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Auction 165
English Banknotes & (52) a high grade mostly about UNC - UNC in an album comprising some scarcer issues as British Military Authority a set of 5 comprising including One Shilling Pick M2 series K, Two Shillings Six Pence Pick M3 series S, Five Shillings Pick M4 series K, s Pick M5 serial number 01S 867681 faint staining to centre right and Pick M6 serial number 40R 458345. Along with British Armed Forces Special Vouchers comprising 1st Series One Shillings Pick M11 (2) and the Scarcer Two Shillings Six Pence Pick M12 serial number D/8 726263. 2nd series Six Pence Pick M18a with Metal security strip, Five Shillings (2) Pick M20a with Metal security strip series C/66 798860 along with Pick M20d punch hole , Ten Shillings Pick M21b series BB/7 249609, One Pounds Pick M22 (3) and s Pick M23 (4). 3rd Series One Shilling Pick M28b punch holed, Ten Shillings Pick M26b punch holed and One Pounds Pick M29 (2). 4th Series One Shilling Pick M26b punch holed and One Pounds Pick M36 (4). And 6th Series including Five Pence Pick M44 (4), Ten Pences Pick M45 (11) includes a pair DD/10 000445 & DD/10 000446 and matching serials 000415 with prefixes A/1, A/2,A/3 & A/6 and Fifty Pences Pick M46 (7) including matching serials 000446 with prefixes B/1 & B/2 and 0000415 with prefixes B/1 & B/2

Auction 165
World Banknotes (21) comprising Trinidad & Tobago (4) including Pick 37a serial number AA903046, Pick 32a serial number AN416677, Pick 33a serial number BR638656 and Pick 40a serial number BA281589. (6) including 1 Dollar Pick 59b serial number EV447020, Pick 60b serial number HF026518, 5 Dollars similar to Pick 56 star prefix serial number 007443, 10 Dollars similar to pick 57 star prefix serial number 001683, Pick 73a serial number AL786655 and 100 Dollars Pick 74 serial number AD531207. (11) including 1 Gourde Pick 245 serial number AU420052, 2 Gourdes Pick 231A serial number M005599, 2 Gourdes Pick 240 serial number AF136202, 5 Gourdes Pick 202 serial number M453219, 5 Gourdes Pick 246 serial number AD228479, Pick 242a serial number A924491, 10 Gourdes Pick 247a serial number E092837, 25 Gourdes Pick 248 serial number AA174941, 25 Gourdes Pick 218 serial number DB740775, 25 Gourdes Pick 243a serial number AB699049 and 50 Gourdes Pick 235Ab serial number F890397. All about UNC - UNC
£320 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1261 : South America (21) comprising Trinidad & Tobago (4) including 5 Dollars Pick 37a serial number A... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1261 : South America (21) comprising Trinidad & Tobago (4) including 5 Dollars Pick 37a serial number A...

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