items led coins (6) 1914 both sides in 4 colours, 1958 in 4 colours, in 4 colours, 1887 in 4 colours, Sixpences 1887 (2) in 4 colours, varying quality workmanship, along with coins in jewellery (6) and 2 small s in mixed grades

Auction 148
Misc Items led (2) 1887 Jubilee Head in 6 colours, on a pin mount, good workmanship, 1911 three colours, fair, workmanship

Auction 143
Misc Items s (7) Charles I (3) for 19mm in NEF and pleasing, for Half Unite 17mm diameter in brass NVF, for Crown 14.5mm diameter in brass NEF/GVF, James I (4) for Spur of 15 s, this square with Crowned XV S in two lines and Crowned II in the top left corner, for Gold in brass VF/GVF, for Unite of 2 18.5mm diameter in brass, for 14mm diameter in brass About VF an interesting group

Auction 142
Misc Items led (2) 1817 Bull Head Reverse enamelled in 5 colours, in a pin brooch, 1825 Lion on Crown Reverse in 3 colours fair workmanship
£90 London Coins : A142 : Lot 1684 : Enamelled (2) Halfcrown 1817 Bull Head Reverse enamelled in 5 colours, in a pin brooch, Shil... London Coins : A142 : Lot 1684 : Enamelled (2) Halfcrown 1817 Bull Head Reverse enamelled in 5 colours, in a pin brooch, Shil...

Auction 139
Misc Items led (2) 1820 (Reverse enamelled) in 6 colours, good workmanship with brooch mount on obverse, 1825 (Roman 1!) in 3 colours

Auction 138
Misc Items Modern s Nero , I , Henry VIII base metal, low grade late Roman Bronze (3), Retro s Edward VIII (3) 3d/ 2/6, Crown 1936-37, Jersey 1/13 1858 from circulation along with an Isle of Man Mint Set 2007 9 coin set 1d - £5 BU in a presentation wallet

Auction 137
Misc Items led (12) Crowns (6), (1), (1), Florin (1), s (2), (1) some enamelled on both sides, many of very good workmanship, some pin mounted, some with loop mounts

Auction 136
Misc Items s (5) 1965 Weakly struck around the obverse and reverse legends GVF, 1958 Scottish weakly struck around the reverse legend VF, s (2) 1943 Fine with a planchet clip, 1958 VF with an extra piece protruding 2mm from the rim at 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock on the obverse, 1967 with a raised wavy edge

Auction 136
Misc Items 1825 Lion on the obverse with an extra piece of metal protruding at 3 o'clock, the reverse with part of an incuse obverse struck 9mm into the coin between 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock VF and highly unusual
£90 London Coins : A136 : Lot 1582 : Mint Error Shilling 1825 Lion on Crown the obverse with an extra piece of metal protruding at 3 o'cl... London Coins : A136 : Lot 1582 : Mint Error Shilling 1825 Lion on Crown the obverse with an extra piece of metal protruding at 3 o'cl...

Auction 133
Misc Items Brooch mounted (4) Crown George III reverse led in six colours, very good workmanship, pin mounted on obverse, 1889 Good Fine in mount pin, 1885 Reverse enamelled in seven colours, excellent workmanship, pin mounted with chain, South Africa 1892 in silver mount VF

Auction 127
Misc Items Copies (3) Charles I Carlisle bed in the style of S.3138 the obverse crude, 1645 VF, One Shilling and Scarborough besieged in the style of S.3164 Fair, 1653 Commonwealth Near Fine and with some corrosion, all struck in base metal or low grade

Auction 126
Misc Items Victoria by Lauer (25) comprising 5 Sovereign (2), 2 Sovereign (2), Sovereign (2), (2), Crown (2), Four s (2), (2), Two Shillings (2), Shillings (2), Half Shillings (2), s (2), (3) a high grade group AU-UNC most if not all with good lustre, comes in a miniature tin with a White £5 signature May on the top and inscribed on the back with a on horseback jumping a fence, an interesting lot

Auction 125
Misc Items Coin and Banknote Displays in Glass Frames (4) ' II The Currency of Great Britain 1953-1971' this in two Frames includes Hollom and O'Brien, Hollom and O'Brien, Hollom and O'Brien plus two Sets to these in UNC, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Coins 1953 Crown to Farthing in UNC, The Royal Wedding Coin comprising 14 - Crowns 1981 from various Commonwealth Countries UNC some with toning, plus Banknotes England and Scotland generally 1950s and 1960's issues £28.50 total face value in mixed circulated grades ROOM BUYERS ONLY NO POSTAL SERVICE

Auction 124
Misc Items Comtemporary s a (31) s (12) 1844, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1943, 1950, s (12) 1857, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1942, 1948, s (2) 1858, 1915, s (5) 1931, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1948 in mixed lower grades

Auction 121
Misc Items The Most Famous Coin s' 2006 Copies (3), sized s with gilded coins embedded in them , Shillings (2), , Netherlands 3 1817 a 2006 Copy, 'British Banknotes' a set of four Crown Sized medals depicting coloured examples of British Banknotes thus:- £20 Bailey, £10 Series E, English Lion, Ten Shillings Britannia Series, plus Liberia Titanic Copy 2006 UNC in capsules

Auction 116
Misc Items led (4) s 1823 and 1836, 1887 JH, 1902 each with the reverse tastefully enamelled in several colours in the traditional

Auction 115
Misc Items Copy of 1646 , the two halves skilfully joined together GVF, Cromwell 1658 a copy gilded about Fine

Auction 115
Misc Items Glass Framed Items (2) One containing to Half New plus to plus and Ten notes, the o

Auction 113
Misc Items led coins (3) Victoria Young Head reverse enamelled in 5 colours, Crown 1820 reverse enamelled in 7 colours, 1817 reverse enamell

Auction 102
Misc Items ed Victorian Coins (3) YH, and Veiled Head Poor - Fair from the wreck of the Elingamite which sunk near New Zealand

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