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London Coins Auction 171
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Richmond Mint

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Auction 168
Hammered Coins s (16) Lennox (4) Type 3c (2) Peck 85 mintmark Rose GVF, Peck 90 mintmark head NVF with a small edge crack, scarce. Type 3d (2) Peck 100 mintmark Dagger GVF, Peck 110 mintmark Triangle VF. (12) (5) Type 1c (3) Peck 171 mintmark Halberd Fine, Peck 191 mintmark Tower, NVF/Fine, Peck 192 mintmark Trefoil, Fine. Type 1d Eagle-headed harp with hook front Peck 198, mintmark Trefoil, GF/VF, scarce type. Type 1g Peck 204 mintmark Rose on obverse only, Fine or better. Rose (3) Type 1b Peck 299 mintmark Lis both sides, VF, scarce. Type 1c Peck 309 mintmark none/Lis, Good Fine. Type 2f Peck 340 mintmark Crescent both sides, NVF. Maltravers (4) Type 3b (2) Peck 247 with broken central bar to H of HIB mintmark Martlet, VF, Peck 249 with 6-stringed harp, mintmark Rose, scarce, Type 3c (2) Peck 255 mintmark Cross Patee Fitchee/Bell, Fine, Peck 259 mintmark Harp/Bell About Fine, some pieces with pitting or weaker strike as often found on these respective series'

Auction 168
World Banknotes World circa 1920-40's to modern (30) a in a metal tin all in average VF comprising various issues and denominations from the , , , , and . Some Scarcer notes include a US 1 Dollar Pick 342 Speelman & , Civil War States Richmond 5 and dated 17th February 1864, also some series 472 and 481. Hong Kong 5 and 1940 and some Hong Kong an issues. Also comes with a Franklin Mint Collectors set of 2, 5 and 10 Dollars all with Maltese Cross prefix series 009940 and without the original envelope or certificate

Auction 162
Hammered Coins s (6) Group A Bust 2, larger , outer arch only jewelled S.2782 mintmark Lis, Fine with two long old scratches on the obverse, Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, no inner circles, S.2791 mintmark Crown (2) Fine/Good Fine, and VG with dark tone, Charles I Group E, type 4.3 single arched crown, Large XII S.2796 mintmark Anchor Near Fine/Fine, Charles I Group F, Sixth Large Briot bust S.2799 mintmark Triangle in Circle Fine, Charles I Group F, Sixth Large Briot bust S.2799 mintmark Star Fine or better with some slightly weaker areas, nicely toned, Charles I , mintmark Trefoil VG

Auction 162
Hammered Coins s (2) S.3221 Fine, creased and VG holed, Penny Commonwealth S.3222 Fine creased, Commonwealth S.3223 VF toned, mintmark Lis Fine with some scratches, Halfgroat Second Coinage S.2659 mintmark Escallop NVF, s (2) Fine, Maltravers mintmark Bell, Near Fine, Farthing James I Lennox mintmark Fusil VG

Auction 153
Hammered Coins a small group (5) Fair, Penny S.2847 mintmark one pellet VF, S.2851 Fine, Rose VF, Farthing Fair

Auction 150
Hammered Coins s (17) , class 9 with E R at the beginning of the obverse legend, Fair, Harington type I (2), James I Harington type 2 (5), (5) some with old collectors tickets, Charles I Rose (4, 1 holed) VG to VF, along with a Coin weight 22.5mm diameter in , for a with D XXX in two lines on each side, About Fine, an interesting group with many varieties and worthy of further study for the variety specialist

Auction 149
Hammered Coins s, Three small STRIPS of '' type farthings each containing a number of uncut coins, with key and dagger mintmarks, maybe others as well. Inverted axes. All with the very rare 'CARA', thus hitherto considered contemporary forgeries, but the location, stated to be in the well of Scarborough Castle may date them to the 1645 . This provenance certainly appears on the accompanying card, in old hand-written script, the card glued in half, internally with ornate script print and part of the date '191-', suggesting that the card was written about 100 years ago, when the strips were found. The strips were bought in an auction some 30 years ago. They were then in a frame, along with the card. They were recently offered to the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, but they declined to purchase them as almost identical strips of farthings were already in their possession. These, they said, 'were found in the Castle well during excavations in the 1920s'; hence the same provenance being attached to these They are heavily patinated but with much clear, sharp, detail. Several side edges show circular cut-outs. Dimensions (maximum) - Strip 1: 42mm x 15mm. Strip 2:42mm x 14.5mm.; Strip 3: 33mm x 17.5mm. UNIQUE, and, for several reasons, highly important numismatically.
£800 London Coins : A149 : Lot 1672 : Farthings, Three small STRIPS of 'Richmond' type farthings each containing a number of unc...

Auction 103
Hammered Coins Royal Type " " class 1F Mint Mark double Rose Peck 201 coloured so cleaned VF on a wavy flan

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