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London Coins Auction 163
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Royal Society Of Arts

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Medals 150th of the Birth of Queen a 3-medal set in .999 silver 1970 by Metalimport Company Ltd nFDC boxed, along with Medals (6) 1986 The of and Miss Sarah Ferguson Silver UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Ingot 'Meyland' by M.Paccini, 74 grammes of .925 silver by Intercoin UNC in the box of issue with certificate, 25th Anniversary of the 1978 88 grammes of gold plated silver UNC toned missing much of the gilding , in the box of issue with certificate, , Manufactures and Commerce aded to W.Jones, M.Sc.A.M.I.E.E For His Paper on 'Recent Developments in Electrical Lighting Session 1932-1933 UNC in the box of issue, Lusitania Medal 1915 UNC, unboxed, 's Flagship 'The Foudroyant 1897 36mm diameter in copper Eimer 1813 EF boxed

Auction 159
Medals , President's Medal 1910 56mm diameter in silver by B.Mackennal/(L.C.) UNC or very near so with minor hairlines, in the black box of issue

Auction 158
Medals Prince Albert, Society of Arts President's Medal 1847 56mm diameter in bronze by L.C., Eimer 1420, Obverse Bust right, ALBERT EDWARD PRINCE OIF WALES PRESIDFENT MDCCCLXIII Reverse: SOCIETY OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE within a wreath, FOUNDED 1754 INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER 1847 Edge: PORTUGUESE EXAMINATION, 1895. WALTER FLOWETH About UNC in the black box of issue

Auction 148
Medals "The Choice is ours" and The Arts Medals Society silver medal, 63mm., in case with certificate, this number 178 of 250 only. EF.

Auction 146
Medals Patron's Medal 1930, bronze, in case. , Bank of Greece 60th Medal, silver, edge nicks AVF. , Horticultural Society of Picardy medal, silver. n Marine Corporation medal bronze, pierced. 1759-1959 Anniversary medal by P. Vincze, silver plated & numbered 32, in case. Together with three uniface medals (8)

Auction 144
Medals , Manufacturers and Commerce, Presidents Medal bronze, edge impressed "William Davison Morrison Hill, Intermediate Examinations 1910, Precis-writing". Some contact marks VF. In case of issue..

Auction 139
Medals Scottish Society of Arts Medal 1841, by A. Kirkwood, silver, 49mm, Obv. Athena, rev. engraved ".To Love Banker Greenock for his description of a new planisphere for shewing altitude and azimuth read 25th April 1870 (No.4226) , The silver medal value three sovereigns1870" (Eimer 1350). Contact marks, VF.

Auction 139
Medals , Albert Medal 1863 by W., bronze, 56mm, rim engraved "Albert Edd White Intermediate Examinations 1940". In case. Together with a modern bronze medal and Crown of Liberty medal. EF. (3).

Auction 126
Medals Prize Medals (3) 1910 56mm in Bronze UNC boxed, (2) 41mm in Bronze 1888 UNC, 41mm in Silver 1889 both aded to Robert Crawford boxed UNC with suspension loops at top

Auction 124
Medals Manufacturers and Commerce, Patron's Medal 1910, silver, 55mm dia., rim impressed "Thomas Bushnan Kenyon, Advanced Examinations 1922. Banking". E.F. In case of issue. £28 London Coins : A124 : Lot 1722 : Royal Society of Arts Manufacturers and Commerce, Patron's Medal 1910, silver, 55mm dia.... London Coins : A124 : Lot 1722 : Royal Society of Arts Manufacturers and Commerce, Patron's Medal 1910, silver, 55mm dia....

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