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Auction 166
World Banknotes World (53) in mixed grades from (12) including 100 Pick 138a (5), Pick 145 and Pick 146 (6). Pick 21a solid srity thread. Pick 140a signatures on obverse only (3) includes a pair of serial numbers. (4) including Pick M33, 1 Million Mark Pick S1011, 2 Million Mark Pick S1012b, 100 Million Mark Pick S1017b. (12) including 1000 i Pick 198b (11) 2 consecutively numbered sets along with 5000 Drachmes Pick 205. (7) including 500 Pick 93a and 50000 Lire (6) Pick 113a (3), 113b, 116a and 116b. (5) including Pick 143a and 1000 Zlotych with parts of other notes cut and glued to make them look as 100000 Zlotych, stuck on Pick 146a, 146b and 146c (2). 100 a Pick 33 (7). (2) including 5000 Dinara Pick 72a and 2000000 Dinara Pick 100.

Auction 165
World Banknotes (17) a in album pages in various mixed grades including about UNC - UNC comprising (2) 1 Dollar Pick 187 Red seal series 1917 serial number R922088514A and Pick 188 Red seal series 1917 serial number D21905844A signatures Speelman & on both notes. series 1914 Blue seal issues (2) Pick 361 12L - serial number L29985501A and Pick 359b 7G - serial number G66752426A signatures White & Mellon on both notes. 1 Dollars (2) Pick 338c "Series of 1899" vertical at right serial number M19006782A and Pick 342 series 1923 serial number X5653215B both signatures Speelman & White. Along with an assortment of to in album pages (11) in mixed grades some about UNC - UNC comprising series 461 Pick M7. Series 472 Pick M15, M16, M18, M19 & M20. Series 481 Pick M22. Series 521 Pick M33. Series 641 Pick M58. Series 661 Pick M68. Series 681 Pick M80

Auction 165
World Banknotes Limited 1 unissued remainder Pick 13r (IOMPM M335) undated, unsigned and with no serial number. Black on green and pink underprint featuring Bank's Coat of Arms and ship on obverse and triskellion, Bank's name and head office address and values in wording at left and right on reverse. Printed by W. W. Sprague Banknote Engravers, London imprinted on obverse at lower margin. UNC and Scarce
£160 London Coins : A165 : Lot 654 : Isle of Man Lloyds Bank Limited 1 Pound unissued remainder Pick 13r (IOMPM M335) undated, unsigned a... London Coins : A165 : Lot 654 : Isle of Man Lloyds Bank Limited 1 Pound unissued remainder Pick 13r (IOMPM M335) undated, unsigned a...

Auction 119
World Banknotes issues (19) includes Puppet Banks PickJ106a UNC, n PickM33 & M34 about UNC plus various others Fine to VF average

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